Almost 2022? How Is That Possible?!

The decorative gourds are everywhere, we’re starting to stash gift boxes, and a few people have asked us what we’re doing for New Year’s Eve.

But that seems impossible, because it feels like this year is just getting started! Aren’t we only a few months into 2021? Wasn’t it just 2020? How is time suddenly moving so fast?

If it helps, you should know that your clients and customers are probably feeling the exact same way. They might feel an urgency to get everything done that they haven’t gotten around to yet.

What does that potentially mean for you, from a marketing and business perspective?

Cashing out: It might mean that they need to use up the rest of their department’s spending budget, which could be an opportunity for you. Reach out and see if there are any last-minute needs that your clients and customers have. Be ready to make a few suggestions and perhaps even offer year-end deals.

Competitive spends: This can also mean a sudden rush to buy up traditional and digital ad spaces. If companies want to dump the rest of their budget into ad spend (let’s say they want to do more paid ads on social media), then you’re going to have to get more competitive in those spaces as well—or else pause your ads altogether. Take a moment to review your investments, evaluate the landscape, and decide where you want to either conserve cash or amp up your messaging to really stand out.

Sending thanks: It might also mean investing in elaborate year-end thank-you gifts. Professionals might want to ensure that their partners understand the meaningfulness of their relationships, even if they didn’t get as much attention as they would in a “normal” year. Depending on which side of the conversation you’re on, you might want to think about sending out something clever that helps you stand out. Or you might want to think about positioning your products and services as the perfect thank-you present for other people to purchase.

These are just a few ideas on how to make the most of that end-of-year urgency we all feel. We’re happy to help you customize your opportunities based on your industry, ongoing strategy, and the competitive landscape.

Let us know how we can help you optimize the remaining weeks of 2021.
Mad 4 Our Clients
The ever popular Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (better known as FLIBS) was back in town this past weekend for their 62nd annual event! Mad 4 Marketing was proud to be a part of the action as we worked behind the scenes to assist several of our clients.

There was never a dull moment with tasks ranging from trade show booth graphics, photoshoots, social media, digital ad campaigns, and spreading general awareness about the event. A huge shoutout to Water Taxi for providing safe and efficient transportation service. And a huge thank you to all of our clients who participated and helped this event to be a success!
Mad 4 Our Community
Our very own Chris Madsen was excited to be a part of the new sign unveiling at Birch State Park! Chris serves as the President on the Board of Friends of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. Together, the Board helped in raising funds for this sign to promote the park to locals and visitors alike. Great work Chris and the rest of the Board!

In Our Blog
We’ve taken part in a lot of conversations about how the pandemic is shifting shopping trends. Some of the changes were obvious and undeniable. Others were temporary or speculative. 

Now, it’s over a year since the pandemic significantly changed people’s habits and their ways of thinking. It’s a great time to revisit perception, surveys, and more.
In our previous post, we shared some insights about how e-commerce trends have changed during the first year of the pandemic. Consumers are not only continuing to shop online, but they’re also now likely to embrace digital discounts and e-coupons. In more.