March 2024 RBC Kids Newsletter

Dear Parents and Volunteers,

In this newsletter you will find information regarding the Spring Festival, The Rummage Sale, VBS, and more! If you have any questions feel free to email me at

*If you have pictures of any of the kids from Sundays, Wednesdays, or any events please send them my way! I would love to update the pictures on the website!*

March Important Dates

Wednesday, March 6th, at 6pm is our annual North American Missions Study. The study this year going to be focused on our 4 main church partners, and function like a mission's fair. This is a great opportunity for adults and kids to learn about our partnerships and the ways they are each serving the Lord.

Saturday, March 9th, from 8am-Noon, is our Spring Church Workday. There are all kinds of projects including yard work, indoor organizing/sorting, labeling, and more, all over the church. We welcome all help for whatever length of time you have available.

Saturday, March 16th, from 10am-Noon, is our Spring Festival. This is a great event to invite neighbors and other families too! We are still in need of volunteers for this event as well. As of February 28th, there are 800 people interested in the event via Facebook.

Sunday, March 24th, is Palm Sunday. Kids (preschool-5th grade) will be participating in this service by entering the sanctuary with Palm Branches to help demonstrate for us the way Jesus was greeted before His death.

There are no Wednesday evening activities on March 27th due to it being both Holy Week and Spring Break. We encourage you to attend the community holy week services at Noon each day at Christ the King Lutheran and our Maundy Thursday Service at RBC March 28th at 6pm. This is a child-inclusive service.

Mom and Me Spring Fling 2024

This year, Spring Fling is happening April 19-20th at WorldSong. Event begins at 6pm on Friday evening and ends at approximately 3pm on Saturday afternoon. Cost is $30 per person and the registration deadline is April 5th.

To register please click HERE

To pay please click HERE and select "Registration for Spring Fling" under Memo

Registration and payment can also be done by going to and finding the Event Sign Ups page under either "Kids" or "Get Involved".

Mother/guardian attendance is required for a child to go. *If you know of someone who would like to go who does not have a female to attend with them, please reach out to*

Spring Fling is an exciting weekend for mothers and daughters (Grades K-5) to make memories together and learn more about what it means to live a missional lifestyle. This action-packed overnight camp will be filled with fun and adventure, strengthen your desire to be a part of God's mission in the world, and provide meaningful one-on-one time for you and your daughter.


Take a look at some great resources and ranging from a devotional for ages 10-14, guided conversation cards, and an Easter book. See Camille if you want to take a look at these great resources!

Do you want to teach your child rich theology but have no idea where to start? This study is a great place to start! Theology for Me is a 4 week kids study and designed to help kids understand big theological truths in a kid-friendly way! 

This study will:

  • Help your child comprehend big theological concepts like the Trinity, repentance, sanctification, redemption, and so much more!
  • Ignite your child’s curiosity and love of learning with creative activities and weekly memory verses.

The study covers twenty important topics. In addition to daily content, each week your child will enjoy a fun activity that will help them better learn and apply gospel-centered truths to their daily lives. Help your kids become life-long students of God’s Word through this resource! This would make a great addition to your children’s daily devotional rhythms or help them start!

*This is for ages 10-14*

This devotional is available for purchase HERE.

A Hero Like No Other is a book all about Jesus. It introduces kids to the gospel by telling them about their need for Jesus and how Jesus forgives their sin.

With fun pictures and easy rhymes, this 8”x10” book will:

  • Introduce children to who Jesus is and why His death on the cross is so important.
  • Teach kids that Jesus is the only One who can save them from their sin.
  • Help kids understand the truth of the gospel and the importance of sharing the gospel.

You can find a copy in our kids library or buy your own copy HERE.

If you’ve ever wished you could slow down, hustle less, and enjoy your family more, these conversation cards are for you! Whether you use them around the dinner table, in the car on the way to school, at night before bedtime (or in another creative way!), thought-provoking questions on every card will help you cultivate a sense of love and belonging in your home and have fun doing it! 

In this deck, you’ll enjoy 100 family-centered conversation starters such as:

  • What are you looking forward to about being older?
  • What would you like me to do more/less of?
  • If you planned our next family vacation, where would we go, and what would we do?

Camille has a set available in her office to preview or you can purchase your own set HERE.

Gospel Conversation Cards - Gospel Basics are a tool to help you introduce your little theologians to the foundational truths found in Scripture.


Each card provides questions and Scripture references to help you answer your child’s questions in an easy to understand and biblical way. 

These 4”x4” bright, colorful cards were created with you and your little theologians in mind! They’re great for throwing in a diaper bag for on the go conversations or keeping next to your child’s bed as a great addition to your nighttime routine!

Camille has a set in her office available for preview or you can purchase your own set HERE.

Spring Festival

*****NOTE: if you are unable to serve the entire event, we would still love your help swapping with parents who volunteer for a portion of the event. This would give parents a chance to enjoy this event with their own children. *****

You don't want to miss this year's Spring Festival! Happening on Saturday, March 16th, from 10am-Noon, we'll have egg hunts, food trucks, games, sno-cones, popcorn, an inflatable joust game, and more! Be sure to invite your friends and neighbors!

For this exciting community wide event we are in need of both volunteers and Little Debbie snacks of any kind! Little Debbie or other snack cakes can be brought to the church office. To volunteer, please email

Volunteer rolls include:

  • greeting/registration table
  • leading a game (games provided)
  • helping with the egg hunts set-up
  • security
  • running the sno cone machine
  • running the popcorn machine
  • manning the inflatable joust

Look at the fun we are having!

During one of David Johnson's weeks of Preschool Worship, the kids visited the children's library and fun picking books for David to read. Thanks to David Johnson for serving in Preschool Sunday School and Preschool Worship!

During Kids Worship, the kids continued learning about Nehemiah rebuilding the wall. Jane Roach and Shannon Burns were the "bad guys" trying to stop the kids from rebuilding the wall and Roland wanted them to be the intruders, what fun they had! Thanks for Jane Roach and Shannon Burns for leading during Kids Worship!

In Sunday School, the children have spent the last several weeks learning about Nehemiah and the process of rebuilding the wall. The K-2nd grade class had fun going into the story by building a wall (then destroying it of course) out of little cups one week and marshmallows with icing another week! Thanks to Suzanne Gunn and Amanda Mullins for leading this class each week!

The younger GAs made a prayer mural and spent time writing and drawing their prayers. How beautiful to see their young hearts being shaped and growing to know the Lord!

The younger GA's enjoying their sand craft! Thanks to Angela Johnson and Kathy Thorsen for leading our younger GAs each Wednesday night!

Rummage Sale

Do you have items in your house that you have been meaning to get rid of, but never seem to find the time? Is there that one item you are just tired of staring at?.... bring it by RBC because our Rummage Sale is BACK!! Saturday, April 13th, from 8-11am we will be hosting a rummage sale in our very own parking lot. All proceeds help offset the cost of kid's camp!

We'll sell clothes, shoes, furniture, decorations, games, toys, etc. Think of us as a TJMaxx/Home Goods just with used items! Have items too heavy to carry? Email and we'll get it taken care of!

VBS 2024!

Join us June 10th-14th for VBS 2024, Breaker Rock Beach!! Every day is an adventure at Breaker Rock Beach, from the morning waves crashing against the shore to evenings filled with bonfires and s’mores! Race along the sand with your brightly colored kite, join friends to make the most amazing sandcastle, or gaze in wonder at the mysteries found in a glimmering tide pool. As the crowds come and go and the tides ebb and flow, Breaker Rock rises majestically as a symbol of strength, standing firm against the force of wind and waves. 

At Breaker Rock Beach, kids will learn to recognize the difference between what the world says is true and what God says is true. They’ll encounter five everyday sayings that sound right, but dangerously miss the truth found in God’s Word. Each day kids will be challenged to know that God’s truth never changes—even when it’s radically different from what some people say. They’ll discover that God does not want them to be conformed to this age, but to be transformed by the renewing of their minds so that they can discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2). 

Check out the music for Breaker Rock Beach by clicking the buttons below and get excited by watching the promo video!

If you are interested in serving at VBS, please email me at

Spotify Preschool
Spotify K-5th
Apple Music Preschool
Apple Music K-5th

What does Mrs. Camille Mean?

As we start a new year, I wanted to give everyone a little glossary of terms I commonly use and what they mean!

RBC Kids = all children birth through 5th grade

Preschool= those potty trained through pre-k/those not yet in Kindergarten

K-5th = all kids in grades Kindergarten through 5th grade (this applies until promotion Sunday of the following year)

Kids Worship = Sunday morning programing for children grades K-2, happening during the sermon and for the rest of the service. This is an engaging time for kids to learn.

Preschool Worship/Preschool Extended Care = Sunday morning programming during the service for children potty trained through pre-k/those not yet in Kindergarten. This is a time of play and Bible story reviewing/learning

Extended Care = Care for children birth through potty trained during the Sunday morning service

Nursery = Both the physical location and the care of children birth through potty trained.

2024 RBC Kids Event Calendar

Below you will find the updated 2024 RBC Kids Calendar!! We have an exciting year ahead so be sure to put these dates on your calendar now so you don't miss out!! *There will be a handful of additions*

2024 Calendar

*Updated January 10th*

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