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Happy Women's History Month!
Hey neighbors! SE Uplift wishes you a happy and educational,
Women's History (and Future) Month!

Highlighting Women leadership in SE Uplift
Leroy Eadie / SE Uplift

All women SEUL Leadership and Executive Committee:
In recognition of Women’s History Month we would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the all women leadership at Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition. Our Board Chair is Tina Kimmey and she has been in this role since the summer of 2019. Tina came to the SEUL as a Representative from the South Tabor Neighborhood Association. Our Vice Chair is Lindsey Johnson who was elected to this position in November. Lindsey the representative from the Montavilla Neighborhood Association. The SEUL Treasure is Ambar Solarte who represents the Portland Mercado and she has been in this position since 2019. Ambar is also the Finance Committee Chair. Lotus Romey-Yu is the Secretary of the Board and has been in this position since 2019. These leaders make up the Executive Committee of the SEUL Board and do an outstanding job of leading our organization. 
Bylaws Committee
The SEUL Board has taken up the charge of reviewing the organizations bylaws. It has been several years since they were last reviewed. The Board created a Bylaws Committee and Board Member Catherine Diaz is the Committee Chair. The Committee plans to meet monthly (2nd Tuesday at 6:30) until June to create a draft to be considered by the entire SEUL Board. One of the goals of the Committee is to review the current bylaws using SEUL’s adopted Equity Lens. For more information contact Interim Executive Director Leah Fisher. 
Introducing SE Uplift's New Interim Executive Director! 
March 1st 2021, Leah Fisher stepped into the Interim Executive Director role at SE Uplift. Not only has Leah been at SE Uplift for five years as the Neighborhood Planning Program Manager, but she has over 15 years of experience working in policy and systems change, civic engagement, strategic planning, equity, and land use planning.  
Leah grew up in Eastern Washington in a small town south of Spokane and earned her undergraduate degree in City and Regional Planning at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. After working as a Community Planner for three years she earned a master's degree in Public Health with a focus on Management and Policy at Portland State University, while working at Metro in a community engagement role on the SW Corridor Plan. After graduating, Leah worked in the Oregon Public Health Division coordinating the efforts of and grants to eight counties and one Oregon tribe state-wide to address chronic disease prevention efforts. 

On any given day, Leah can be found working in the yard or on house projects, walking or biking the neighborhood with her daughters, jogging on Mt Tabor, or at the Creston Dog park with her one-year old pup Roscoe and girls. 
Paola: As you are familiar with, regardless of the workplace, women face constant resistance from male colleagues and others intimated by women in leadership. Practicing mindfulness is a tool to exercise confidence groundedness. Learning how inspirational women practice mindfulness is a wonderful way for all women to feel connected and inspired. How do you practice mindfulness? 

Leah: I have to admit, between a busy job, house projects, two young kids, and a general inability to sit still, taking time for mindfulness is a challenge. That said, I clear my mind by running, it helps me clam my brain, collect my thoughts, and brings me back to center. I also used to do yoga a lot (more so pre-COVID) and felt that was a centering space to reset and be intentional about how my body and mind were feeling. I really strive to maintain a work/life balance and I do try to keep a spirit of curiosity in all I do, remain open, and lead with empathy. As a Sagittarius, this is a huge challenge for me (as past coworkers would attest to), but the more I practice it, the more it becomes habit.  
“I’m excited to further develop my organizational management expertise and leadership skills in this role for however long I’m needed and I look forward to helping SE Uplift move through a time of uncertainty and change.  
I’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and observe this system from various perspectives over last five years, grapple with my own bias and white privilege as I challenge myself to think differently about, and question, systems of power and structural racism in government and in our own organization.  
I have also had the privilege of working with some really wonderful and dedicated community members, groups, and organizations during my time at SEUL. The folks volunteering and engaging this system are some of the most passionate and dedicated volunteers and individuals I’ve met in my professional life. I’m looking forward to what comes next.”   
-Leah Fisher
A Warm Farewell!
Though we are saddened to announce Leroy’s departure as Executive Director of SE Uplift, we are filled with gratitude and are left with heartwarming memories. Since February of 2020, Leroy has brought a calming yet robust leadership to the team. His guidance has played a critical role in the success and harmonious spirit of the organization. We want to thank Leroy for his dedication and commitment to the success of SE Uplift and we wish him the best of luck on his new endeavor.
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News, Workshops, Grant Opportunities & More!
DEIA Group Updates
On March 1st, 2021 SE Uplift hosted the first of three DEIA training workshops for board members. The training was facilitated by Cliff Jones and focused on identifying Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility.

Houselessness Action Committee Update
The Houselessness Action Committee has worked diligently to provide a guide for neighbors who are concerned about houselessness in their neighborhoods. The resource guide compiles active resources that already exist as well as emergency resources specific to the SE community. 
From HAC: We hope for this resource is used by community members to pursue solutions and build connections with their neighbors, both unhoused and housed. This guide can also absolutely be utilized by houseless neighbors to seek support and resources.

SE Uplift Houselessness Resource Guide
PSU Collaborative Comics Project
PSU is seeking ten artists to collaborate with a Portland State University research team and students who have experienced houselessness. The artist will help develop one students personal narrative into a 5-page comic.

Grant Opportunities from
the Portland Parks Foundation
U.S Bank Parks Champion Awards
Celebrate and honor volunteers!
Each year, the Portland Parks Foundation (PPF) honors two community volunteers with the title "U.S. Bank Parks Champion" and awards each with a $1,500 grant to a parks-related organization of their choice.

PPF will grant $1,500 on the recommendation of the honoree to a community organization that aligns with PPF’s vision to help Portland communities create more equitable access to nature, play, health and places of connection.

Nominate your favorite parks volunteer by March 19th at midnight.

For further questions contact Jessica Green at or visit the website.

PPF Small Grants Program 
“We help people help parks”

Celebrate Portland Parks Foundations’ 20th Anniversary!

The PPF small grants’ mission is to focus on Portlanders with lack of access to well-maintained parks and outdoor spaces. Priority is given to organizations supporting low-income populations, communities of color and other historically marginalized groups.


1. Support communities in a meaningful way in response to the continued difficulties of the COVID crisis
2. Deepen our equity driven grant-making work
3. Celebrate 20 years of PPF 

Celebrate Educators
Ericka Hart
Hart is a Black queer femme who first gained world wide attention after attending Afropunk in 2016 topless showing her double mastectomy scars. They are a beloved and incredibly inspiring writer, activist, speaker and award winning sexuality educator. Hart offers various online classes ranging from Racial and Social Justice to Gender studies. 

Melanated Momma a.k.a Olakemi
Melanated Momma is moved by their practice of spiritual and indigenous traditions. They are a spiritual advisor, psychic medium, astrologer and overall guiding influence.

Jessamyn Stanley
Jessamyn is a self love goddess! She teaches mindfulness and yoga through a body positive lens. 

“Her classes provide a body positive approach to yoga which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask “How do I feel?” rather than “How do I look?” when practicing yoga.”

Winona Laduke
Winona LaDuke is a renowned writer, environmentalist, economist, and activist. She is a founder of the Indigenous Women’s Network, and respected hemp grower. She is best known for her work in land rights and environmental sustainability. 

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