~ Mary's Morning Message ~
The Flame of Illumination
Honoring the Light of the
Threefold Flame

Message ~
During one’s Awakening process, the Threefold Flame of the Heart Center will begin to Expand and Unfold a greater Light of Living Existence. This greater light lives deep, deep within the Self. This Light is a burning Flame and an Eternal Everlasting Energy of the Divine. It is Power, Wisdom and Love. The Power houses the Embodiment to Survive/Thrive, and to Fuel the body with continual Energy. The Wisdom will nourish the Mind to receive Knowledge of the Divine in goodwill, integrity and intelligence. And Love filling the embodiment to house and hold a Christed-Consciousness, as to fulfill the Souls Destiny in the Oneness to All that Is.      
Within the embodiment's Heart Center is the "Altar of the Threefold Flame".  This Altar is a Sacred Space with an illuminated energy filled with unconditional love, compassion, wisdom, truth, honor, respect and grace. The flames plumes are of great empowerment and Intelligence. Traveling through life people shall stumble, run into barricades or be blocked and sometimes be completely stopped. Once these obstructions are removed, and lessons are learned, a Higher Consciousness begins to Awaken and one begins to Ascend. Ascension is a building of our Light Body, Diamond Body, a purer Energy Field of Ebb and Flow moving throughout the Entire Embodiments System, and moving from the Head to the Heart, regulated by Love and Light, Peace and Harmony, Joy and Happiness. 
As these flames expand, they Intertwine, Interweave and Interlace the Real Self, the Divine Self, the I Am Presence. This Sacred Chamber of the Threefold Flame is fueled by Compassion, Hope, Bliss, Desires and Dreams drawn from the Divine Source.  
This Threefold flame holds comfort and consoles through the Unity of Oneness. "Within this Threefold Flame there is a Wholeness, where no Absence can live"
As the Threefold Flame is invoked and preserved to its balance, discord and dis-ease cannot exist. This Threefold flame serves the embodiment with great light and fuel, that in good faith and divine order, will supply enough power to the embodiment as an everlasting frequency.  
As one Embraces and Embodies this Cosmic-Light through the Threefold Flame, the manifest of greatest intent, intelligence and purpose begins to unfold the Almighty I Am Presence of the Real Self. Its Heart Chamber radiates and fills an expansiveness of its Sourced Love throughout the Universe, and this Threefold Flame of Highest Illumination shall over-light the darkness. I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that LIGHT I Am.
Honoring the Light within ~
Within this Sacred Chamber of the Threefold Flame lives an everlasting and eternal frequency of Purest Love for all that is.  This Threefold Flame in the human is an expansion of the Greatest Love connected to the Source, as One. Within your Heart Center (Charka) is a passion and loving Eternal Light. The Colors of the Three Flames are permeating and opening the fire with new desires and an intention for Freedom, Hope and Joy.
Visualizing the Threefold Flame ~
Pink is the Spirit of Pureness and Enlightenment, Love and Compassion, an Emanation of the Feminine Divine Source. Every Breath Unfolds an Energy that reverberates the Essence to all before thee. This kind of Love emitted, provides this Pink Flame to emanate with grace and ease. This Pink Flame relates to the Emotional body, and is Intuitive to the wants and needs of others, although remains Balanced without drowning in others sorrows or sadness. The Pink Flame produces an automatic energy field to Serve Self and Others, while keeping you in perfect harmony.  
Blue is the Living Flame, the Oneness of our Same, an Emanation of the Masculine Divine Source. An Eternal Energy of 3, Trinity, Divinity, All that Is. This is the Will and Power of the Source. This Will of the Divine empowers one to stand tall, be proud and is given the provisions in life to Thrive. It is gentle, calm and serene, it is clean, pure and unadulterated. When the Blue Flame’s pure energy is streaming throughout the balanced embodiment, the Mental connects through the Heart to a Higher-Consciousness, that connects to the Higher-Wisdom and Knowledge to all that is.  
Yellow/Golden Serves as the Source of the Sun and its Light teachings of the Real I am Self. It is Knowledge and Wisdom that Emanates Energy throughout the Entire Embodiment. It increases the Light from within with each breath you breathe. This Yellow/Gold Flame permeates perfection from the Heart Chakra and Connects to the Solar Plexus creating a Ladder of Living Light. As these 2 Wheels of Light emerge, one can begin to feel the Whole body, the Light or Diamond body being Activated, As Above, So Below. In this continual emergence, the Divine Wisdom flowing through the body continues to create and manifest a greater ability to learn, grow and develop the skills to obtain enlightenment. This Yellow/Gold Flame will guide you through life, assuring that the provisions given from the Divine, will be the Keys to open up many new door-ways, as you continue to travel the Path of Peace.
See yourself as a limitless being of Love and Light and of the Great Spirit. Our Spiritual Heart is the Threefold Flame. These Three Plumes are the Emanation of the Triple-powered Energy from the One Source. This Threefold Flame is also known as the Sacred Fire and in union ship to all that is. Feel the Warmth of this Sacred Fire rise through you, emanating the entire embodiment. Breathe in this Fires Synergy and Perfect Balance. See these Three colors merging and blending an Alchemical Mix of New Energy within. You are raising this Fire’s Flame through your Heart Center to now Connect to those of others. Here we are all connected, and these Rays of Light are Expanding and Extending from Heart to Heart, in a continuous movement of Ebb and Flow, Grace and Ease.    
Please start the meditation in a calm and relaxed state of being. Using Sage, Sweet Grass or Essential Oils in a Diffuser to cleanse your Space. If you have Rose Water, Spritz the area as well. 
Ask the Ego to be removed, as to Open as a Clear Channel for the Purest of Love being received. Take a deep Breath and fill your Heart Charka with this Living Light, and Exhale Love. 
Visualize this Threefold Flame in the Heart Chakra as an Altar of your Truest Existence. Begin your Breathing Exercises with regulated Inhales and Exhales, letting the Breath Breathe you. Every time your lungs Expand, expand even greater, filling and Illuminating Your Heart Center.
Begin Chanting out loud Om 3 x (this Heightens your Vibrational frequency)
Visualize each of the Three Flames in the colors Pink, Blue and Yellow. Begin to feel and see them Swirling, Interweaving and Encircling your Heart Center. Breathe.  
Let your Heart Speak to each Flame as it rises through you, with Conviction and Intention of your Self-Love, Self-Mastery and a Self-Knowing. While these Flames are Intensifying with each Breath, see these Plumes balance your entire being. 

Now it is time to Create your Intentions. Breathe in Light, Exhale Love. 
A few examples; maybe you want to Align yourself with your Angels and your Divine Mastery Plan? What do you want to release, what do you want to increase, where in your life do you have Imbalances, and what do you want to work on? Once you have placed your Intentions, please use this time to Breathe in and out from the Altar of this Sacred Space your Threefold Flame.
Stay in this space as long as needed during this Encoding of New Energy.
 When you are ready, please Chant out loud, I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am Christ Light, Christ Love Am I. (3x)
Next, visualize a beautiful Golden Sphere of White Light Pulsating and Permeating you. Breathe in this New Energy and let this Amazing Light Fill Your Entire Aura, Breathe. Your Whole-Body is being cleansed and nourished from this Threefold Flame to the Oneness our Same.
The Threefold Flame’s Energy is re-ignited by your Love and Peace, with each Breath you Breathe, you shall continue to house, hold and harness this New Energy breathing throughout your entire body. The 3-Plumes rising through you are of Unconditional Love, Wisdom and an Eternal Mastery from the Heart Center of your I Am Presence as an Essence and Energy of your Living Embodiment. 
Breathe in and Breathe out, allowing yourself to sit in this Magical and Magnificent Space as long as needed. 
When you feel you have finished this Meditation-Activation, close your Sacred Space with a Prayer, Mantra, Song, Silence or the following Decree.
I Am that I Am
I Am Light and Love of the Threefold Flame.
I Am continuing to Balance my Whole Being with each Breath I Breathe.
I Am Magnifying my Love through the Light of this Threefold Flame, in Source Oneness thy same. 
I Am Power, Wisdom and Love.
I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that LIGHT I Am.

In Love and Light,
Mary Martin

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