wW. Price category? Wheelchair symbol? Or both?

When you are building seating plans in Wintix, the letter W is used to show the seat is for patrons in wheelchairs and small w indicates the seat is for their companion.

You may also know the W and w can be used as price categories. That can get a bit confusing for your box office if they see a W (w) on a chart and don't know if it's a wheelchair seat or the price code for that seat.

We recommend you NOT use the W (w) as a price code if you have ADA seating, but you can

 reportMake your Single Performance Reports shorter to print out

Although this trick works in Wintix 5, this is especially for those who are now using Wintix 6. Because of changes in the format of Single Performance Reports, these reports can be hundreds of pages long if you print them out.

selltixHow to sell tickets for a group renting your facility
Wintix makes it easy to be able to rent your space to another group and sell tickets to their event. 

The key is using your Event Types and GL Codes. You are already using those to make reporting even easier and more effective, right? Riiiight?


... Especially your lovely Webtix page. It can look even more awkward on IE than the dude in this picture who looks like he won the ugly sweater contest.

seatsNeed to add more seats to your seating plan? 

Is your show selling like gangbusters and you need to add more seats to the house and your seating plan?

Wintix will not allow you to change the dimensions of a seating plan that is already being used to sell tickets. But you CAN add seats to empty spaces already in the seating plan.

If that option doesn't work, you can create a new seating plan with the extra seats, attach it to the show, and use the multi-chart function. Learn more about that here.

If reading those Help Desk posts makes your head swim, just give us a call. We're here to help.

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