October 2023 Newsletter

Message from Jim:

Dear Dog Owners,

I’ve been writing the Beyond Horse Massage Newsletter for I don’t know how many years, and the Beyond Dog Massage book has been formulating in the back of my head for almost as long.

Well, the book is finally out, so I’m afraid now you’ll be hearing from me every month with tips on how you as a dog owner can improve comfort, movement and connection with your dog: updates on online Masterson Method courses and classes that we’re developing for dog owners; news about what’s going on around the country with Masterson Method and where; as well as dog tales and stories about anything that has to do with the joy that these amazing canine critters bring to us, and vice-versa.  

It's my desire that this new and easily learned way of interacting with your dog will help you to help your dog release accumulated physical and emotional tension that your dog may be holding in the body. It’s also my desire that this interaction will open new doors to what your dog has to say and open a new level of communication and trust between humans and their canine partners that may just be waiting to be opened.

See you next month,

Jim Masterson

Tuff the Three Legged Dog

Sent to us from Stephanie Goddard, Certified Practitioner, Equine Instructor and Coach, and photographer for the Beyond Horse Massage book:

"I am so thankful for the techniques that I've learned through The Masterson Method for dogs. I use many of the techniques from Beyond Dog Massage book on my three legged (tripod) dog Tuff. Having only one front leg causes his body to move unnaturally. 

To name just a few of the techniques that have helped Tuff, I specifically use the Scapula Releases (page 80-86) to keep his left front leg moving fully and comfortably. Being only on three legs puts extra pressure on that single leg and the Scapula Releases helps relieve the compensating stress.

His back end bows outward towards the left and I have found that Lateral Rocking (page 142-145) helps maintain his spinal health and movement.

Tuff also experiences Storm anxiety, so the Bladder Meridian (page 34-35) and doing Search, Response, Stay, Release (page 11-13) on any part of his body pays off. Additionally, Accordions (page 150 - look for the QR code to watch the video) calms him down and I no longer need prescription drugs for him. What a relief!

I will continue to work with Tuff to help him feel better and truly feel that the Beyond Dog Massage techniques will improve his longevity and quality of life."

Tuff and Stephanie

October is Dog Wellness Month!

Health – importance of regular care

  • Just like us, dogs need regular veterinary check-ups. Vaccinations, dental, and nutrition are the basics.   
  • Your veterinarian is an important member of your dog’s pet care team.
  • Falling behind on your dog’s healthcare puts your dog at risk for issues to develop in the future.  

By regularly doing the techniques in the Beyond Dog Massage book, you will know what is typical for your dog and when something is “off” give you a better gauge for when to contact your veterinarian.


Wellness – more than just the basics

  • Whatever exercise you and your dog do together, there will be muscle tension and possible imbalance showing up in your dog’s body. This imbalance affects your dog’s whole body.
  • By providing your dog with regular bodywork, you can help him physically by releasing tension and restriction, and lessen anxiety, while developing a closer relationship.  

The Beyond Dog Massage book will give you step-by-step instructions, along with helpful What Ifs tips when you have questions of your own. Dr. Robin discusses common issues by breed and suggested techniques to help you help your dog.

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