And now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

May 2016
Pastor's Corner

As many of you know, I love kettle bell workouts!  There is so much that I have learned from just doing them.  But, I would have to say the biggest and most important thing that I have learned is the importance of Sabbath-taking time to rest.  It may sound strange but it is true.
In kettle bell training and pretty much any kind of training I can think of at this moment, you can do it every single day.  But, you will do it to your own peril.  Eventually, your body will give out on you and it will be counter productive.  You will go backwards, guaranteed.  We are designed by God to do amazing things, but we are also given the command to rest.  Days of rest in any workout program are vital-extremely.  I use them to rest, stretch, go for works, golf (of course), etc.  In fact I really only "workout" 3 days a week for roughly 30-40 minutes and feel great.  Without the rest I have noticed both the quality and quantity of my workout suffers.  This carries over into all aspects of life.
Now we, or at least I, was taught somewhere along the line, if you do more work, you will get more.  The less you rest the better.  In fact maybe if you don't rest at all, then you will see amazing results.  THIS IS NOT HOW GOD HAS DESIGNED US TO FUNCTION IN ANY ASPECT OF OUR LIFE!  Rest is essential to getting anything done for an extended period of time.  God designed us to work hard and accomplish great things, but if we forgo the rest he says we need we do it to our peril.  We call this burnout.  To prevent this burnout we need to stop and rest in his grace and goodness.  We need to stop and stretch.  We need to let our bodies and minds heal from the work he has done through us.  This is how we are made stronger, more creative, and more productive.  Life is not meant to be gone through in a state of perpetual exhaustion. 
What is needed is to embrace, instead of apologize for our rest, for our Sabbath.  After all, it is a commandment.  What other commandment to we apologize for keeping and praising others for breaking.  As we enter the summer months, may the grace and love of God strengthen you and when you have rested in that grace, may you go out rejuvenated and stronger than ever in order that God may do his work through you!
God's blessings for a wonderful month of May!
In Christ,
Pastor Matt 

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May 2016
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