The Ascension of the Lord

May 12, 2024

Thank You Mothers!

It is said that there is no love like a mother’s love. A mother loves her child simply because the child is. There is no question of the child earning his mother’s love. He can do nothing for his mother, or even acknowledge her love. A mother’s love for her child is absolutely unconditional.

Love has two dimensions or two stages. First, we receive love. St. John puts it like this: “In this is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us.” We have no love that is not first received; any love I give was previously given to me from another (my mother, my father, my friends, etc.). And the first source of all love in the world is God. So, stage one is to receive love from God.

But love must move to stage two, or it is incomplete and will die. Stage two is to give that love to another, to pass it on. If we just sit on the love given to us, it dies. So, Jesus says, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” This I command you; Jesus says: love one another. Love is not a feeling (no one can command feelings—they are beyond our control). But he can and does command an act of our wills, a decision to love. Everyone possesses the capacity to make this decision to love. This is the basic stewardship principle: everything given to us is meant to be shared. That is particularly true of love. Love received is not complete or effective if I don’t give it away.

I can’t earn love, but I can give it away. Well, look at your mother. She gives her blood during a pregnancy. She gives her milk after the child is born. She gives her sleep for the first two years; she gives immense amounts of her time and her sweat and her attention to her child.

This is why we love our mothers. You have taught us to love. You have given us the love you received from God and have taught us to share it with another by your very sharing it with us. May we honor you, our mothers, by giving the love you have given us, even until it hurts!

Fr. Saju

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Dear Parishioners and Friends,

You have been part of my journey to priesthood and supported me all along. So, with gratitude I invite you to my ordination and First Mass.

Bishop Oscar Cantú will ordain me to the priesthood on Saturday, May 25, 2024, 9:30 AM at the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Joseph. The ordination mass is open to the public and you are invited and encouraged to come celebrate this joyful occasion. There will be blessings and a reception to follow.

I will celebrate my first mass on Saturday, May 25, 2024, 5:00 PM, here, at Saint Martin of Tours, my home parish. A dinner reception will follow in the school gym hosted by the parish and my friends and family. The event is open to the community, and you are invited! Please come and share in some food and drink as we give thanks to God for His blessings. Also, feel free to bring a dessert to share!

As I near my ordination, please pray for me and please know of my prayers for you. Continued prayers as we continue on. Godspeed.

Through Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,


Deacon Robert



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Dear Parishioners,


To honor all mothers in our lives, we are sharing reflections from some mothers in our community. Reflections were sourced from the articles they researched and discussed together with their children.


Thanks to moms who have given me permission to share it with all parents at St. Martin of Tours.


Below summary was written by Lisa Swendsen, a wife of Damien for 24 years, and a mother of Michael (23), Claire (21), Matthew (17), and Emily (14).


Merry Kaelani 

Why do we pray together as family?


The significance of family prayer beyond a bedtime routine, urges families to make prayer dynamic to strengthen bonds and integrate faith into daily life. Biblical references highlight the immersive nature of prayer, involving body, mind, and spirit. The letters G-R-O-W serve as a guide for effective family prayer.


Starting with "G for Gather and Pray," families are encouraged to come together, engaging children's interests to initiate conversations with God. Using a ball as a metaphor, they discuss themes of sin, forgiveness, and gratitude, incorporating physical actions into prayer. Adopting concept of POW-WOWS, where family members Pray Over Worries and Worship Over Wonders, creating celebration.


"R for Rejoice" emphasizes celebrating answered prayers, maintaining a prayer journal, and commemorating God's faithfulness with symbolic stones. Families are urged to recognize God's presence in both joyful and challenging circumstances, fostering trust and gratitude.


"O is for Open Hearts and Minds" advocates for a non-critical, accepting atmosphere during prayer, encouraging children's questions and explorations. Through interactive conversations, families discuss the concept of God's timing and patience needed for answers, drawing parallels from biblical stories.


Lastly, "W is for Weave Your Family Prayer Time Into Daily Life" underscores the integration of prayer into everyday routines, from praying for safety during travels to sharing lessons learned through prayer. Families are encouraged to create prayer maps illustrating God's guidance and involvement in their lives.


Research highlights the benefits of family prayer, including improved relationship quality and reduced stress. It emphasizes the transformative impact of prayer on family dynamics, promoting unity, resilience, and faith formation.

In conclusion, make regular family prayer as a means to cultivate spiritual growth, strengthen relationships, and nurture faith throughout generations.





The Hail Mary is an easy way to invite Mary into your Mother’s Day celebration.


Dear parents and children, kindly click on the link below to download and print out catechetical activity for children for this weekend. This link is updated every week with activities that corresponds to the readings and Sunday celebrations.



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