Monday January 16, 2023
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El Salvador Continues To Make History By Introducing The Volcano Bond...

El Salvador has just passed landmark legislation which will provide the legal framework required for a Bitcoin-backed bond, known as the Volcano Bond.

ZK Proof Experiment Successful On ISS Thanks To Cryptosat And DoraHacks Collaboration...

In a collaboration between crypto-satellite developer Cryptosat and global hackathon organizer DoraHacks, the first successful experiment to launch a ZK (Zero-Knowledge) proof system in space recently occurred onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

What Is Chainlink and How Is It Currently Used?

The oracle forms a link to the outside world, but it also secures any data passed through. The most well-known oracle in the blockchain space is Chainlink, which is what we are here to discuss below.

Hong Kong Could Become Crypto Hub In 2023 Despite A Harrowing 2022...

FSTB (Financial Services & The Treasury Of Hong Kong) Secretary Christopher Hui first learned about crypto from friends who ran investment funds and invested in digital assets. Fast forward to today, he now focuses his attention on developing viable policies for the growing sector.


Bridging Blockchain to Mainstream Industries
Bitcoin Smashes $20K - Reaches 200-Day Moving Average
Ethereum Smashes Two Major Lines of Resistance
Inside a Billion Dollar Bitcoin Mining Farm!

BITCOIN EXPLOSIVE PUMP!! Don't FOMO without watching this!!

MASSIVE Ethereum ETH UNLOCK! Binance BNB $1 Bn Deal | Solana SOL & Polygon MATIC News
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