This Clivia came to live at our house in VH about 25 years ago. Prior to that, she/it resided in the Tashmoo Farm House. It was Elsie's Clivia. For as long as I can remember, Elsie and her friend Libby lived and took care of all the horses at Tashmoo Farm. Our daughter, Natasha, considered Tashmoo Farm her main residence since 4th grade along with some other schoolmates. Elsie and her friend Libby served tea and biscuits every day to the young and old who came to help take care of the horses and ride.
Libby passed away and a few years later it was time for Elsie to move to Woodside Village. The Clivia was among some of the Farmhouse mementos Natasha was given. Elsie passed away not long after her move. So that was easily 25 years ago. Most likely the Clivia is at least 30 or more years old.
- Story submitted by Wiet Bacheller;
Photo credit to Barbara Reynolds