March is all about celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. But when the shamrocks and festive green neckties and socks get put away for another year, that doesn’t mean marketers should box up the notion of “luck” and what it can mean to customers and clients.

There are many ways to make customers and clients feel lucky to be part of your brand experience all year round. 

Those include:

  • Discounts and sales. People always feel lucky when they get to save a little extra money or take advantage of a great deal. For example, shopping for a raincoat and seeing a pop-up that umbrellas are 50% off (if bought together). This eliminates the sense of randomness to luck—empowering people to feel good about making their own smart choices at checkout.
  • Those little “extras.” Sometimes all it takes is sending a handwritten note, a sticker, a magnet, or even a free T-shirt. When customers receive something unexpected from a company they like, it makes them feel lucky.
  • Expressions of gratitude. When companies share gratitude toward customers, subscribers, members, and so forth, those individuals feel lucky that they’ve chosen to affiliate with a thoughtful brand that appreciates not only their dollars but their loyalty.

“Luck” is a powerful notion that makes it feel like the world is conspiring to connect people with the things they want or need. That’s very much what excellent marketing does! 

That’s why, long after the Ides of March roll by, we encourage you to consider keeping one four-leaf clover decoration around to inspire big ideas that will make your customers and clients feel lucky with you—always.
We had a productive month attending community events.

Kerry and Laura enjoyed attending the PRSA event held at the Nova Southeastern University Guy Harvey Oceanographic Center Facility. It was
a great venue to learn about how NSU tackles social media in the higher
education space. Very informative!

Chris and Laura enjoyed attending the 62nd Annual Economic Forecast Breakfast, along with Broward Mayor Lamar Fisher, Water Taxi CEO Bill Walker, and Public Information Officer for the City of Hallandale Beach, Kisha Eugene.

Monica and Laura also had a great time at the Leader's Luncheon at Maison du Crab with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce and enjoyed a lively business and social media discussion.
We are so excited to announce that our illustration campaign for Water Taxi won an Addy Award from the South Florida chapter of the American Advertising Federation!

We have had fun with this one and have more illustrations coming this year.

Take a look at the winning campaign!
March is Women's History Month. As a female-led team, Mad 4 Marketing celebrates women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.
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