*Event pictured here was held outdoors with proof of full vaccination status required to attend.
Happy September! 

We made it through a steamy August, back to school, a Delta surge, a last min Zoom with our Central TX Reps and our first in person event. Yeah team! But we also faced a stark reminder of why the work we do is so important with the enactment of 666 mainly heinous bills in Texas last week. We were also however reminded just how special our community is in how we were able to support each other through the heartbreaking initial days after SCOTUS failed to intervene on the heartbeat bill. 

Our first in person event since Covid with Speaker Pelosi was truly a living embodiment of our group’s culture. It was made possible by the contributions from so many people from the initial inspiration, to the planning and execution, to our members’ incredible generosity in so many ways. This was our single largest donor event to date raising an incredible $108,950!!! 

We are beyond grateful for the member enthusiasm, the leadership of the Executive Committee and could not be more proud of the I2E community spirit that has been incredible to witness during these challenging times. Women are amazing. Period. 

We will finish the year with a bang with two more national events, one Texas event and a member educational meeting. Members are as always welcome to invite friends to attend events with the minimum donation required to attend and as long as they are accompanied by a member.

Covid protocols will remain in place with all in person events taking place outside and full vaccination status as a requirement to attend.


Thursday, September 9th at 1:00 CST  
Special guest will be Iowa U.S. Senate candidate, Abby Finkenauer.
Her EWA created bio may be found HERE
Please RSVP directly to electing.women@gmail.com so that they know whom to expect on the call.


Tuesday, October 4th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm - U.S. Senate Candidate for Florida - Representative Val Demmings

Wednesday, October 13th from 7:00 - 8:30 pm - U.S Senator Raphael Warnock

November - Harris County Judge Lina Hildago. Details TBC shortly.


Ellen Temple - Ellen is longtime Austin resident currently living in Lufkin and mother to I2E member Hannah Temple. Her thoughts to share are, “So many of us are trying to find a way to make a difference in the political arena. Austin Women Invest to Elect gives us hope and is a great opportunity to make a difference.”

Jane Henderson - Friend and neighbor of I2E member Lynne Dobson. Some of you met Jane at the 9/2 event. Thank you for giving her a warm welcome! We are excited to have you join us! 

Wendy Davis - Previous State Senator, U.S. House candidate and founder of Deeds Not Words. Wendy “Believes in doing all we can to advance progressive policies at the state and federal level. An important part of that for me has been my own political involvement as a candidate and officeholder. Now, I’m trying to help others achieve their potential to serve as office holders as well.”


Many have asked for information on organizations that are leading the fight against the egregious attacks on Women’s Reproductive Rights, and for the TX organizations that are in the best immediate place to support women in need. This is a suggested list for your consideration not intended as an exhaustive list.

Leading the legal fight- Center for Reproductive Rights
Largest TX provider - Planned Parenthood  
Texas abortion funds:
Joint fund for multiple organizations - including several above 

Non-I2E Events Held/Chaired By Members

Sept 25th, 5:30 - 7:00 Event for U.S House Rep GA- 6 Lucy McBath at the home of Wendy Davis - 620 Blanco Street, Austin, TX 78703. I2E Members are welcome to attend with any donation amount even if not at sponsorship level. RSVP

Sept 25th, 11:00 am CST - Annie’s List Annual Fundraiser featuring guest speakers Brooke Baldwin and Jennifer Palmieri. In-person tables sold out - virtual tickets

Thanks for reading all the way through this jam-packed newsletter. We certainly still have a lot of work to do this year! But now to end with some FUN, check out the incredible photos from the event last week taken by our amazing and talented member Casey Chapman-Ross!! (Downloads are included; prints can be purchased through the gallery.)
Password: AustinI2ESept
Download code: 1536

With continued WELL wishes and gratitude-

Elizabeth and Laura

Executive Committee members:
Casey Chapman Ross, Beth Falcone, Karen Meyer, Karyn Scott, Kelly Dixon, Mary Anna Paul, Stacy Alexander, Hannah Temple, Laura Rose Wilson, Tanya Payne, Nan McRaven, Helen Bryan, Laura Cho, Lizza Harrison, Meena Vendal, Pooja Sethi, Amy Brown, Yael Ouzillou, Susan Blount, Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray

Group and Committee Chairs:
I2E Co-Chairs 2021 - Laura Hernandez and Elizabeth Bray
Candidate Co-Chairs- Lizza Harrison (EWA) and Pooja Sethi (Texas)
Membership Co-Chairs-  Beth Falcone and Kelly Dixon
Events Co-Chairs- Amy Brown and Tanya Payne
Finance Chair- Susan Blount
Governance Chair- Laura Scanlan Cho
Communications Chair- Casey Chapman Ross