October 2021 Newsletter
Hello All,

Over Here

At the end of this month I’ll be at the Best Horse Practices Summit for the first and most exciting time, from October 29th to 31st. This looks like a worthwhile event, sponsored by a non-profit organization and very focused in its mission. There will be some interesting people there, some of whom I’ve already met and more of whom I will. I just went on the website and saw that one of my working buddies, Jec Ballou will be there, as will Warwick Schiller. If you’re anywhere near that part of the country and would like to attend this exclusive educational event, you can register here (click either photo):
The Summit originated in Durango, Colorado, and has conferences in Maine and, in 2021, Kentucky.
I’ll be in California the entire month of November and will be able to visit with Warwick again at the Mark and Jim Show in Arroyo Grande. (See calendar below). Warwick and his wife Robin will be visiting with us there, along with pretty-darned-good barefoot trimmer David Landreville (I hope).
Ten Certification students came to Fairfield this month, from Texas to New York and all over the mid-west to attend 2 courses with me for their final Certification. Congratulations new MMCPs. You made it!
Just came back from the first-ever Equitana USA Horse Expo in Lexington, KY last week. Haven’t done a horse expo in almost two years due to you-know-what, and this was a nice way to get back into the expo groove. It was low-key and enjoyable. Got to do lots of bodywork demos, talk to a lot of people at our booth, make some good contacts in the like-minded horse-people category, and enjoy some after-work meals and conversation.

Some highlights:

Meeting the real Seabiscuit and War Admiral,
Doing demos,
Feeding the troops.
BTW, thank you MMCPs Karen Dempsey, Alice Long and Tiffany Downs, and booth attendant mother-and-daughter Team Nicole and Zoe. 

(Also BTW, don’t tell anyone but this wine was amazing!)
(Don’t tell anyone!)
The demo photo above was taken in the vendor’s exhibit hall, where we ducked in with the horse when a thunderstorm hit. Worked out fine… and dry.

We also captured (on video) a stealthy critter trying to make its way to our booth. If you feel like jumping over to my Facebook page here, you can see him sneaking in, and a little more.

Seabiscuit and War Admiral are ambassadors for the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, whose mission is to prepare off-track Thoroughbreds for happy, healthy and successful post-track careers. We have done a couple of Weekend Seminars at the Center years ago, and I was glad to see that they’re still at it. Maybe we can hook up with them again.

I was lucky to meet Jennifer Tucker at Equitana. Jennifer’s the Region 14 Director of the Arabian Horse Association, and did an excellent job behind the scenes of keeping us in horses (about half a dozen) for our demos.
I’d have a photo of her rather than one of her horses here but as I said, she’s “behind the scenes”. Thanks Jennifer!

Jennifer is also a potential host for a Weekend Seminar at their facility in the near future. If you’re one of the many people who checked the “Interested in attending a Weekend Seminar” box on the newsletter sign-up sheet at the expo, stay tuned for news of an upcoming Weekend Seminar in Lexington.  


While at Equitana in Lexington I met Marshall Wolfe, who is with the Bravehearts Riding Organization. Bravehearts has the largest equine-based program in the nation for military veterans, based on riding ground activities and gentling wild mustangs. I have always been a fan of these organizations and I was happy to meet and talk with Marshall, and maybe open the door to collaborating with them in some way in the future. Check out Bravehearts here, and stay tuned for more.

Considering the Horse: Mind and Body 

In addition to our courses listed below, I want to remind you about our collaborative Considering the Horse: Mind and Body clinics (or as we like to call it: The Mark and Jim Show) with Mark Rashid in Aroyo Grande, CA in November, and another in Cave Creek, AZ in January. These are always interesting, even to us, and there is always plenty of room for auditors.
Combining equine bodywork with effective training and riding has been so successful - and educational – that we decided that it’s safe – and probably wise – to put some attention on physical issues the riders may be bringing into their experiences with their horses. At this clinic in November we’ll be asking a talented human/equine bodyworker (meaning, she works on horses and humans : )
Dianne Adel, to contribute her expertise to the process. Dianne is an MMCP and a CMT. Anyone with that many M’s and C’s must be good. Although the horse and rider spots are all full, come and audit. You never know what’s going to come up at these clinics, but for sure there’s always a lot to see and learn.

As both our Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar, and our MM Equine Specialist (equine assisted therapies) programs grow we’re finding certain barns and facilities to be a perfect fit for our programs and what they do. To let them know how much we appreciate their participation we created an MM Recognized Barn Certificate to present to them.

The first, as it happens, is Bridle Paths in Leesburg, VA.

Thank you, Katie and the Bridle Paths organization for what you do and for allowing us to participate. (Lise Lunde presenting the certificate to Katie)
We’ll be Recognizing Barns all over the country, and world, who regularly participate in all of our training programs.

Our favorite equine dentist and MMCP Gretchen Deane has been back out from Vermont to check up on Annabelle’s, Jeremiah’s and other equines in the area’s teeth. Gretchen’s a great teacher as well and horse-person, and always brings something a little different to share with us. This time it was an in-place hyoid apparatus.

Grethen is a certified Neuromuscular Horse Dentist. One thing I like about Spencer LaFlure’s NM Horse Dentistry is that it looks at teeth from the perspective of whole-body balance. I like the sound – and feel - of that. You can find more about Spencer and NMHD here, and about Gretchen on our Find a Practitioner page.
Over There

October is UK month. I used to go to the UK every October and May for 3-4 weeks of teaching before you-know-what. These were always whirlwind trips, teaching back-to-back courses with UK Instructor and Organizer Vicky Devlin for 17 or 18 days straight.
You’ll be happy to know that I’m finding these trips much less strenuous now. Vicky’s taken them on and is in the middle of a 2 ½ week teaching spree. It eases my mind a little that, as when I was there, she has excellent help with Leigh Jackson, Sam Naylor and Carina Battista at her side. Last week she was joined by Walter Saxe, our Instructor and Organizer from Germany. Go Vicky!
Who's Working?
This photo illustrates how you can make it through 2-3 weeks straight and come out smiling. You have to have the mind-set that every day, starting at 5 pm (1700) you have a day off… until the next day. You can see that the crew is doing well and I’m sure is doing a fine job.

Go Team! (sniff, sniff)

In the Netherlands, Instructors Lucie Klassen and Masja Fick presented at the Equidays event. 

"Masja and myself were at Equiday all day with a Masterson Method booth.

“In the afternoon we did a demo together. Masja did the introduction and then did BM, scapula drop and LCF with a demo horse and I explained what Masja was doing and what to look for in the horse to the audience. The demo horse was a perfect example and showed all release signs 😊!”
You’ll see on the Calendar below that both Lucie and Masja have Weekend Seminars going in the Netherlands this month, although Masja’s will have happened by the time this reaches you. 

Walter Saxe and Sylvia Hamm both have courses scheduled in Germany later this month. Don’t wait until it gets cold! 

If it does get cold before you have a chance to get to a Seminar, we happen to have one scheduled in New Zealand in December - right in the middle of summer! Something for everybody!
Back at Home

Getting ready for winter here. We have a couple of interesting stories below. Enjoy them, and we’ll talk next month.

(Not really like this yet)

Until then, like me,

enjoy your horses.

MMCP in the news-paper!
Click on the horse to read an article that appeared in the Custer County Chronicle!
Go Lise!
Long, long ago...in a galaxy far, far away...
Jim had an interview!
Mareli Jooste from IdeaCandy in South Africa contacted the office and asked if Jim would like to be part of a program for DSTV called ""Dierepraters Animal TV Program".

But what are Dierepraters? Animal Whisperers - of course!

We're not sure when the program will air - or who'll be able to view it - but thought you should know that we are keeping Jim as busy as possible!
Remember Martha Becker and her mare, Fly?
Well, did you know...We have an official contract with Arcaro in the Czech Republic (most recent), which made our book publisher look up how many foreign licenses the book has now…
Czech Republic: Arcaro
England: JA Allen
France: Editions Vigot
Germany: Kosmos Verlag
Poland: Galaktyka
Spain: Ediciones Tutor
Japan: Equinet Co.
Which country is next?
The Willing Equine
You might have seen this on social media - but if not, just click the photo and enjoy the podcast! This podcast aired October 1, 2021.
What's Up with the Membership?
Upcoming October Membership Events
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Live Call with Jim
October 12.
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Live Technique Breakdown: Hind Leg Release Down and Back
October 20,
2:00 p.m. CDT
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Expert Hour
Listening Through Touch
with Lise Lunde,
Brenda Thompson and Katie Fallon
October 26,
2:00 p.m. CDT
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November 18
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November 30,
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MMCPs In the News!
Megan Dushin went to Tully, New York to lead an MMES weekend at the end of September. All humans and horses look happy!

Check out this blog about Bodywork by Diane Jones and her horse, Rudy.

"Masterson feels like magic to me. I love how it often looks like nothing, yet the effect on the horse is profound. It's incredible to hoover your fingers over a spot and watch the horse rapidly blink; then, as you linger, they begin a series of releases, sometimes culminating in a big 'ole eyes rolling back in their head yawn."
Newly Certified Practitioners
Need help for your horse? Find a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) near you. Our Certified Practitioners are dedicated equine professionals who have acquired highly attuned skills in partnering with the horse to release tension and increase range of motion, thereby restoring healthy posture and performance. Add an MMCP to your horse’s wellness team by visiting the Find a Practitioner page on our website for the closest practitioner to you.
You'll notice we've been adding our MMES Practitioners to this page - this program is growing! Help pass the word to Equine Therapy Programs and treat those horses to some Tender Loving Care!
Thalea Meinen, MMCP
Emden, Germany

Even as a young girl I was fascinated by horses. On all family vacations, no horse farm could be missing. At the age of 10, we siblings got two ponies. When they became too small, an Oldenburg gelding joined the family. Faithfully he accompanied us for many years. In 2015, I fell in love with a little black filly. She always came to me from her family herd: my dream horse.

As a yearling she had a pasture accident, the cuts and bruises were deep and required intensive treatment several times a day, this strengthened our bond. During this time I learned that horses in pain seek and allow help where they find trust.

The beginning of my Masterson journey started with a weekend course in October 2019. It was a gift from my mother and my sister - the idea was given to them by my friend Marion. After the first day it was clear to me: this is exactly what I want to learn. The intensive work with the horses just grabbed me. It was impressive to watch how the horses got involved and enjoyed it.

When my now 6-year-old mare showed strong reactions, including bucking/climbing, when preparing to be ridden and these reactions were absolutely new to me, we immediately went searching and found a change in the cervical spine. The findings encouraged me even more to learn this method. If we listen to our horses, they show us where to look.

In the subsequent Advanced 5-day course in the summer of 2020, I experienced an incredible amount. After that, I was even more certain that I wanted to take The Masterson Method® even further and get certified. I successfully completed the Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner (MMCP) training in May 2021.

My life has been changed by The Masterson Method®. It is fascinating to feel what I can achieve with small movements in relaxation with the horses and how they trust me and let go.

Phone: 0170-7021714
Instagram: thalea_meinen_mmcp
Facebook: Thalea Meinen - Masterson Method MMCP
Karen Dempsey, MMCP, MMES
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Though Karen has ridden and/or owned horses on and off in her early life, it became full time in 1999 when they bought a home with a barn and property. She assisted her children's 4-H Horse Leaders, co-coached her daughter's equestrian team, attended many natural horsemanship clinics, and as many presentations on the care of horses and horse property as she could fit in her schedule.

In 2009 she became PATH certified and a couple of years later opened her farm as a therapeutic riding center. Wanting to help the horse even more, she became certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy in 2011 then followed that up with a certification in Equine Body Balancing the next year.

In 2015 she was invited to a Masterson Method® weekend seminar and though she was unable to attend she did a little research and became intrigued with what she read. She purchased the book and DVD and soon realized that she enjoyed the light touch over the heavier massage touch she had been practicing and absolutely loved the horses' responses. While teaching at Equest Therapeutic Riding Center she saw a real need for the horses there to get some relief from the work they did and in 2019 became certified as an MMES.

Even though she willing shared her knowledge and the Bladder Meridian technique with some instructors, lots of volunteers and a few campers, she knew the horses needed more and became certified as a Masterson Method® Certified Practitioner.

Karen believes The Masterson Method® is a perfect fit for horses that assist with therapy modalities, giving each horse the opportunity to release tension and destress from the jobs they do.

Phone:  517-647-1779
MMCP - who's next?
Location - where from?

If you recently completed your certification "trial" with the Big Boss, send your photo and bio to Jo and let's get your information on the website!
Phone: horses are trying to call,
Email: or send you a note,
Website: or look at your website!
Malaika King Albrecht, MMES
Ayden, North Carolina

Malaika is passionate about helping horses and teaching others how to help horses. Becoming a Masterson Method Equine Specialist has not only provided more knowledge and opportunities to give back to horses, but it has also been a learning journey of new skills and personal insights. Malaika has taught dozens of combat veterans and others with PTSD how to perform the Bladder Meridian.

An equestrian for several decades, she is involved in Equine Assisted Services as a certified therapeutic riding instructor and equine specialist in mental health and learning.

She is co-founder of Horses and HEALTH, a non-profit which offers psychotherapy incorporating horses. Malaika lives on Freckles Farm with her daughters, a herd of 8 horses and a mini donkey, and a wide variety of other 4 legged and 2 legged friends/co-workers.
Phone: 910-528-0507
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It changed the way I view horses and communication

If you really want to help your horse and or gain the most amazing bond you should check out the Mastersons Method! It will change your life as well as your horse's!!

If you want to dive deeper into the relationship with your horse, go there.
If you want to embark on a journey to learn to help horses relax, calm down and address their tensions, go there. If you want to meet like minded people who put the horses'
well-being first, go too....
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Oct 25-29 Tucson, AZ with Vanessa Helvey

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June 20-24, 2022 Watsonville, CA with Sandy Vreeburg

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Oct 18-22 New Forest, UK with Vicky Devlin

Oct 27-31 Egestorf, DE taught in German with Walter Saxe
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April 4-8, 2022 Calgary, AB with Lori Hoppe

September 5-9, 2022 Sherbrooke, QC with Lori Hoppe

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February 27-March 3, 2022 Waikato, NZ with Nadine Vollmerg
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January 25-27, 2022 Kenwood, CA
Masterson Method Collaborative Clinics

USA Collaborative Clinics

November 5-7 Arroyo Grande, CA
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

January 14-16, 2022, Cave Creek, AZ
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 12-14, 2022, Littleton, CO
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

July 15-17, 2022, Littleton, CO
Your Horse's Brain: A User's Manual with Dr. Stephen Peters, Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson
Expos and Demos
USA Expos & Demos

October 23 Albuquerque, New Mexico Masterson Method® Demo With Sandy Benson

October 29-31 Lexington, Kentucky, Best Horse Practices Summit Masterson Method® Demo with Jim Masterson.

November 20 Perryville, Missouri Masterson Method Demo with Stephanie Goddard
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~ Amy Cairy, Director of Marketing,
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