March, 2020
Vol 36, No 3
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A Big Thank You From All of Us at Outdoor Buddies!
With the rapidly developing situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a lot of unexpected changes this year! It has been heartbreaking to cancel the long-anticipated 2020 annual banquet, but we thank each of our members for their patience, understanding and support. We value the health and safety of each of our members, and are grateful for every one of you.

We have received an excellent response from many of you already. Many individuals have chosen to keep their registration open for next year's banquet, and several have even asked us to simply consider their registration a donation to Outdoor Buddies. To all those who have selflessly supported Outdoor Buddies in these trying times, we cannot thank you enough!

As a non-profit organization, Outdoor Buddies relies on its annual banquet to finance our programs. We never charge our members for our activities, and this is the way it will always be. In addition to all of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak, Outdoor Buddies will be in a difficult position this year with our biggest fundraiser being canceled.

Please remember that, although we will not be having our banquet, we will still be drawing for our raffle ticket prizes on April 18th! The best thing that you can do to help Outdoor Buddies at this time is to continue buying raffle tickets. We understand that these are lean times for us all, and your generosity and compassion at this time is greatly respected and appreciated!

On behalf of all of our members, volunteers, and the board of directors, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting and caring for Outdoor Buddies. Our hearts are with each of you in your challenging and unique circumstances--we are in this together!
What it's all about! Larry Sanford (left) and Todd Bacon (right) pose with Todd's elk harvested at River Canyon Ranch in February
Outdoor Buddies Raffles
An important part of the Outdoor Buddies annual fundraising effort is the raffle ticket sales, especially since our banquet will not be held as scheduled. Again this year, we are offering an outstanding selection of raffle prizes.

We must have a successful raffle season to allow us to continue and hopefully expand Outdoor Buddies programs for mobility-impaired and youth participants.

We request that members of the Outdoor Buddies family be generous in purchasing raffle tickets thru the mail or by contacting a member of the Outdoor Buddies Board of Directors listed in this newsletter.

To purchase your raffle tickets through the mail, send your request and check to:

Outdoor Buddies
Terry Gleason, Secretary
7710 South Lakeview Street
Littleton, CO 80120

Purchase by Phone Contact Either:
Terry Gleason at 303-868-2579
Tony Hodges at 303-523-0593

In 2019 many Outdoor Buddies members, several from outside of Colorado, contacted Terry and he was able to take their credit card info over the phone and get them tickets. Let’s keep that going in 2020 and make this the best year ever for raffle sales! Remember Outdoor Buddies is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff and very low expenses. All funds raised go directly to helping us complete our mission as we have for thirty-five years. 
Raffle Items
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Big Game Hunts: Time to Apply Through CPW!
If you were selected for a hunt with Outdoor Buddies, don't forget to apply for your tags as instructed through CPW by 4/7/2020. You should have received the appropriate hunt codes when you were notified by the hunt committee. If for any reason you are not able to hunt with us this year, please notify us as soon as possible so we can find a hunter to take your slot.

We would like to remind hunters that if you cancel at the last minute, you will be ineligible to hunt with Outdoor Buddies for one year. Exceptions will be made for legitimate emergencies.

Can't wait to hunt with you this year!
The Nissen family. Great job, Gabe Nissen!
  Kristin, Nick, and Michael Filler posing with Stetson Bardfield and his pronghorn buck
Please Join Us for the 2020 Outdoor Buddies Sporting Clays Shoot, Saturday August 1st
For the sixth consecutive year, Outdoor Buddies is honored to hold the annual Sporting Clays Tournament at Colorado Clays Shooting Park. We are looking for volunteers to help out on the day of the event. Whether you have a disability or are able bodied, we need your support to make the clay shoot a success. Volunteers will help run the stations and guide participants through the course. Please contact our volunteer coordinator at to sign up as a volunteer.

Conveniently located just 30 minutes northeast of Denver, only 6 miles from Denver International Airport, an easy drive from the entire Colorado “Front Range”, Colorado Clays Shooting Park offers the region’s most complete shooting range experience.

Please Come Join Us at Colorado Clays! We would love for you to join us for this fun-filled day in the outdoors. Please go to the Outdoor Buddies website and register now! Click the button below to register.
Upcoming Events
Outdoor Buddies is managed by its Board of Directors
Dwaine Robey
Executive Director

Larry Sanford

Nicholas Filler
Vice President

Christopher Nowak

Terry Gleason

Dustin Robey
Tony Hodges

James Lowry

Steve Medberry

Edgar Munoz

Jim Piper

Frederick Solheim
Director-Warriors on Cataract
Board of Directors Meeting Schedule
Non-board members are welcome. Please RSVP in advance.

Meetings are held from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the locations and dates below.

April 7 - Phone Call (no in person meeting)
May 12 - Lone Tree Cabela's
June 9 - Thornton Cabela's
July 14- Lone Tree Cabela's
Aug 11 - Thornton Cabela's 
Sept 8 - Lone Tree Cabela's
Oct - None
Nov 10 - Thornton Cabela's
Dec 8 - Lone Tree Cabela's