~ Mary’s Morning Message ~
You have come this life-time as a Teacher of Truth, bearing a Key to open a Gate of New Beginnings.    

May you be Silent to Hear the Words of the Divine through the Language of Light, allowing these Harmonics to Flow through you as a Channel of Pure Love. 

And as a Messenger of Peace, May you also be Brave enough to share these Words of Wisdom to help unlock it’s Past.   

Be set Free and take Flight from the Cage that Binds you, and allow your Voice to Sing the Songs of Sweet Celestial Intonements that are Intended to Be.

May Your Throat Chakra be Blessed and Enriched with the Gift of Song.

Mai Ki Ah ~ Mai Ki Ah ~ Mai Ki Ah

Mary Martin
Minister ~ Messenger ~ Medium

Spiritual Mastery Teacher-Healer 
Offering Transmissional-Teachings in the Keys of Self-Mastery, the I Am Presence and the Return of the Divine Feminine.

Do you Need Inspiration, Spiritual Guidance, Mediumship, Mentorship, a Muse, Energy to the Embodiment through Activations Upgrades, Chakra Balancing and / or More?  Please Contact me for Services and Session Availability.