November 2023 Newsletter

Message from Jim:

Dear Dog Owners,

It’s been a busy month. I have been away traveling for three weeks in October to Pennsylvania and California. Although most of this involved doing Beyond Horse Massage events, everywhere I go I’m asked about Beyond Dog Massage. Of course most horse people also own dogs, but as you’ll see below, interest in the “dog only” world is growing.

Masterson Method Certified Practitioner's, Valissa Willwerth and Lisa Beyer represented The Masterson Method® at our first canine expo in Tinton Falls, NJ.

And, we are getting the word out to the public library community via the Library Journal with the goal of making Beyond Dog Massage available to read it without paying for it! Now that’s news!

Most horse/dog owners who’ve done any Masterson Method training are now asking about Beyond Dog Massage training. We’re happy to say that canine Masterson Method courses to help dog owners in their own homes is in the works. We should have definite news about this after the first of the year.

More dog news next month. Until then, stay tuned!


Exciting News!

The National Library magazine, Library Journal, reviews The Beyond Dog Massage book!

WHAT is the Library Journal?

The Library Journal is the most trusted and respected publication for the library community. It is the publication that libraries of all sizes rely on to make decisions about new collection purchases.


The Library Journal REVIEW:

Masterson (Beyond Horse Massage) created his trademark Masterson Method for horses. Although the species differ, Masterson recognized that both animals ignore or suppress physical tension and pain.


He collaborated with veterinarian Robin Robinette for this book, which introduces using Masterson techniques on canines. The authors discuss factors that can produce tension or discomfort in dogs.


They introduce (and frequently emphasize) the various practices used in this method, including “Search, Response, Stay, Release,” movement techniques, and “Hold, Wait, and Melt.”


Anyone employing these methods should move slowly, use gentle hands, and follow a dog’s responses.


The book explores various areas of a dog’s body that might benefit from this approach, including the head-neck, neck-trunk, hind end, and midsection.

1.  Readers can scan QR codes to view short videos with helpful explanations and techniques in action.

2.  Photos and diagrams help outline various aspects of a canine’s complex anatomy that would benefit from this method.


This title also addresses how the Masterson Method can improve particular mobility/performance issues faced by many dogs and includes recommended readings for further research.


VERDICT Written in a user-friendly style, this book would assist dog owners in improving their pet’s physical and mental well-being.— Erica Swenson Danowitz

The Masterson Method at First Canine Expo!

On October 28, Masterson Method Certified Practitioners (MMCP's) Valissa Willwerth and Lisa Beyer represented our new launch into canine bodywork at the Natural Healthy Pets Experience, held at the Doubletree Hotel in Tinton Falls, NJ.

Run by Dr. Judy Morgan (the keynote speaker) and lead sponsor, Dr. Harvey’s Health Food for Companion Animals, the symposium brought together speakers and vendors focused on holistic, natural approaches to canine health and well-being. 

Valissa and Lisa talked with scores of attendees who were intrigued to hear about our work and its potential efficacy for dogs of all stripes!

“We were able to introduce Jim’s new book, Beyond Dog Massage, and the visitors that came to our booth. Participants enjoyed watching Jim in a slide presentation about Masterson Method for dogs, with many signing up for the newsletter to learn more!

All in all the day was lively, lots of fun, and a number of folks who had never heard of Masterson Method previously are now looking for chances to learn and try it on their own.”

It is always rewarding to see dog owners get excited when they realize they can help their dogs – whether physical, emotional, or a deeper relationship. This step-by-step approach to learning the techniques in the Beyond Dog Massage book does exactly that!

Above: Lisa and Valissa manning the booth

Valissa has owned and operated The Clever Canine, LLC, a reward-based in-home dog training service for 23 years. She has also participated as an avid agility competitor for 13 years, temperament testing and training shelter dogs, training and working in television advertising with dogs, trick training, a bit of tracking and detection dog training.

Lisa, Mystique Integrated Equine Bodywork, can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Masterson Method Booth Mascot

Jim's Birthday Challenge

For Jim's birthday we challenged the Masterson Method community to work on as many horses and dogs using the Bladder Meridian Technique and to send in photos forJim to enjoy. Below are a couple of our favorites!

dog yawning from Bladder Meridian

Want to give the Bladder Meridian technique on your dog a try?

Click here to see Jim demonstrate the Bladder Meridian

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