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Located on beautiful Fish Lake in Maple Grove our past clients made the exciting decision to remodel their main level.

We partnered with A. Sadowski Designs to transform their existing dated traditional space with a new luxurious and sophisticated style.

Our Project in Luck, Wisconsin is almost complete! The light fixtures are getting installed and solar panels are up! We partnered with PKA Architects to create this stunning lake home. Just in time to enjoy the summer! Stay tuned for this reveal!
Journeyman Carpenters: Mark Knowles & Karl Bekkala
This Deephaven home is taking shape and we are in awe of how beautifully it's being built! Our carpenter crew is amazing and when you love what your do it shows!
We partnered with Windmiller Design Studio and Eminent Interior Design to create this amazing transformation!

Check out this awesome video by Acowsay Film Company, capturing the progress and beautiful setting in the woods.
Peter Jacobson | Things Have Changed
This iconic picture of workers having lunch 850 ft above New York streets recalled how things have changed. No, not eating lunch with the crew…….safety.
It brought to mind my entry into the carpentry trade and the tasks we perform daily. The methods we and other tradesman used relating to jobsite safety. While we did progress from a balancing act eating a salami sandwich, it was still a dangerous place to be, even in the 70’s. I still shutter when I think of toe dangling on a ladder 30’ in the air on a ladder resting on a 9” plank. Ooffttaa! It’s exactly why Congress created the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) “To ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance.” Thank you.
Our company has lived the change firsthand, and it did not happen overnight. There were new procedures to learn that took training, time and money. Different equipment and clothing to buy . Safety meetings were created to keep people healthy and to stay alive to watch the grandkids. The old saying “Safety First’ would hopefully become the new norm for all. A visit to today’s jobsite would show evidence of some of these changes. Orange or green safety vests, body harness’s, hydraulic lift , guard rails, hard hats, ear protection, just to name a few. It is obvious that the OSHA standards that were created have gone a long way to saving lives and preventing injuries. So, thank you OSHA.

Now I will have that salami sandwich.
Have a safe day!

MIdwest Home Magazine's May/June Issue has a feature article focusing on multigenerational & accessible design.
By Alesha Taylor

"Whether it's grab bars, ramps, and lift systems or full home remodels, Lake Country Builders helps facilitate unassisted living for mature adults who want to maintain their lifestyle at home. Being in business for 47 years, Lake Country has many repeat clients who know the quality and customer service that have come come to be expected- and founders Peter and Sue Jacobson are thrilled when these repeat clients reach out at different stages in life!"

Pick up this month's issue to read the whole article.
We celebrated Pete's birthday this month with a little Irish ☘birthday party!

Enjoy your special day! ✨🎈
Procrastination, Painting and Peeling Good!
Hickory, dickory, dock, your up against the clock, the paint is here, the wallpaper too, hickory, dickory, dock.

Nursery rhymes for nursery times!

When it comes to home updates, repairs and sometimes even some chores, I typically like to rely on the expertise of a professional to handle it. This decision isn’t out of laziness but more so the amount of times that I have taken on a task that I thought I could easily do only to find that it is nowhere near as easy as I had anticipated.
This realization typically leaves me with a project that I have started and got rather far into the process on, only to feel defeated and leaving it untouched for an extended period of time (sometimes years, sorry Mrs. W). 
With that said, I was not looking forward to the newly needed request to update our guest bedroom into a nursery.
First problem with this request is it involves painting, of which I try to avoid doing at all, ever.
Second problem is it involves wallpaper removal (of which I still have traumatic flashbacks of from the bathroom update I did years ago).
Lastly, there’s going to be some new peel and stick wallpaper to be installed, of which I have never done before.
How many times have you said: “I’ll do it as soon as I get a round tuit”. Now’s your chance, now you can do it, now, at last, you’ve got a round tuit!

My Great Grandmother had one of these hot pads in her kitchen. I didn’t really get it as a child but I definitely get it now as an adult. Given the specs of what was to be done, I procrastinated and I procrastinated hard. As my wife continues her day-to-day awesomeness growing our child, I continue to try and find ways or reasons as to why I cannot do the nursery today and to reassure her that I will get it done in time, I promise.
Now, my back is against the wall, my time is nearly up, the boxes of items to go into the nursery have started to accumulate and I am clearly looking at my own “round tuit“. The paint is purchased and the wallpaper is on the way to arrive next day.
One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock rock, five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock rock, nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock… seriously…

So here we go, rock’n gold oldies on the radio and paint brushes in hand, I went to work. On the plus side, we did spend a little extra on the paint we chose which provided a substantial first coat so in nearly the entire room, only one coat was needed. 
Then it was on to the oh so fun blue tape application and trim painting… yay.
Fast forward a couple of hours (okay, okay, several hours) and all the paint is done, only one wall remains untouched and awaits its new “feature wall” status and to be covered in the peel and stick wallpaper that will be arriving the next day.
Rise and shine, you have a delivery at your front door. We gather the rolls of paper and bring them into the transforming guest bedroom/nursery.
Let’s double check those measurements and make sure we have enough wallpaper. Sure enough we do.
Let’s huddle up and convince ourselves that we can do this…
Author: Derek Wilkinson
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Legrand launches a new radiant Wave Switch, extending its innovative touchless technology first made popular by the adorne Collection to fit into even more applications and projects. The radiant Wave Switch provides an easy, sleek option for cleaner control in both commercial and residential applications and is available in both 15A and 20A. Users can avoid touching a switch directly by turning lights, or small appliances like garbage disposals, on and off with just a wave.
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