May 2018
   What's Happening this month:

May 13th -- Mother's Day
May 17th -- Double Points Day
May 25th -- Don't Fry Day (Sun Safety Awareness Day). 
Save 10% on all Sunscreen and Sunglasses today!
May 28th -- Memorial Day--Center Drug will be closed for the holiday
We've got a new app! If you use a smartphone or tablet and would like another way to refill your prescriptions, then please download it today.
Mother's Day Ideas:

Mother's Day means that summer is just around the corner. That means that sandal and beach weather is soon upon us. It is time to get your feet beach ready, and we have the perfect products to help you do that---Dr. Canuso's Skincare for Feet. The foot repair serum and the daily exfoliating cleanser will have your feet soft and crack-free in just a matter of days! You can buy these products separately, or for Mother's Day, we have a gift pack ready for you to pick up that includes both of these products. You could also make your gift complete by purchasing a pair of sandals from our gift department!

Help Mom relax with aromatherapy.  We carry a few different diffusers, many essential oils and some essential oil on-the-go roll-on's that will help your Mom relax and pamper herself at home or away. Also, since allergy season is now upon us, Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oil would make a good gift to help provide some allergy relief. Peppermint Oil can help clear your sinuses, loosen and discharge mucous and reduce coughing while Eucalyptus oil will also help clear your sinuses and reduce chest pressure caused by allergies.
We have had rave reviews of the new Nebo Eye light.  This light is a versatile 220 lumen work light with three light modes. The EYE magnetically rests inside a base which allows for 360 degree rotation to direct the light wherever you need it most. The base is also magnetic and it does feature a drywall screw hole for permanent mounting. Each package contains two EYE lights and retails for $16.99. What a great, practical gift for Mom! Nebo also has many small flashlight options that would be perfect for Mom's purse.

Check out our gift department for many more gift ideas for your Mom. We have a great selection of jewelry, scarves, body lotions, garden decor, fairy garden essentials, kitchen accessories, Abdallah and Russell Stover chocolates, and much, much more! Remember to shop early for the best selection and don't forget your greeting cards!
Allergy Season

Allergy season has definitely arrived! Many people are stopping in with questions as to the best products they can take for their allergy symptoms. 

Our most popular choices are Claritin (loratidine), Zyrtec (cetirizine), Flonase Nasal Spray, Ortho Molecular's D-Hist, and NeilMed Sinus rinse. Most people don't always think of Sinus rinse for allergies, but using a saline sinus rinse on a daily basis is safe and will keep your nasal passages healthy and clean of pollen .  OTC Flonase (which is the same strength as the prescription version), when used on a daily basis can relieve nasal congestion, itchy and watery eyes and nose and sneezing. Remember to pick up some Kleenex too!

Please feel free to speak with any of our Pharmacists about your allergies and what products are right for you! 
Don't Fry Day

Now is the time to pick up some fresh Sunscreen for the season. Remember that sunscreen does expire, so you should restock your supply each year. Generously apply sunscreen every day to reduce your risk of skin cancer. If you are applying sunscreen correctly, you will need more than one tube or bottle for the season.  Remember to re-apply sunscreen often when you are in the water or sweating in the summer heat. Also, don't forget to wear your sunglasses--your eyes need protection too! Shop with us for Sunscreen and Sunglasses on Don't Fry Day, which is Friday, May 25th, and save 10%.
Upcoming Double Point Days:
(Be sure to mark your calendars)
Thursday, May 17th
Saturday, June 9th
Saturday, July 7th
Wednesday, August 15th
Summer Face-Lift

After Mother's Day. we will be doing some reconfiguring of shelving to help open up the card and gift department and allow those areas to become a bit more 'shopper friendly' for everyone. Please be patient with us as we move things around to help provide you with a better shopping experience. 

This summer we will also be getting an exterior face-lift! We are excited to finally get rid of the shakes on the awning as we get a new exterior facade along with the Carpet Store next door. Hopefully our new look with get us into the current century and we can stop worrying about the shakes falling off the awning! Stay tuned for more information on this project. We will keep you updated as we get more information on when we expect this project to start.   
Money Orders and Bill Pay Services will be Discontinued

As of May 1st, Center Drug will no longer be handling Western Union Services for Money Orders or Utility Bill Pay. Locally, Money Orders may be purchased at the Hopkins Post Office. 
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    Gift Gab 
Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13 th, say “Thanks Mom!”

Let her know how much she means to you. Pick up a card and gift that will let her know how appreciated she is. 

Jewelry, apparel, lotions, and more, we have that special something to make her smile!

Need it wrapped? We will do that too!

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