May 2021 Newsletter
Hello All,

It seems like we just did a Newsletter, but time is flying and a lot is going on as things open up. I hope all of you out there are staying safe and getting out.


I was able to escape to Tucson for a week this month, where I met with two classes of newly-minted Masterson Method Certified Practitioners. Well done and congratulations to you all! 
Stopped in Phoenix for Mexican food with Instructor Coralie Hughes and a group of our MMCPs and Field Work students at Lisa Haldane’s. Lisa wanted me to meet a farrier/trimmer named David Landreville. We spent the evening sharing thoughts on working with the horse in general, and feet in particular. I found the conversation pretty cool as Dave stumbled across his philosophy and method of hoof care by paying attention to what the horse was telling him through subtle changes in behavior (sound familiar?) as he was trimming the foot. 

Knowing that there are nearly as many thoughts and opinions on trimming the foot as there are feet, I found it interesting that a lot of Dave’s thoughts on trimming came straight from the horse’s mouth. David Landreville’s Facebook page is very educational and has lots of photos. Check it out. I hope we’ll be seeing more of him.
BTW, Lisa Haldane is a long-time Masterson Method Instructor who developed anatomy and biomechanics courses for our Certification program in conjunction with Avalon Performance. These courses are very practical and available to anyone interested in her team approach to horse care at Avalon Performance – Horse and Rider Support.

This is practical and user-friendly education as well as insights on competing and owning horses in her blogs. Check ‘em out.
Adding Layers of Learning (while peeling away layers of tension)

Instructor and Instructor Liaison Sandy Vreeberg wrote an interesting blog about her journey through layers of learning after becoming a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner. Sandy’s located in the Bay Area (California talk) and keeps busy teaching MM and with her equine bodywork business. You can find her blog, as well as some helpful/educational/entertaining video podcasts and “Vlogs” here.
Continuing the Quest for Continuing Education

In 2018 we held a three-day Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Education Conference at the White Stallion Ranch-Resort in Tucson. We haven’t had a chance to get together since then, BUT, this month we were able to do this at… well, everywhere. 

It appears you can do that now with Zoom. We held a three-day Virtual Masterson Method Certified Practitioner Education Conference, and it was a virtual success. We organized educational zoom calls interspersed with body work practice sessions, in small groups or individually around the world. Over two hundred MMCPs and Field Work Students participated in N. America, the UK, the EU, S. Africa, New Zealand and Australia. 

FYI, presentations were:

Amplifying our Awareness Through Softness with Lisa First 

Deliberate Practice with Liz Williams

Exercise as Therapy; Simple Routines to Restore and Maintain Looseness (in the horse) with Jec Ballou

Effective Communication with Owners, Veterinarians and Other Equine Professionals with my old partner in bodywork, Bill of Bill Stanton Integrated Equine Bodywork, 

and a Q&A talk with Mark Rashid, Crissi MacDonald, Conley Wright, that Jim guy, and Dylan Silver; producer and director of the documentary A Mind Like Still Water.
It was educational, practical, and fun - which were the goals of the event. Just thought I’d let you know in case you were thinking of becoming Certified ; )
Mystery Hind End Issues Part 2

Last month we talked about an endurance horse named Spotty with a mystery hind end issue. We shared a link to the first part of a two-part article about mystery hind end issues. 

We reviewed a video of the bodywork session with Spotty on our Level 1 Membership call this month. Spotty’s mystery hind end issue is still a mystery as his owner is giving him time off before getting back into training, but the mystery of where the second part of the article about mystery hind end issues is, is no longer a mystery. Just press the magic button!
2021 National Pony Club Festival and Championships 

Every three years over three thousand United States Pony Club riders, families and volunteers attend the National Festival and Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. 

Or, in this case, four years. It was postponed last year because of “you-know-what”, but will be going on in July this year, and we’ll be there. MMCPs Mimi Duffy and David Ospital are US Pony Club Trainers, and will be attending with a group of their young riders; not to compete this year, but to present and share Masterson Method techniques that they use on their horses with other young Pony Clubbers. Now that’s exciting and is something that I for one am not going to miss! David and Mimi are creating a MM Pony Club manual for young students, and doing t-shirts. We’ll have more details on this next month. In the meantime, you can read about Mimi and David below. And block out the week of July 19th – 26th!
Opening Up Overseas

Things are opening up in the other parts of the horse world. We have courses still going on in the UK and EU – in some cases with smaller groups – and in February Alex Davies and Kathy Adams taught small Weekend Seminar classes in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. They’ve had a rough go of it in South Africa but are cautiously (and happily) moving forward.
Johannesburg, South Africa - 2nd Day, March 2021

Cape Town, South Africa - 2nd Day, May 2021

Our Certification Field Work Students are moving forward in the UK, but I’m a bit concerned that our Instructors and Coaches have been in lock down a little too long. Hopefully this will pass and we’ll be back to normal soon.
Double clinic in Scotland

In August Overseas Manager and Instructor Vicky Devlin will be attending Dr. Stephen Peters’ clinic, Your Horse’s Brain: A User’s Manual at Ross Dhu Equestrian Center in S. Lanarkshire, Scotland. While there she will be teaching a Masterson Method Weekend Seminar at Ross Dhu. Take your pick, one or both. You won’t be disappointed either way.

Arthritic Horses Needed

Well, we really don’t need any more arthritic horses, but our European Instructor Diane Howard needs help in finding 60 people with vet-diagnosed horses. Diane is part of a team that has received a grant to develop a questionnaire to monitor chronic osteoarthritis in horses.

Once the questionnaire is validated, it could be used as a tool to monitor the efficacy of equine bodywork. If you have a vet-diagnosed osteoarthritic horse and would like to participate, please contact Diane Howard.
MMCPs and Podcasts

Further down see the stories of MMCPs David and Mimi in the U.S., and MMCPs Christiane Siekmann in Germany and Clarisse Prieux in France.

I recently chatted with John Harrer on his WHOA podcast, and with Trainer Amber Lydic in California. Amber is a certified facilitator and trainer for two-leggeds as well as four-leggeds - which can be extremely helpful - and she hosted us at her facility in the Bay Area (California talk again) for a Certification Course. You can listen to these podcasts below.
Mirror in the Stall - Episode 22 with Amber Lydic

Speaking of Certification; click on the link below and you’ll find a short video that shares what some students at a recent Certification Completion Course have to say about the program. Don’t worry; all of the un-needed words have been bleeped out and it is child-safe.
Mare’s Day Sale

Finally, we traditionally have a sale on Mother's Day. We didn't break with tradition and are having our Mare's Day Sale (ending this Saturday) on the streaming Beyond Horse Massage video. I bring this up because the reason for the sale on the video is that WE’RE OUT OF BEYOND HORSE MASSAGE BOOKS!

Martha, our publisher at Trafalgar Square Books told us that we’re on our eighth printing of BHM, they’re selling like hotcakes (I think that’s good), and that there are major hold-ups in shipping. We’ve looked on Amazon and ebay for places to send people for the book but it looks like for now it's the video. Sorry. I hope people aren’t using the books as tack room door stops. If you’re having anger issues over this try watching A Mind Like Still Water. That should help. 

In any case Martha - that would be Martha Cook at ***-***-**** (kidding. Martha’s great ; ) told us they’re shooting for mid-to-late June delivery.

So, in the meantime enjoy the video. 

And until next time, 

like me, enjoy your horses.
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Newly Certified Practitioners
Need help for your horse? Find a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner (MMCP) near you. Our Certified Practitioners are dedicated equine professionals who have acquired highly attuned skills in partnering with the horse to release tension and increase range of motion, thereby restoring healthy posture and performance. Add an MMCP to your horse’s wellness team by visiting the Find a Practitioner page on our website for the closest practitioner to you.
David Ospital
Rohnert Park, California

The first time I saw the Masterson Method® was at the 2017 Sacramento Expo. I remember Jim saying, “You can get the horse to relax his poll if you place your thumb lightly on the roof of the horse’s mouth; but be careful that the horse’s tongue doesn’t take your thumb into his molars…” I immediately thought, I’m not doing that! Three years later I’m trying to convince horse owners to do that very same thing.

After reviewing the Beyond Horse Massage Book and DVD I thought it might be a good idea to take the weekend course. It seemed like an excellent way to reintroduce myself to horses and how to connect with them. I had the good fortune to have been introduced to horses at a young age and was involved with 4H as a kid. I currently volunteer with the 4H group, H Lane Vaqueros, the Duffy Pony Club Riding Center and when I get the chance, I volunteer my time with Project H.O.P.E. a local non-profit that provides equine assisted therapy activities to assist veterans.

After taking the weekend course, I quickly realized how The Masterson Method® shares similar principles with the Martial Arts I’ve studied. I found working with horses gives me another way to practice the principles of non-resistance, developing a quality of softness similar to water; I enjoy learning from the horses I work with. I certified as a practitioner in 2021 and work with a variety of horses big and small.

I enjoy sharing The Masterson Method® with the horse people I meet and have joined the crusade to have all horses experience the Bladder Meridian Technique at least once.

Phone:  415-328-3747
Mimi Duffy
Novato, California

I started riding seriously at ten years old in Pony Club and 4H in Virginia. I lived at the barn with an awesome gang of kids and crazy ponies. I bought a halter broke wild pony at eleven and took her to Pony Club which did not go over so well at first. My Dad got transferred and we trailered our ponies across country to California. I joined 4H and Pony Club in California as well. I bred paints as my 4H horse project. I raised and started several young horses in my teens. I have trained for eventing, competed in vaulting, A/O hunters and gymkhana. I dabble in trail obstacle and some ranch work for fun as well. My favorite thing to do though is take my horse out of the arena for a trail ride and see her ears perk up and her walk extend as we explore nature and forget our worries.

I am an active member of Novato Horseman’s Association, a 4H Leader with the H Lane Vaqueros. I also teach at our Pony Club Riding Center. We host Project Hope, an EGALA-based equine therapy program for veterans. I manage a herd of seventeen horses and ponies for our programs.

In my spare time, I work three days a week as a nurse for naturopathic doctors.

I went to my first CA horse Expo in 2017 looking for a horse trailer deal. I noticed that there was a demo on equine performance body work that I wanted to watch. While watching the demo, I thought, “this is something I can do to keep my horses healthy!” I was working full time as a Registered Nurse in integrated medicine and up to my eyeballs finishing a Master Certification at the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, when I had an “aha moment!” I knew immediately, this was a level of communication I was missing with my horses.
Clarisse Prieur
Rouen, Normandie, France

Clarisse has always been around horses.

Before changing her career in 2020 to become a MMCP, Clarisse graduated as a biotechnology engineer and had a successful career in both Normandy and England.

She discovered the Masterson Method® back in 2016 and it instantly became essential to her equine welfare and performance routine. Not only were the results obvious with her horse, but Clarisse also found all she was looking for: a method based on softness, observation, patience, interaction with the horse to make him actor of his welfare and that could help people to better understand their horses and anticipate issues.

As soon as she started the courses, Clarisse knew she wanted to go further towards the certification and share this beautiful method in her native county, Normandy, France. She truly found her way towards happiness!

Clarisse created her business, Equideep, based on her values:

**Work with every horse and rider individually to provide an adapted service for better welfare and performance.

**Continuously learn from international experts and scientific papers and share all this learning to empower every horse lover.

**Work as a team with all equine professionals to ensure adapted and long-term changes.

Phone: 33618216258
Christiane Siekmann
Osnabrück, Germany

Horses have been an integral part of my life since I was a child and I cannot imagine life without them to this day.

I was very fortunate to find a special mentor who taught me the importance of fine communication and connection with the fascinating creature horse right from the start. In the following years I was able to gain experience with many different horses - also with so-called difficult ones.

I have always been convinced that horses that supposedly do not want to enter into a relationship and allegedly show resistance do not have a “bad character”, but rather express their physical or mental discomfort in this way.

I devoted myself to training horses and riders for 30 years; always with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and helping horses and humans feel comfortable with each other and develop their common potential in harmony.

For myself I was always looking for trainers who put biomechanics and the nature of horses at the center of their training. The finer my own view of it became, the more I wanted to not “only” train horses and riders, but also to provide help and relief to horses that have difficulties with themselves and their bodies.

This is how I came to osteopathy and other therapeutic methods. Still, I always had the feeling that something was missing. In my constant search for it, I came across Jim's book and DVD. I was immediately fascinated and this fascination never let me go.

I have been a Masterson Method® certified Practitioner® since 2019 and I look forward to helping horses regain well-being in their bodies in this special way, which is clearly reflected in more joy in movement and increased performance.

Phone:   17621300199
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Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

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Your Horse's Brain with Dr. Peters, Mark Rashid, and Jim Masterson

November 5-7 Arroyo Grande, CA
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid

January 14-16, 2022, Phoenix, AZ
Considering the Horse: Mind & Body with Jim Masterson and Mark Rashid
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Masterson Method Demo with David Ospital and Mimi Duffy at the Pony Club Festival
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