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Let it Go ~ Let it Flow

"Many of us are bound to so many things. We believe these things are necessary for our survival, our security, and our happiness. But many of these things, or more precisely, our beliefs about their utter necessity, are really obstacles for our joy and happiness” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Letting Go of what is hurting you, sometimes feels impossible to do. We go through so many Lessons, and these Lessons are to teach us and help free us from the Old Energy associated with this person, situation or problem. Repeating the past isn’t going to change it until You create a New outcome.  Otherwise, it will remain living in the Recycling Hologram in which it is being held. Holding onto an old Energy is an Extra load of Heaviness. If you are holding back or holding on, it may block and detour you through life itself. 

If one is consumed with worries, anger, sadness, sorrow, or emotional distress, the feelings will tend to linger on and drag us into an emotional bondage, and the spirit begins to dampen.

Holding on to negativity stops us from living in this Flow. After a while one grows heavy and tired. This type of luggage or blockage is an emotional energy. There is also a Material possession of luggage that can also block the flow of the natural and positive energy. If we are not able to Let Go and Let it Flow, we will continue to create the same repetitive patterns, becoming stuck and motionless. When we can’t stop thinking about a person or a situation that has created this negative block it is because you are Corded and Connected to this person or situation.
Discarding possessions of mental and material will organize the thoughts in a continual positive energy flow.  Creating an open and empty space, allows the emotional, mental and physical bodies to become balanced and more creative, innovative and allows one to begin to receive. 

De-cluttering reduces stress, and gives you more freedom and time. It also opens you up for a fresh new start. Letting Go creates space for good karma and energy to come into one’s life. Letting Go helps to create a positive energy field of existence. Letting Go of an old relationship or being laid off from a job, or holding on to emotional and material possessions, may create New Energy and a New FLOW to move one forward, to find new love, and flow into a new career and more.

You are Strong, You are Courageous, You are Ready and Able to Let it Go and Let it Flow. You’ve Got this, Your Angels are here to Support You, Guide You, and Be at Your Side the Entire Way.

Please Breathe in and Receive this Beautiful New Energy that the Angels are providing for you, right here, right now. You are already Smiling and Know that it is time to make the Choice to Change and Rearrange your Past. Remember, it is up to you, and You can do it. You’ve done it before and You can do it again. The Company of Heaven is at your Side and Cheering You on.

You Hold the Key to Your Life. Release the Chains that bind you, and Set yourself Free with this Magical Key of Alchemy. No one else can Control your thoughts or actions other than you. Please Breathe in and Receive this Beautiful New Energy that the Angels are providing for you, right here, right now. Your Shoulders are less heavy, your Body is not as tense, and you are meant to start this New Day in a New Way of living your Life in Happiness and Freedom. 

To help yourself Flow, please remember to create a space for daily mediation, quiet time, walking in nature, resting and addressing the negative situation head on. All of these exercises here within, will help you FLOW into the NEW YOU. Once the old has been cleared, you now have a Clean Canvas to Create the Brand New You. 

In Love and Light,
Mary Martin Medium  


I Am Choosing to Release and Set Free all Restrictions in my life that hold me back from my Fullest Potential.  I Relinquish any control over people, situations, or events that bind me, and I completely surrender to a greater outcome. I Am in the Flow of Life and I Am at Peace with each Breath I Breathe. I Choose to Create New and Positive Memories to Fill my Embodiments Existence. I Am that I Am, I Am that I Am, I Am that Light I Am.
And So, it is

Spiritual Guide

Ganesh is the Hindu Elephant Guide who will help assist in removing obstacles that stand in your way, blocking and stopping the energy of Flow. Ganesh opens the doorways, clears the path of your journey and helps one to keep a positive thought form, so that clear and positive energy may flow. Call upon Ganesh when starting new projects, searching for new careers, cleaning out material possessions, de-cluttering mental and more.

Flow from Your Heart

"Come from your heart; say what is in your heart to say.
Flow from your heart; live what is in your heart to do."

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo ~ Sat Kartar
An ancient yogic mantra which allows the chanter to relate instantly to the divine teacher within. 
Om Namo - Sat Kartar Kaur You Tube
Cutting the Cords

The Cord represents an Energetic tubing connecting two individuals or more together. This life-line can be of two energy fields, positive or negative.
Since this exercise is to help Let go, the following Visualization will help Cut the Cords of negative energy being held onto.
Close your eyes; visualize the person or situation you would like to be energetically released from. 
Take 3 deep inhales of breath, and exhale, opening your mouth and blowing the old breath into the Violet Flame with St. Germain.
Ask your guide Ganesh to remove the blockages and old energy that is being held onto to help open and clear the path. (You may be specific and speak out loud the name of person or situation being held on to)
Now visualize a Pair of Golden Scissors cutting the “cords” connected to you; literally take your hands as if you have a pair of these Golden Scissors of your own, and start cutting away. Cut these cords in front of your solar plexus, your mind, and throughout your auric field. Continue cutting until you feel energetically the cords are completely cut.  
As the cords are cut, now ask the “old energy” you have just cut away to be placed in a Golden Ball, and sent off into the Light of the Great Divine, and to be transmuted into a Golden Beam of Love and Forgiveness
Continue this exercise as long as needed, until your mental field is completely cleared from the person or situation that has caused a negative experience within you. Give self-gratitude and blessings.
Mary Martin Medium

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