January 2021

Martin Luther King Jr Day
Credit: Wisdom to Inspire
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would like to encourage everyone to keep moving forward and to do good. In light of the pandemic, many of us have been home. It can be easy to become stagnant and to lose hope. We would like to remind all of this inspiring quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We encourage everyone to take time for themselves as well as serve others with kindness. Let's all make today count as it is a day on not a day off.
Congratulations to Sameera Fazili for joining the Biden Administration!
Congratulations to Sameera Fazili on her appointment by President-Elect Biden to be the Deputy Director, National Economic Council!  The National Economic Council coordinates the economic policy-making process and provides advice to the US president.

 Sameera Fazili is also one of ISB's Influential Georgia Muslims. For more information on Fazili’s appointment, click here.
Deadline Extended for the ISBLI – Apply for the Class of 2021!

The third annual ISB Leadership Institute (ISBLI) is scheduled to  begin March 2021. 

ISBLI can be your opportunity to become part of a cadre of civic leaders who create positive and constructive changes within our community.  As one alum said, “Unparalleled professional networking, exceptional access to leaders, and unmatched caliber of trainings are the hallmarks of ISBLI. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime that awaits those bold enough to level up their skills alongside driven, supportive colleagues.”

Applications are being accepted now through February 21, 2021. More information and the application are available on ISB’s website: www.isbatlanta.org.
About ISB: ISB is one of Atlanta’s most visible and successful community-building organizations. Our goal is to be a resource for faith and civic cooperation that promotes understanding and inclusion and that fights bigotry through education and collaboration. To request a virtual presentation or workshop, click here.