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As an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) and founder of PCCI, Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore helps focus effort on colleges that academically, socially and financially are most appropriate, which puts the student in the best position to succeed in college and beyond.

Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore is available to speak at Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, YMCAs, and other organizations as well as at private high schools throughout Massachusetts and beyond.

Topics that may be covered include: 

  • The 2nd largest investment – College. Where do you start? 
  • College planning – What happens if you DON’T plan? 
  • College matching – What is the right fit for your student? 
  • Timing. It’s everything. What is the optimal timeline for choosing a college? 
  • Covering the cost – The inside story on financial aid and merit aid.  
  • How college admissions differ at each school and how to best prepare. 
  • Early decision, Early action or Regular decision – What’s involved and what’s best for each student?  

Speaking engagements may be in-person or virtual. To schedule Attorney DaSilva-Kilgore to speak to your group or organization, email
The College Spotlight
We recently toured Caldwell University, a private Catholic University in Caldwell, New Jersey! This small liberal arts university boasting innovative programs, study abroad opportunities and Division 2 athletics is a very affordable option just outside NYC.

Students may be awarded GPA based merit of $14k-$25k, with another $2k for Catholic high school grads!
Student Tips
SAT optional? Not so fast.

Be aware of a school's SAT requirements.
Some schools are SAT optional, BUT in order to get merit aid, you may need an SAT score.

Merit aid is based on your GPA but may also be linked to your class rank and/or your SAT score. If they are within a certain range, you'll qualify for a certain dollar amount in merit aid.
Aid or loan? Read those offer letters carefully.
Seniors, this is the time to thoroughly review and compare all of your financial offer letters. Although the school will include costs such as travel, food, books and other incidentals (which makes the cost look greater), you should really focus on cost for tuition, mandatory fees, room and board. Determine what is aid that does not have to be repaid, like scholarships, institutional grants and Pell grants. Determine which portion are loans, and how those work. Bear in mind that the schools DO NOT all set up the financial offer letters in the same format. For example, a school may include a Parent Plus loan as an assumption, which may make it seem like the net cost is lower than it actually is.
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