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When Seconds Count, Every Display Matters

Having comprehensive and integrated alert capabilities is important to every kind of organization – from schools and universities to corporate campuses, medical facilities – anywhere people gather in large numbers. The first step is to put together a crisis communications plan that unites all parts of your alert system and Signage ONE is the solution. Signage ONE's Digital signage is a key element in a good on-site alert system and improves the chances of everyone seeing a message immediately.

Having an emergency response process is important, but it needs to be associated with a notification process that can effectively alert people and keep them informed of events as they occur. Signage ONE can deliver beyond what mobile text notifications can. Our visuals appearing on digital displays across the campus help guide people to safety and tell them what to do next in the midst of a panic.

More About Signage ONE

Digital Signage displayed throughout schools can keep staff and students informed every step of the way to safety.

Example of Fire Alert

Example of Intruder Alert

Signage ONE's System works with Your Emergency System

Signage ONE is CAPS (Common Alerting Protocol System) compliant, meaning it works with your current safety systems to help protect your campus or workplace once an event is triggered, by displaying messages anywhere there is a TV - both indoors and outdoors. Instructions can be created in advance to cater to your campus layout, keeping your employees, students, and visitors out of harms way and safe in every situation.

Be prepared for any future emergency with pre-built customized messages associated with fires, storms, intruders, and more. Signage ONE works with you to pinpoint your high traffic areas in order to maximize messaging and safety and build awareness. We keep everyone informed and updated during the recovery process, so that everyone feels safe and informed beyond the initial event.


Benefits of Signage ONE's Emergency Digital Signage

Integration with Alert Systems

Digital signage can be integrated with various alert systems, such as weather alerts, security alerts, and fire alarms. When these systems are triggered, relevant notifications can automatically be displayed on the digital signage screens, providing immediate guidance to those in the vicinity.

Instantaneous Communication

Digital signage enables real-time communication, allowing you to disseminate important notifications and alerts immediately. This is particularly crucial during emergencies, where timely information can help prevent panic and guide people to safety.

Wide Reach

Digital signage can reach a large audience in high-traffic areas such as lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, or outdoor signs in front of buildings. This wide reach ensures that your notifications and alerts are seen by a significant number of people, increasing the likelihood of the message being received and acted upon.

Flexibility & Customizations

Digital signage systems offer the flexibility to tailor messages based on the context, audience, or area. You can display different notifications at different times of the day or in response to specific events. This customization ensures that the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time according to the event.

Dynamic Content

Unlike traditional static signs or text alerts, digital signage allows for dynamic content and imagery/text as it relates to the emergency or message. You can display a variety of formats, including text, images, videos, and animations. This versatility helps capture and maintain viewers' attention, making your notifications more effective and noticed in an emergency situation, in order to relay important information.

Your message, digitally delivered.

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