For All WHS Parents 

On  Thursday, May 14th, (start time is being finalized) , the WHS PTSO will facilitate an opportunity for our parents to hear an update from Dr. Chisum and other members of his Administrative team.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Since this meeting is time-limited with a potentially very large audience, there will be no opportunity for asking questions during the meeting itself, therefore we are requesting that all questions be submitted to us in advance.  
Please click 
here and submit any question or topic you would like to have addressed by Monday, May 11th at 9am

This meeting will be live streamed on Wellesley Media and we will push out meeting start time and information on how to view it on Monday, May 11th.  


We hope that the information provided at the May 7th Meeting by Dr. Chisum with respect to graduation and other issues related to the end of the academic year for the Class of 2020 was helpful.  For those who were not able to watch the event live, here is a link to it on Wellesley Media.   If you have any additional questions and/or feedback as a follow up to this meeting, please click  here and submit them to us.

For those interested in helping with school-related graduation activities, please contact Karen Bognanni at .

For those interested in helping with non-school related activities to celebrate our Seniors, please click here to volunteer.   In addition, if you would like to make a donation to help fund non-school related activities to celebrate the Class of 2020, you can write a check  payable to: "Class of 2020" and mail it to Cami Segel, 32 Parker Road, Wellesley, MA 02482 or to donate via Paypal click  HERE .  These funds will be used for decorations for the parade, senior signs, and weekly surprises for our Seniors.  Any unused funds will be given to the Class of 2020 for future class events, including reunions.