Do 'Business Resolutions' Make Sense?
At the end of 2022, your team set aside time to look at the year ahead: budget, strategy, goals. You likely created spreadsheets, charts, and calendars to get a big-picture view of 2023. 

With that finalized, is there any reason to add one more thing, like…New Year’s Resolutions?

We say YES. Here’s why…

Sometimes, when it comes to end-of-year planning, we become very pragmatic. We forget to leave room for sheer optimism and ambition! For example, you might want to spend more time bonding with your team in 2023. But is there a place for it on any of your formal planning documents? You might also privately hope to add five new accounts to your roster…but you only wrote three into the spreadsheet that holds you accountable, to ensure you hit 100%!

So you keep those secret ambitions in the back of your mind. But here’s the thing: When it’s not written down, with no reminders, it can slip off the radar. Soon, it’s back to business as usual…

Personally, we prefer to say NO to the status quo. 

That’s why, every January, Mad 4 Marketing encourages the team to come together and blue-sky some resolutions: big and small, realistic and fantastical, personal and professional.

(Bonus: You can even consider this one of your quarterly team bonding activities!)

As marketers, we’re masters of balancing the logical, data-driven approach to business with a more creative, innovative approach. This balance allows us to dream big—and then push ourselves to make those dreams come true. We know that when we limit ourselves to pragmatism, it can limit what we’re capable of accomplishing. 

For ideas on how to merge this annual brainstorming project with planned business outcomes, ask us for insights from our 30-year tradition of being Mad 4 New Year’s Resolutions!
The Downtown Fort Lauderdale Rotary Club conducts a yearly toy drive organized by Linda Cooke. President Christine Madsen enjoyed being part of the team delivering toys to Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies.

Definitely a memorable occasion and exactly what the Holidays are about!
Mad 4 Marketing team retreat! We had a great time laughing, eating, exploring, sharing stories, and playing games in the middle of a beautiful nature preserve.

We're all about maintaining a strong team bond, cultivating our company culture, and having fun!

Stacey Patrone is one of our adjunct team members who specializes in voiceovers. Her latest project was as the voice of Ivona, the star of the award-winning videogame, “The Last Days of Lazarus” (2022).

She comes to us from the Walt Disney Company.

Stacey has helped us with voiceovers for clients like BurgerFi, Water Taxi, and The Riverside Hotel.

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