Per tradition, July’s newsletter starts or ends with these words, “I am proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free. And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me. And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today. Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land. God bless the USA.” Please take a moment to cherish our country, personal freedoms and the sacrifices made by our family, friends and neighbors. Wishing you life’s goodness and safe enjoyment of your celebrations and activities.

As part of the ABM Capital Improvement Plan, staff has been working on the Alamitos Bay Sign and Wayfinding program. Signage will reflect the City-wide wayfinding standards. We have carefully selected locations and signs that direct the public to the various retail and restaurants within Basin 1, 2 and 3, along with delineating boat owner parking as restricted parking. Signage will be installed mid-July. Please email or call with issues or concerns once these are in place, our goal is to make navigation through our lots easier.

We understand that restriping and changing the paths of travel throughout Basin 1, 2 and 3 parking lots, is a necessity. In 2018, both LAZ Parking and RJM Design Group were asked to analyze traffic flow and provide feedback. Each proposed plan contains pros and cons. In general, the plans propose a mix of 45°and 90° parking spaces, eliminate trash and oil recycling stations and add several trees. For those of us that call this home, we understand that trash bins and oil recycling stations are a necessity. Additionally, EV stations have become a necessity that was not considered in the proposals. In the coming months we will revisit the restriping and path of travel issues.

For the inquiring minds out there who will ask, why are you spending money on wayfinding now? Why not wait until you complete the restriping? Aren’t you wasting money? The short answer, time and money. Traffic flow changes will require the demolition of tree wells, relocation of trees, and relocation of trash enclosures. Changes which introduce code and permit requirements. Wayfinding will help with some of the current concerns.

You are probably wondering why there has been radio silence with regards to the Alamitos Bay Marina Parking Management Plan. Feedback provided by various groups and individuals resulted in a “reset.” The first step involves updating parking occupancy counts. Walker Consultants will tentatively conduct parking counts on July 21 (Thursday), July 23 and 24 (Saturday/Sunday), August 4 (Thursday), August 6 and 7 (Saturday/Sunday), September 15 (Thursday) and September 17 and 18 (Saturday/Sunday). If you see individuals wandering around with clipboards or asking where you are parking, more than likely these are Walker employees.

Until Next Time,

Elvira Hallinan
Manager, Marinas and Beaches
Marina Offices are open and accepting new vessel permit applications. To keep you and our staff safe from COVID-19 we are continuing window service at ABM and Shoreline offices. Note – Many requests can be readily handled by phone or email. 

On April 20, 2022 new fire extinguisher regulations went into effect. All disposable fire extinguishers will now be required to have a manufacturer stamped 12-year expiration date. If you have a disposable fire extinguisher on board older than twelve years remove the extinguisher from service. When purchasing a new extinguisher look for the MARINE TYPE – USCG APPROVED label.

July 4th Holiday REMINDER - Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol (BUI) is illegal. The legal limit for operating a boat is .08% blood alcohol level, the same as the limit for driving under the influence (DUI). In many cases, you’re considered legally drunk even if you only feel “buzzed.” You could reach .08% level with less drinks if you’ve taken certain medications, haven’t eaten, are dehydrated or have a metabolism that doesn’t process alcohol efficiently. Penalties for boating under the influence can include large fines; jail time; loss of operating privileges for your boat, car or both; financial restitution for damages or injuries; felony conviction; and completion of an alcohol program or boating safety course.

We experienced a rare Thunderstorm event in late June. Consider the following lightning safety tips for boaters:

Before you go - Check the weather forecast. Use your local TV weather station and the internet. NOAA Weather Radio also makes special alerts on VHF channels 1-9.
Listen to the National Weather Service’s credo – “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”
If caught on the water – drop anchor, disconnect power to electronics, and sit low in your vessel away from electrical items or metal features. 

Unauthorized commercial activity is ILLEGAL IN LONG BEACH – Please do not engage in unauthorized commercial activity at, on or near Long Beach Marinas property. Violators can and will be cited and punished to the full extent of applicable law. Reminder – Unauthorized Commercial activity will put your slip permit in jeopardy of cancellation.

In July the Earth will be the farthest it will get from the Sun for the entire year. On July 4 the sun will be only 94,509,598 miles away. In August the Perseid meteor shower will be at its most visible the 11th to the 13th.
The Marine Bureau conducted its annual Spring Boat Auction on the morning of Saturday, May 21. Led by Kimarie Vestre, Marina Supervisor in charge of Alamitos Bay our staff worked diligently throughout the week to prepare a total of 52 vessels and other assorted marine accessories for the auction sale.

However, a successful auction does not start one week in advance. It takes months of planning and coordination across our entire Marine Bureau, Marine Patrol and Marine Safety units. In the days leading up to the Auction a dance of towed vessels takes place. Every boat for sale makes its way from Shoreline Marina and parts of Alamitos Bay to the Harbormaster’s Dock. Then an on-water jigsaw puzzle is solved with the strategic placement of each vessel making just enough room for all to be viewed.

Operations staff then get to work with the help of Beach and Marine Maintenance. They pick-up, haul and place every small craft, kayak, paddleboard and sabot in viewing order on dry land. Once all the heavy lifting is complete the excitement is set to begin. At our Boat Auctions the Marine Bureau is grateful for the presence of Vic Moraila. His Auctioneer skills are second to none and he is a thrill to watch perform his craft. With the help of Vic’s tremendous auctioneer ability the Marine Bureau was able to sell 46 of 52 vessel items set for auction on May 21.

Boat Auctions are an integral part of our Marina process. They allow us to turnover property inventory and provide an affordable opportunity for first time boaters to access recreational boating. Be on the look out for information about our Fall 2022 Boat Auction.
The Public Works Department will perform an updated parking inventory study in the Alamitos Bay area (Landing Lot, Basins 1, 2, and 3, Fuel Dock Rd and internal Marina Drive) to obtain parking occupancy counts and turnover data across all parking lots.

The occupancy and turnover counts will be conducted early summer, peak summer and after summer (shoulder season) for a total of 12 study days. The counts will be conducted hourly from 7am-9pm over a 14-hour window.

The first set of counts are anticipated to take place in June on (1) weekday, (1) Saturday, and (1) Sunday. The second and third counts are anticipated to take place in late July and/or early August for (2) weekdays, (2) Saturdays, and (2) Sundays. The final counts are expected to take place after Labor Day for (1) weekday, (1) Saturday, and (1) Sunday.
The study will utilize Mobile Camera License Plate Reader’s (LPR) supported by two field technicians scanning at hourly intervals. The method of collection results in a more accurate data set and would allow for post-processing and data analysis. Prior studies conducted could not provide turnover data.
In its June meeting the Marine Advisory Commission selected a new Chair and Vice Chair. With the nomination and confirmation of Colin Kelly, Chairperson and Jo Murray, Vice Chairperson the MAC is entering a new era with new leadership at the helm.

The confirmations of Kelly and Murray were necessary to replace the outgoing Mark Turpin and Dr. Thomas Mayes, both of whom had reached their Commission term limit. Turpin and Mayes had served as MAC Chair and Vice Chair since being confirmed to the posts in June of 2020.

Turpin and Dr. Mayes both joined the MAC in 2014. Turpin joined the Executive Committee as Vice Chair in 2018 and was followed in that role by Dr. Mayes in 2020 when Turpin moved into the Chair role. Also present for the June meeting was past Chairperson David Thornburg. Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place at the end of Thornburg’s term we were unable to provide him a proper send-off. Thornburg joined the MAC in 2012 and served on the Executive Committee as Vice Chair then Chair from 2015 through June 2020.

Turpin, Dr. Mayes and Thornburg were instrumental in the modernization of the Long Beach Marinas through many projects since 2012 including: The Alamitos Bay Marina Dock Rebuild, Rebuilding of the Beach Restrooms, Reconstruction of Shoreline Marina Fuel Dock, Completion of the Underground Storage Tank Improvement Project for the ABM fueling facility, New beach pedestrian path, Downtown Fitness Loop, at 160 E. Shoreline Drive, a 4.8-mile path with distance markers, Naples Seawall Project – Phase 2, and so much more.

We thank these gentlemen for their service to the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Marinas community. We also congratulate Commissioners Colin Kelly and Jo Murray on their appointments to the Executive Committee as Chair and Vice Chair.
We are excited to introduce Robert Treadway as our newest Equipment Operator in our Beach Maintenance Division. Although Robert is new to Beach maintenance, he began his career with the City of Long Beach working for the Port of Long Beach, Harbor Department in 2018. He was hired on as a Maintenance Assistant III, responsible for performing duties such as traffic control and emergency response along with dock and road maintenance. While Robert worked at the Harbor Department, he took the initiative to obtain a Class A Commercial Driver’s License along with his crane certification and a certified boater’s card. He has experience working on heavy equipment and we look forward to utilizing his skill here at Beach Maintenance.
Robert will be tasked with operating our submarine sweeper which cleans our bike and pedestrian paths, our Tennant sweeper for the inner-bay sidewalks, front-end loader for filling dump trucks with sand at the Peninsula berm fortification as well as operating dump trucks and tractors for cleaning the beach.
In Robert’s free time he enjoys spending time with his wife and their 4 kids. Robert also likes restoring Schwinn bikes, working on classic cars and coaching T-ball. Robert’s favorite sport is baseball where he roots for the Cleveland Guardians. Let’s give Robert a warm welcome to the Marine Bureau.
Over the two-month period of April and May, Marine Patrol officers were dispatched to 737 calls for service. They initiated almost 4,600 targeted patrols which include directed patrols in a specific area, dock-walks, field investigations, and scheduled openings and closings. Officers took enforcement action on 17 occasions where a misdemeanor violation took place and wrote approximately 300 citations overall. The majority of the citations issued were for vehicles illegally parking in areas designated for boat owners.

It is Summer season and each year Marine Patrol collaborates with the City’s Public Works department to affect the seasonal closure of Bay Shore Avenue. This seasonal street closure is governed under section 10.38.100 of the Long Beach Municipal Code. Bay Shore Avenue is closed during the week of Spring Vacation and between June 15th and September 15th. Please be aware the area is closed to vehicular traffic between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM daily.

We’re ramping up bicycle patrol - In an effort to increase the safety of marina patrons over the busy summer months, the Marine Patrol Detail will be fielding additional bicycle patrols within our area of operation. The hours and days of the patrols will mostly take place on the weekends but are designed to be fluid and will vary to meet operational needs. Bicycle patrols provide Marine Patrol officers a unique ability to navigate the marinas in ways that they can not in a vehicle. The bikes also allow Patrol to cover a much greater area than if they were on foot. Keep an eye out for our officers in the coming months and be sure to say hello when you see them!