Dear Marshall Community,

As we close out this remarkable year, I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone. This year has been filled with both triumphs and challenges, yet through it all, we stood Marshall Strong.

We faced difficult times together, from enduring a tragic car accident and coping with a loss in our community to navigating financial hardships. Your unwavering support and generous spirit enabled us to help those in need. We came together to lift up our community, proving that we can rely on one another even in the most challenging times.

Your incredible support has been the driving force behind our successes. World Heritage Night was a resounding triumph, and I relished the opportunity to savor the diverse cuisines that showcased the rich cultures within Marshall High School. Our hospitality events were a testament to your generosity, providing our dedicated faculty and staff with delectable food, snacks, and beverages.

We also celebrated a memorable Homecoming Dance and Prom. Thanks to your contributions, we supported numerous students, organized enriching field trips, provided teachers with the necessary supplies to make their lessons more engaging, and so much more. Your donations to the Marshall Market ensured that those facing food insecurity were cared for. Additionally, your support helped seniors with yearbook purchases, prom tickets, graduation fees, and more. Our Baccalaureate (Senior Reflection Night) and All Night Grad Celebration was a phenomenal success, providing our seniors with a memorable evening of games, food, fellowship, and lasting memories. 

We also took the time to honor the outstanding contributions of individuals within our community. Congratulations to Kristine Elsener, our Teacher of the Year; Gardner Humphreys and Frances Wilson, our Staff Members of the Year; and Maria Regina Garcia Garcia, the senior student who received the Debbie Witherow Award.

A special thank you goes to all those who served on one of the PTSA committees. We could only have accomplished this with the many hands that helped us throughout the year.

Thank you for making this year fabulous. We look forward to seeing you all at Statesmen Start on August 15th. Have a great summer!

With gratitude,

Julie Lubbe - President

Elizabeth Keegan - Vice President

Elizabeth Sughrue - Secretary

Christine Neville - Treasurer

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