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Reflections from Amy Schwabenlender, CEO

You Wouldn't Demand Falafel at a Pizza Shop

The heat of summer is slowly rolling in with daily high temperatures hitting 90 degrees. The nighttime lows are still in the 60s. We are in full-on Thirst Aid mode to collect bottled water and raise money for heat relief supplies.

With 900 people sheltered at Key Campus every night and hundreds of other individuals accessing services on Campus during the day, the need is real. The least we can do is offer hydration and shade…. while the most we want to do is help everyone to find their permanent, affordable, accessible home.

One step at a time.

In the last blog, I addressed a current local and national message that looks to assign the source of all homelessness as substance use and/or mental illness, and that places blame on service providers for the increase in homelessness. As a reminder, local data does not support a conclusion that any singular factor or condition is THE primary cause of homelessness. And those of us serving people who are unhoused are not causing people to newly fall into homelessness.

I have been asked throughout this current legislative session questions about the types of services provided and challenged on why more services are not offered, with the underlying assumption that everyone needs substance use or mental health treatment.

At Key Campus, after asking each individual who arrives seeking assistance a list of intake and assessment questions, we provide an overview of the services available at Key Campus. Individuals list the following as reasons for their homelessness and barriers to housing stability: mental health disorder, chronic health conditions, physical disability, drug use disorder, developmental disability, alcohol use disorder, both drug use and alcohol use disorder, and HIV/AIDS.

Focusing solely on Key Campus, a dozen organizations provide services five to seven days per week. These include ...read more...

Saturday, May 4th - See you there!

The first Thirst Aid collection event of the season is here!

Come to 1300 W Harrison Street this Saturday to drop off heat relief supply donations, including:

  • Bottled water
  • Electrolyte packets
  • Men's underwear (new)
  • Socks
  • Hats
  • Cooling towels
  • Portable dog bowls

Can't make it in person? No problem - you can give online any time at www.donorbox.org/thirstaid

Thank you for your support!

To learn more about Thirst Aid, reach out to Kim at kbeaudoin@keystochangeaz.org

Today is TOUR DAY!

Did you miss it? No worries - they're offered monthly!

Join us the first Wednesday of every month for a tour of the 13 acres and eight buildings that make up the Key Campus, learning along the way about the 15 incredible partner agencies that

make the Campus so special.

Next Tour: June 5, 9:00am

You may register online or call us (602) 282-0853. 

Be Like Mike.

Mission: Using the power of collaboration to create solutions to end homelessness


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