At the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm define each part of the organization, from our board members to our professional staff. Last week, I was privileged to unveil our 2024 State of the System Report at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance Mid-Year Luncheon. The report offers insights into the Broward MPO’s activities in planning, programming, and influencing federal and state investments that shape our region’s future. The Broward MPO’s major focus is on safety through the implementation of Complete Streets, resulting in a decline in vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents and fatalities. Our community benefits from improved accessibility to employment, healthcare, and education because of investments in last-mile connectivity to transit systems. Embracing innovation, the Broward MPO is improving our transportation infrastructure with innovative technology to tackle forthcoming challenges. The Sawgrass Expressway/Interstate 95 Connector Project, vital for completing our highway network, will integrate state-of-the-art vehicle communications and real-time signalization to mitigate potential traffic delays. I encourage you to explore the report to gain insights into our region’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Let's collaborate to shape the future of Broward and become part of a united effort to advance our community and improve our quality of life. 

Broward MPO Holds ThinkBike Workshop with Dutch Cycling Embassy

The Broward MPO, as part of its Complete Streets initiative, hosted a ThinkBike Workshop on April 30 and May 1, 2024. The two-day training was facilitated by international experts from the Dutch Cycling Embassy. This technical training was designed for planners, engineers, and other related professionals at public agencies to expand their knowledge of innovative bicycle infrastructure and connected bicycle networks. Topics covered in this training included Broward's cycling network, infrastructure design, car management, and providing seamless bicycle connections to public transportation. The interactive training included breakout groups for more in-depth discussions including a local case study that identified problem areas and proposed potential solutions that could be addressed at once or be included as part of a five-year action plan. AICP and PE continuing education credits were available to attendees. To view photos from the training, visit the Trainings and Assistance webpage on our website. 

Mobility Minute: Bike Lanes 101

Unified Planning Work Program Approved by Broward MPO Board of Directors

Every two years, the Broward MPO is required to perform an update to its Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). While the UPWP can simply be described as the agency’s budget, this document is one of the MPO’s core products and serves as a scope of work for the funding agreements the MPO enters into with state and federal partners. On May 9, the Broward MPO Board adopted a new UPWP which will go into effect in July. While many of the planning efforts in the UPWP carry over from the previous document, there are a few new  initiatives thanks to several successful grant awards which the MPO is excited to share. 


The Broward Safety Action Plan, a collaborative effort between the MPO and Broward County, aims to address the dangerously high rates of bicycle and pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries that plague our region. In addition to the work being done on the Plan itself, the scope includes the creation of a dashboard to help track progress and ensure transparency with the public and stakeholders. The Regional Resiliency Improvement Plan seeks to proactively combat the effects of climate change stressors like sea level rise, storm surge, and tidal flooding by identifying vulnerabilities in the transportation network and proposing solutions that will have a positive impact.  Finally, to get a jump-start on the issues of tomorrow, the MPO is developing what is known as a “digital twin," a software platform that will give the MPO and its partners the ability to perform complex scenario planning (around themes like multimodal mobility, safety, resiliency, workforce development, equity and land use) to inform future transportation decisions and investments. 


Broward MPO Deputy Executive Director Participates in CoMotion Panel 

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) brings a transformative shift in mobility, demanding a robust infrastructure framework to support its realization. While the vision of Smart Cities looms large, the tangible groundwork of smart infrastructure will pave the way for this future. In the workshop “Bridging the Gap: Infrastructure and Equity in the EV Transition," panelists merged aspiration with operation to explore the essential components needed to build a smart infrastructure ecosystem for EV adoption. Drawing upon insights from Movin'On Europe and real-world examples, they dissected this transition's intricate web of challenges and opportunities. Panelists included Rahul Gupta, Global Executive Strategy Advisor, Movin’On (Moderator); Candace Cluck, Senior Director of Strategy & Development for Sustainable Mobility, Movin’On (Moderator); Carol Henderson, Deputy Executive Director, Broward MPO; Celeste Stragand, Head of Smart City Engagements, Ford Motor Company; and Logan McLeod, VP National Business Development, Circuit. 

Listen to Our Latest Podcast Episode

Featuring Dr. George Hanbury 

In our latest podcast episode titled A Virginia Gentleman in South Florida: A Legacy of Leadership, join host Greg Stuart as he talks with Dr. George Hanbury, president and CEO of Nova Southeastern University (NSU), as they review Dr. Hanbury's career in South Florida. From revitalizing cities and visionary projects, they explore the intersection of leadership, history, and infrastructure in shaping Broward County. Prior to Dr. Hanbury's career in higher education administration, he held the position of City Manager in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Norfolk, VA; Portsmouth, VA; and Virginia Beach, VA. Throughout his career as a public servant, he has demonstrated a commitment to revitalizing communities and investing in the growth of NSU. He believes in transportation infrastructure to address key challenges in cities. 


Broward MPO Board Approves Cost Feasible Plan 

On May 9, the MPO Board adopted the draft Cost Feasible Plan for Route to 2050. This is a significant milestone in the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) process, as it represents the culmination of all the previous technical and outreach efforts. The draft Cost Feasible Plan identifies the projects that will be funded by the MPO for the next 25 years in Broward. The MPO received requests for 446 needed transportation projects estimated to cost more than $4.5 billion (in 2024 dollars). Only $600 million (in 2024 dollars, which becomes $1.5 billion when adjusted for estimated inflation over the 25-year plan horizon) is anticipated to be available to fund these needs. In addition to the projects identified in the MPO’s Transportation Improvement Program and the Florida Department of Transportation’s Strategic Intermodal Systems Cost Feasible Plan, a total of 103 of the 446 needed projects are included in the Route to 2050 draft Cost Feasible Plan. Building on the funding programs established for the 2045 MTP, Route to 2050 includes the following programs and project highlights. 

The Route to 2050 team is creating an interactive map to show the location and details of the projects included in the draft Cost Feasible Plan. Stay tuned to Mobility Monday and the MPO’s social media platforms for the announcement of its availability. The next steps are resolutions of support from the partner agencies with funded projects and the creation of the Route to 2050 document, which will be adopted by the MPO Board in December. 

Broward MPO Participates in

NACTO Designing Cities Conference 

The NACTO Designing Cities Conference in Miami brought together 1,000 officials, planners, and practitioners to advance the state of transportation in cities across North America. The Broward MPO team participated in thought-provoking sessions that shared strategies to build safe, sustainable, equitable, and accessible streets. A highlight from NACTO was the fireside chat with thought leader and author of Inclusive Transportation, Veronica Davis, and Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation & Public Works Director and CEO, Eulois Cleckley. They shared their thoughts on the importance of public service, how to build and sustain momentum for change, what leadership looks like, and how to create personal and institutional resilience in difficult environments. The Broward MPO team is inspired to apply lessons learned at the conference to our planning efforts. 

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