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Cheese Joke: What do you call cheese that isn't yours?
Nacho cheese!
Happenings at Flathead Lake Cheese...
March 15, 2017
Our 5th  anniversary #167
Joe's Birthday
and the Ides of March!
Summer is coming and it's time to turn our thoughts to Feta. It's so tasty in summer salads, pizzas and pasta dishes...great party food! 
Here is our new booth setup. 
More space, more cheese, more customers can be served. We perfected it for the Montana Made Event.
Hello everyone, 

After a pretty memorable winter, we are sure enjoying the warmer weather! It was a busy March. We were at the Made in Montana Fair in Helena and completely sold out of cheese. Hopefully, our friends on the other side of the Continental Divide will come to see us this summer for more cheese and to enjoy the gorgeous Flathead Valley!

Our vault is full of hard cheese aging for the summer and fall markets and things are popping. We're still at the Missoula Winter Market until April 22nd which is also Earth Day, so come down to Missoula and join the fun! 
The summer Farmer's Markets will begin in May and it will be exciting to see you all there. 
Here are some fun events that we hope you will attend. There's delicious cheese involved (and other products, too)!

March 30 to April 1st - Montana Wine Conference at the Kwa Taq Nuk in Polson- 
This is a statewide event and our cheeses will be there too for pairings with all kinds of wines. Click here for details.

April 7th, 5-8 p.m. - Flowers By Hansen in Kalispell. You'll love the goodies there!

Of course, the the Creamery is open and we look forward to seeing you there for all your cheesy needs. For a schedule of hours, click here.

Summer is coming and we're excited to see you all at the Farmer's Markets! 'Til then, say safe.

Cheers, Joe and Wendi

Out of town? No problem! We ship anywhere in the US! Click here to shop for our cheeses.
Cheeses that we make...
Our signature cheese, Gouda, aged 7 to 9 months and absolutely scrumptious.
Apple wood cold-smoked over 6 hours. It's just  plain wonderful with everything.
Like Mozzarella, our Notzarella is tasty, 
versatile and melts like a dream.
More cheeses we make...
Made with Tipu's Chai and wonderful with winter pears and your favorite wine.
Roasted garlic and our aged Gouda. 
Try it melted on your wild meat dishes.
Use our delectable Feta on your homemade pizzas, salads, eggs and pasta dishes.
And even more cheeses we make...
Made with Liberty Hops, our Hoppin Mad cheese is so tasty with beer and brats!
Our pop curds are a nutritious snack when the kids come home from school, in eggs or pasta.
Apple wood cold-smoked, you can't eat just one...guaranteed!
There is lots going on in Polson. For a calendar of Polson events, click here!
What good is cheese? (some fun articles about cheese)
Pairing cheese with tea...By golly, cheese goes with everything. Click on the photo to get some ideas!  
Ever wondered why Joe is so thin? Studies show that people who eat cheese are thinner. Click on the photo info.
One reason why we make's the healthiest cheese. Click on the photo to find out why.

Click on the photo to see cheese making in progress. It's fun!
Flathead Lake Cheese
We hope you enjoy our newsletter and will come visit us at the Creamery in Polson, off Highway 93. Turn at the big yellow sign, and then right at 1st Avenue East, go to the end of the cul-de-sac. You'll see us there! 

Here's a video tour, made by our dear friend David W. King. It shows our cheese plant and you can meet Joe and me. Our cheese is fabulous, fresh and handmade. Please like us on Facebook. We're going for 2000 likes! 

Flathead Lake Cheese
208 1st Avenue East
Polson, Montana 59860