Monday January 9, 2023
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Mastercard Announces New Partnership With Polygon While Morgan Stanley Decides To Hold Bitcoin...

Mastercard has announced that it will be launching its Artist Accelerator initiative on the Polygon blockchain. The program is intended to teach musicians how to expand their brands by minting NFTs, creating an online presence, and establishing a vibrant community.

Back And Forth Between Cameron Winklevoss And Barry Silbert Worries Investors...
Cameron Winklevoss, President and Co-Founder of digital currency exchange Gemini, recently issued Barry Silbert with a one week ultimatum for the latter to provide approximately $1 billion. Cameron accused the CEO of crypto conglomerate Digital Currency Group (DCG) of undesirable tactics designed to damage his reputation, but insists he wants to resolve a complex lending dispute with the company that arose following the demise of FTX.

LG Partners Up With Oorbit And Pixelynx To Help Millions Of Users Access The Metaverse...

LG Electronics, a South Korean technology conglomerate, has announced a new collaboration with cloud-based technology platform Oorbit and Pixelynx.

World Crypto Conference 2023

Bringing Together DeFi and traditional finance.
DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse and much more.
Bitcoin Rallies Alongside Altcoin Speculative Pump
ETH/BTC Breaks Above Resistance Setting Higher Daily Highs
Because Of THIS Crypto Goes To ZERO In 2023... WHY Doesn't ANYONE Care?
The Crypto Reckoning Continues

Unbelievable BTC And Gold News! Don't Miss Out - Gareth Soloway

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