May 2018 - Issue #70
Dear Members,

When you think about businesses that you admire or are loyal to, what defining characteristic stand out in your mind? Snazzy marketing? Products that can’t be found anywhere else? Upscale and trendy décor or web design? 

Or is it the way they treat you? Is it the way you feel after doing business?

I’m willing to bet that at least part of that positive juju at your favorite business comes from great customer service. And while we all know that great customer service is that X factor that can make or break our business, it’s still hard to define and even harder to create, particularly on a consistent basis. 

If one thing can be learned from studying companies famous for their service, it’s that consistently great experiences don’t just happen, they are the inevitable result of a well-executed plan. Organizations like Disney, Ritz-Carlton, and thrive on consistently delivering service that exceeds expectations. Each of these companies has well defined service standards, targeted hiring, and recognition programs that are built to make sure that culture revolves around the customer. 

So do you have a well-defined customer service plan for your business? Does every one of your employees know the way you expect customers to be treated? Could improving customer service delivery give you a leg up?

If this is a topic you would like the Chamber to provide education on, please let us know. We are here to help get you access to resources that make your business the best it can be.  

Thank you for your support,

Brian Donnelly
Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce
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Event Recaps:
Lunch & Learn- Estate Planning for Business Owners
Presenter Joel Tuoriniemi spoke to attendees about how estate planning is an essential component of a business. He offered ways to protect a business, as well as an owner's family from unexpected tax liabilities. Sponsored by the Keweenaw Coop, Lunch & Learns are offered monthly.
Emergency Management Preparedness
The Keweenaw Chamber of Commerce teamed up with the Portage Health Foundation to educate the public on this important safety topic. Attendees heard from both law enforcement professionals, as well as a mental health expert on ways they could prepare themselves and their staff for safety. Thank you to the Portage Health Foundation for sponsoring the breakfast for this important event.
Q & A with Governor Rick Snyder
The Chamber was proud to host Governor Snyder for a Q & A session. He came to Houghton to meet with Chamber members and answer questions from the community.
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Contact the Chamber for free access to Skillshare

Member Spotlight:
Give us some background on yourself/your business.
New Power Tour, Inc. is a 501c3 whose mission is to increase the use of renewable, water and energy-efficient technologies. We had the great good fortune of an intersection of interests when Houghton County entered into a nationwide energy efficiency competition. HEET (Houghton Energy Efficiency Team), led by a surprisingly large number of area volunteers, formed to take home the gold.. An amazing number of service organizations and businesses supported us right through the two-year competition phase, and ultimately, Houghton County saw a 13% reduction in both electricity and natural gas consumption. Statewide efficiency programs average a 1.14% reduction annually. UPPCO, SEMCO, REA and Efficiency United did a lot of heavy lifting for the project, and without their help, we would not have been selected as finalists. We still winterize two homes a month. The project has evolved into a sweat-equity situation with a homeowner. We teach the skills, supply the tools and materials, bring a big team in to get started, and then - the homeowner commits to Finish The Job!
How many years have you been in business?
New Power Tour incorporated in 2006.
What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know?
We have an office in Hancock at 422 Quincy.
Do you have any advice for new business owners?
Business owners work harder than anyone else. When you go for it, just expect to up your work ethic above and beyond what you ever thought possible, because success mandates being "on" pretty much all the time. Learning curves are so time consuming, but you get better at everything you do often!
What brought you to the area?
An island of sanity in an ocean of crazy. Not that there isn't crazy here, but at least it's stunningly beautiful and we have each other.
What keeps you here?
What's happening here is more interesting to me than what's happening anywhere else.
What are your business's goals?
Our mission statement still reflects our goals: increase the use of renewable, water and energy-efficient technologies. When we as a community have an observably improved economy as a result of smart energy decisions, I will be satisfied as to having met our goals.
How does being in this community affect your business?
It's a combination of two things, the homes and the people.
A huge percentage of the area housing stock is pre-1940s - that leaves a lot of room for improvement!
Also, a large percent of our impact is achieved through volunteer labor, which sets us apart from the regular business model. We can afford to do what we do because we only have to pay for equipment and materials. We have the equipment now, and the materials are *really* inexpensive, so those dollars go a very long way. The point is - people looking out for each other is what makes our business successful.
Also, when they show up to volunteer, then they know what to look for when they go back home....all that creates enormous job satisfaction.
Member Announcements
Board of Directors
Brian Donnelly, President
Financial Services Representative
Superior National Bank

Mary Myers - Vice President
Account Executive

Matthew Maise - Treasurer

Karin Van Dyke, Secretary
Vice President for University Relations
Finlandia University

Matt Thyer
Up and Running Technology Solutions

Morgan Impola
Regional Engineer
Carrie Richards
Partner Engagement Program Manager
Michigan Technological University

Angela Luskin
Health and Fitness Manager
UP Health System-Portage

Jan Cole
Managing Partner
Edochi, LLC

Marilyn Clark
MTEC SmartZone

James Desrochers
Associate Director, Industry Relations
Michigan Technological University

Our roots run deep in the Keweenaw
Upper Peninsula Power Company was created in 1947 through a merger of three utilities. One of them, the Houghton County Electric Light Company, earlier acquired the interests of Peninsula Electric Light and Power, which began operating in the Keweenaw in 1884 – just five years after Edison invented the light bulb.
From the Edison bulb to high-tech electronics of today, you might say UPPCO has been providing “ U.P. Power ” for more than 130 years. 
Customer Service
( 800-562-7680 )
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Outage Updates
News @uppcopower
Safe & Reliable Service
Renewable Hydroelectric Generation
With Public Recreational Opportunities
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