April’s Here: Get Your (Marketing) Umbrellas Ready!

“April showers bring May flowers…” and if you’ve got rain on the brain, it might be time to talk about using a different type of umbrella: the kind that helps you organize your marketing efforts.

Let’s say that you have an event coming up, like launching your new popcorn flavor at the National Movie Snacks Conference. To prepare for this opportunity, create umbrellas under which you’ll group the work that needs to get done. 

Umbrellas that can keep you organized might include:
  • Budget (“Where should the money be allocated?”)
  • Talent (“Who will be responsible for each step?”)
  • Channels (“What needs to be done for onsite versus online outreach?”)

One popular approach is to create time-bound umbrellas, such as:
  • One year out (what needs to be done or considered)
  • 6 months out
  • One month prior to launch
  • Launch day 
  • Post-event work (following up with new leads

Or, you might want to establish umbrellas that group task types:
  • Meetings to be scheduled
  • Content to be created
  • Design elements needed
  • Digital assets to use

Perhaps more importantly, the umbrellas will serve as templates for future product launches and conferences. Creating umbrellas is helpful when rain — or a big event — is imminent, but it’s even more valuable as an investment in expediting future work.

Whether you group the work according to boxes, buckets, or umbrellas, the most important thing to understand is that this is an aspect of project management that keeps your team organized (on the same page) and agile (empowered to move forward as easily as possible).

For guidance as to which umbrella approach might best suit your company or specific campaigns, schedule a consultation with the team at Mad 4 Marketing. We’ve got you covered.
Laura and Kerry were pleased to sponsor and attend the BCMA International Women's Day event held at the Riverside Hotel. This event honored women physicians and women attorneys in Broward County. What a powerhouse of knowledge and positivity!
We had so much fun celebrating Monica's wedding! The beautiful event was a perfect collaboration with some of our favorite clients, with The Riverside Hotel hosting and a delicious cake by New River Cafe & Bakery!

Congratulations, Monica! We wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness!
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