Community Newsletter | March 2023

Rainbow Days celebrates springtime JOY by spending as much time with the youth we serve as possible. What is your favorite springtime activity or memory? Who did you spend it with? We hope you see the many opportunities to spread joy and to #HelpKidsRise this spring and in this edition of eConnetion!


26th Annual Pot of Gold Luncheon

Keynote Speaker: Coach Ken Carter

Help Rainbow Days celebrate 41 years of service at our 26th annual Pot of Gold Luncheon!

There is just over 1 month left to reserve your sponsorship or seats for Rainbow Days 26TH Annual Pot of Gold Luncheon. Each year, Rainbow Days Pot of Gold Luncheon inspires guests with a motivating keynote speaker, fantastic silent auction and heartwarming stories. Through sponsorships, ticket sales, donations and auction, patrons raise over $300,000 to benefit the mission and programs of Rainbow Days. Will you please join us in making a difference in the lives of over 9,000 children and youth through your support of the 2023 Pot of Gold Luncheon?

Rainbow Days is thrilled to welcome Coach Ken Carter, the inspiration behind the hit movie, Coach Carter, as our Pot of Gold keynote speaker! He is a successful author, speaker and philanthropist who continues his message of teamwork, accountability, integrity and leadership through speaking to over one million people all over the globe. You will not want to miss Coach’s message of tough love and mentorship, as well as hard-hitting advice on how to succeed both on and off the court.

Purchase your Seats Today - $200 per person.

Bronze Sponsor - $2,000

  • One table of 10 Select Seating

Silver Sponsor - $3,500

  • One table of 10 Preferred Seating
  • Two invitations to the patrons party
  • Named recognition – program, event signage, website and social media platforms

Gold Sponsor - $5,000

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Platinum Sponsor - $10,000

  • Two tables of 10 (20 total seats) Premium Seating
  • Ten invitations to the patrons party
  • Framed artwork from Rainbow Days student
  • Prominent logo recognition – invitation, program, event signage, and feature on website and in social media platforms

BIG thanks to our generous sponsors of this year's luncheon!

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Community Connection Spotlight:

The Importance of Mental Health of All of Our Youth.

Our Community Connection team recently hosted a mental health fair at Youth Village Juvenile Detention Center. Our Behavior Health Specialists had stations with various activities, conversation topics, and goodies revolving around the importance of mental health and healthy choices. Our facilitators met children ages 10-17 who were spending at least three to six months at Youth Village. With barbed wire fences, security gates and correctional officers, 10-17-year-old youth with a consistent "Yes ma'am, No sir" attitude might not be the first thing that comes to your mind. 

Our mental health fair topics included: positive coping skills, stress and anger management, how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way, daily decisions, choosing to change and more. 

All the youth Rainbow Days serves are in adversity and facing strenuous or traumatic circumstances. A Rainbow Days message that helps address these situations is "Choosing to Change," which allows a child outline what their situation is, what they would like to change, what they do have control over, what they do not possess control over, what they will choose to do to make a positive change. This station resonated with many of the children at Youth Village. 

Each group of kids we encountered was engaged, responsive and simply wanted an adult to care about their future. These youth were surprised when Rainbow Days Facilitators asked questions about their future plans, mental health and how they were truly doing. Multiple replied, "Why do you care? I just met you." When our adults responded with encouraging words of how they are important and their future can be very bright, there were many looks of surprise and confusion. 

One high school student stood out in specific. While the young boys crowded in groups to each station, he walked alone. Once he arrived at our "Choosing to Change" station, and our facilitator asked if he wanted to begin by himself, he shared, "Yes, I am alone... I am always alone." He was engaged in each word our facilitator was saying about mental health, the power of our daily choices, how to cope with heavy feelings and how he can build a positive future. This high schooler thanked each adult for taking the time to talk to him. 

After we left, this high school student shared that he now wanted to give therapy a chance. He shared, "Maybe if each of those adults in there actually believes in my future and that I can change and grow, then maybe it is true." This high schooler told his probation officer that he is now willing to go to therapy and that he wants to "grow and change." Authority figures at the detention center informed Rainbow Days Facilitators that this was the first time he had engaged with an adult in three months and that he had refused therapy for his entire stay at Youth Village.

This young high school student reflected the purpose and mission of Rainbow Days, that one adult can be a difference maker in a child's life. That there is the power for one adult to change the life and future of a child. 

Family Connection Spotlight:

A Day at the Aquarium: Stingrays, Reptiles & More

The Children's Aquarium at Fair Park was recently visited by a very special group of guests: 45 homeless children and youth living in local motels and transitional living sites joined student mentors from Texas A&M University's MSC Spencer Leadership Program for a day of fun, mentorship and one-of-a-kind experiences with aquatic animals. 

Wonder-filled eyes and smiling faces filled the Aquarium as the kids in attendance had the rare opportunity to experience the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park firsthand. The children had a blast petting stingrays, minnows, snakes and reptiles while learning about various sea animals. All children were paired with a friend from Texas A&M with whom they could tour the Aquarium, observe animals and enjoy lunch. Rainbow Days' Director of Family Connection shared, "It is amazing to see the kids' excitement for a fun adventure, make memories and form genuine bonds with their new friends from Texas A&M." 

Rainbow Days Training Spotlight:

Upcoming CBSG Trainings

Rainbow Days Training is looking forward to virtually hosting multiple Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG®) Program Facilitator Training sessions in 2023! 

Any questions can be directed to You can stay up to date on the latest training news by visiting our website at Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter while you're there!

Online registration is NOW open:

APRIL 18 & 19 - 9am-12:30pm each day

Virtual CBSG® Program Facilitator Training via Zoom ($300/participant)

JUNE 13 & 14 - 9am-12:30pm each day

Virtual CBSG® Program Facilitator Training via Zoom ($300/participant)

JUNE 28 - 9am-12:30pm each day

Virtual CBSG® Program Facilitator Refresher Training via Zoom ($75/participant) * Please note that you must have previously completed the 7-hour CBSG Program Facilitator Training before attending the Refresher training. 

AUG 22 & 23 - 9am-12:30pm each day

Virtual CBSG® Program Facilitator Training via Zoom ($300/participant)

Register Now
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“I have been a CBSG Facilitator since May 1999. What I like about the curriculum is that it teaches positive life skills and increased anti-drug attitudes with youth while they are having fun. The curriculum goes right along with social and emotional learning and is easy to follow with step-by-step guidance. We have consistently implemented the curriculum with fidelity and always achieve high success rates.”

Melanie Patterson, LCDC, CPS, YPS & PRC Manager - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council of Deep East Texas (ADACDET)

Partner Spotlight:

Texas A&M MSC Spencer Leadership Conference

For thirteen years, Rainbow Days has had the privilege to partner with Texas A&M MSC Spencer Leadership Conference. Due to this longstanding partnership, outstanding sophomore college students from Texas A&M's annual MSC Spencer Leadership Conference have traveled to Dallas to partner with Rainbow Days to serve, mentor and bring joy to children and youth experiencing homelessness and adversity in the Dallas community. 

Texas A&M sends a select group of sophomore students to learn from top business professionals about leadership, ethics, mentorship and service. Thus, a day spent with Rainbow Days was the perfect way to end the conference; through this direct mentorship event, the students put what they learned into practice while encouraging, mentoring and impacting the children and youth and creating special memories to last a lifetime. Rainbow Days would like to thank Texas A&M MSC Spencer Leadership Conference for serving our Dallas community and the children we serve for thirteen years. We look forward to putting many more smiles on children's faces for years to come. 

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