~ Mary's Morning Message ~

Life is a Like a Teeter Totter
It has its Ups and Downs
~ Key of Balance

Living Life can sometimes be like a Teeter Totter, always trying to find Balance. In everyday life as humans, we try to find an "up-sided" frequency that can offer us a continuation of movement, poise and a perched stability in matters of business, career, partnership, family, decisions and prosperity. Though in reality, many situations may face us with these Teeter-Totter Ups and Downs.  Shall our life ONLY have an Up and not an Equal to the downside, life may become imbalanced.
Balance is a yin-yang two-sided complementary ebb and flow. "What goes up, must come down-what comes down, must go up"! Life is team work, for there will ALWAYS be an opposite in anything that occurs throughout life, as associated with another or situations. As yin-yang is the negative and positive, masculine and feminine, so is life itself.  It is a necessary component to remain equal, keep peace and be in accord.  As the two merge and blend same concepts of an equal balance, the forces in the universe will come to know a zero point that is in PERFECT harmony.
Balance is an axis of symmetry. We are in a vortex of flowing frequency in and out, up and down, side to side.  As we stay in Balance, the center point of this experience will help us gain compassion and communication in a community of wealth, health and a bridge held by an arch that opens a gateway of linear and eternal balance.
Opportunity ~
Profitable gain comes from hard work, dedication, spiritualism, personal grow, self-achievement, devotion and enthusiasm for what we seek to have. In the manifestation of bringing self-abundance, health and wealth, it will take an equal component to stabilize and balance this earned gain, or there shall be a loss. We have come many life times, evolved over and over to understand our Balance. Changing perspectives, becoming aware, being the initiate to teach others as you have learned. It isn't necessarily that one will spend every given minute of its life in balance, for this is how we grow, adapting through the changes and of one's behaviors.
Making choices, being fully aware, using your intelligence and integrity of this awareness will keep you in harmony and Balance. Knowing what is most important and prioritizing self with relationships, career and other, will obtain powerful alignment at a Balanced energy field that will sustain and gain a self-agreement and a fulfilled life.  As one integrates positive to any negative, they will find an equal to all situations in a value that is worth your abundance, health and welfare.
~ Standing Tall, Lifts one from an Imbalanced Fall ~
And so it is
Divine Motherly Blessings
Mary Martin

Mary is offering Private Phone or in Person Sessions to those wanting an Attunement- Activation and Alignment, in the assistance of finding Balance.
In this private Session, one is given Guidance, Mentorship, and Counsel to begin to Excel the Energy of this Experience to receive Balance. Mary is a Minister, Messenger and Medium, and as a Spiritual Receiver / Transmitter, she will offer in this Transmission, Coded-Activations to the embodiments System to release imbalances of self, career, family, outside influence, misunderstandings, lack of confidence, and/or anything that is assessed in the process of this Energy Experience.
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Om ~ Namaste
Yin Yang Balance-Genesis-The Conception by Mystic Machine