Get Noticed on Social Media: The Follow Factor
You probably have a few social media accounts on the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Maybe you have Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. And you might have a regular posting schedule with some good, steady content that makes sense for your brand. Now, you’re working on building your following. Does that sound about right?

Here’s what you’re probably missing: The Follow Factor.

This means that it’s time to stop focusing on your posts and redirect your attention to following other people. Because some clients and customers will wonder what you care about and explore the accounts you’re following—your friends, affiliates, and interests. 

These 'followed' accounts can reflect your values and priorities. For example:

  • Are they all business-related? Do you have any interests outside of profit/success?
  • Are you hyper-regional? Do you have a preferred sports team? Grocer? Radio station?
  • Are they only influencers or partners of yours—like for like? 
  • Do you follow any people back who follow you, like loyal customers and clients who regularly engage with your account? Are you actually building relationships with them—or is it a one-way street?

The accounts you follow can demonstrate some extra brand personality. KFC famously only followed 11 people, including the Spice Girls and five men named Herb. This reflected their secret recipe…and their famous sense of humor.

Once you expand on your approach to following accounts, it’s time to actually show up and engage with them. “Like” posts—and start conversations in the comment sections of the accounts you follow. People will see your brand engaging and start recognizing your presence in the spaces they also care about. This means you have a real, dynamic brand identity that they can form a relationship with through your social media channels, and you move further and further away from the dreaded megaphone style of social media posting.

We love meeting our clients where they are and helping them take the next step forward with creative and thoughtful insights. For a consultation about your current social media strategy, give us a ring—or a ping—anytime.
Junior Achievement Fellows Program

We are excited to be mentoring the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School again this year for the JA Fellows Program! In this program, students gain real-world business experience by conceptualizing, capitalizing, and managing their own small businesses. This year's student-run company, 4Paws, developed a Paw Pouch that holds everything you need to take your dog for an outing. They are on their way to reaching and exceeding their initial sales goals and learning a lot in the process. 

Click here to buy yours!
Broward Health 85th Anniversary
Congratulations to Broward Health as they are celebrating 85 years of individualized care for the people who call South Florida home.
Mad 4 Marketing is kicking off another awesome year of national media planning and buying for Andy's Frozen Custard, with over 100 locations across the country!

We love working with the company-owned stores and many of their Franchisees on the strategy, planning, and placement of their TV and Radio advertising.

To see one of their TV commercials, click here. But warning! That jingle will get stuck in your head! 🙂
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