March 2024 Newsletter

The Alliance exists to encourage human flourishing by promoting a more complete truth, informed by Judeo-Christian values and natural law, about the science of sexual orientation and biological sex through education, advocacy, clinical training, and therapy.


Enjoy the following two tales demonstrating gentle hospitality for persons struggling with sexuality. In each tale, joy and growth result. So how does one reach out to someone who struggles with puzzling aspects of one’s sexuality?


Pastor Leon Jonck says, "The simple answer is, befriend them the same way you would befriend anyone else. Spend time with them, invest in the friendship like you would any other friendship. Years ago, I lived in England and had good friends who were married with two kids. I shared with them that I was struggling with my sexuality and that I needed family. I wanted to be part of their lives. They were so good––they welcomed me in. I could just show up without an appointment, help with the dishes, cooking, and tidying the house. It was extremely healing for me having a family that “took me in” to be part of their family. It became a safe space where I felt love and at home. Here are some more practical tips:

  • Build a relationship first. Relationships and trust are built over time, and as the friendship deepens and strengthens there will hopefully be opportunities to disciple them.
  • By demonstrating genuine interest in the person's life, we have begun building trust with them and deepening the relationship.
  • Their sexuality is part of them, but not all of them. Every conversation does not have to be about their struggle and how you can support them in it.
  • It’s important to invest time and show interest in other areas of their life too. And have fun! Try and do things together that enrich both your lives.
  • Most importantly, listen to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you.”


Two centuries earlier a thirsty Jewish teacher deliberately exposes himself to despised Samaritans, as he travels the ‘West of Jordan’ trail to Galilee. He rests near this ancient well, has no way to draw water, so he initiates a conversation with a lone Samaritan woman. She arrives in the heat of the day and is likely hoping for privacy. Such seclusion would be unavailable when the chattering group of village homemakers draw water in the cool of the evening. Note the components of hospitality, many of which parallel the above story as Jesus…

  • Asks for a drink
  • Is not deterred by this woman’s attempt to distance herself with a “religious” argument.
  • Gives her a ‘provider’ role, and she hands him a cool drink of water.
  • Sees beyond her appearance and presentation to a heart filled with pain, isolation, and frustration. 
  • Invites her into conversation when she expects to be ignored.
  • Acknowledges her desperation in six failed & failing sexually intimate relationships.
  • Recognizes her hidden pain, shame, and isolation.
  • Demonstrates persistent hospitality in a long afternoon engagement.
  • Honest compassion elicits hope for her as he shares the truthful path to freedom.
  • Now contends with two days of appointments after this healed woman returns to town telling everyone she encountered of her experience.

New Board Member - Andrew Rodriguez

We are delighted to welcome new board member Andrew Rodriguez as one of three new board members to join the Alliance Board of Directors in 2024. Andrew Rodriguez, MS, LPC, is a Christian psychotherapist in Pennsylvania and owner of Integrity Christian Counseling. He is certified in Reintegrative Therapy, and he explores the intersection of psychology, theology, and sexuality on his YouTube channel, PsychoBible.

Andrew Rodriguez, MS, LPC

The following brief is pulled from Mr. Rodriguez’ article titled “The Integrity of Christian Sexuality” published in the 2023 Journal of Human Sexuality which is published by the Research Division of the Alliance. The following quote from this missive is a wonderful way to get to know and appreciate Mr. Rodriguez.

“When faced with the public institutional compulsion to affirm and accommodate LGBTQ identities, sexual relationships, and family structures, even to the point of restricting research and therapeutic options for questioners and dissidents of the new sexual orthodoxy, Christians on either end of the conservative-liberal spectrum respond with compartmentalization. Our secular society has conditioned us to assume that the realm of morality is private, subjective, and ought to be excluded from the realm of objectivity with its shared understanding of reality and policy. Even conservative Christians are often intimidated out of the conversation, convinced that the application of their own worldview upon non-adherents would be unjust and potentially oppressive…”

  “I propose we rediscover and boldly proclaim the authentically Christian understanding of sexual and gender identity. We will find that a biblically faithful view is not in conflict with the best scientific research nor with the virtues for which both ends of the Christian spectrum advocate. We need not be ashamed or uncertain of the church’s position and approach to both our own members and to the non-Christian world. We can be confident that Christianity offers a paradigm of understanding human nature and sexuality that is comprehensive, transcends time and cultures, and that honors the dignity of the individuals and groups we encounter.”

Should our readers wish to see more of Mr. Rodriguez Journal contribution you can order either a downloadable copy or purchase a print copy at

An International Declaration on Therapeutic and Pastoral Choice

The International Foundation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (, the Alliance’s European sister organization, is still in the process of making an application for accreditation through the United Kingdom’s (England) Professional Standards Authority (PSA). This provides an important avenue to establishing accountability and professionalism for the IFTCC effort.

Please consider reviewing and signing the An International Declaration on Therapeutic and Pastoral Choice document (publicly or anonymously.) Also consider showing your professional credentials in doing so. The declaration can be reviewed here:  

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