MARCH 2024


Dear Angie,

Happy Women’s History Month: Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

This month we would like to give a shout out to a few women who have made a great impact on our history, culture, and society. 

Happy March Birthday, Ladies!!

*Gladys Spellman: American congresswoman (1st) 

*Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poet (6th)

*Josephine Cochrane: Invented the Dishwasher (8th)

*Margret Murray Washington: African American Educator and Activist (9th)

*Amanda Clemet: Baseball Umpire (20th)

*Pearl Bailey: American Actress and singer (29th)

*Liz Claiborne: Fashion Designer and Businesswoman (31st) 


*Watch for Confernce sign-ups in March and April. They will be posted on Classroom doors.

*If your child is going to be absent for the day, please send a message through Daily Connect, send an email, or give the center a call before 10:00 am. 

*Please remember to sign your child in and out daily.

*Make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing at school, so they can enjoy outside time. 



Parent Valentine Cards: What a great turn out we had last month for the Valentines! We want to thank the parents who took the time to decorate a special Valentine for their child/ren. It brightened up the halls and the kids absolutely loved seeing them as they walked by. Thank you for making it a huge success. 😊


Wacky March Holidays

3/5: Favorite Sports team day

3/12: Rainbow day

3/15: Dress In Green Watch out for that Leprechaun

3/20: Hat day

3/29: Pajama Day 


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My family of four has gotten hooked on the game Code Names, and we try to get in a few sessions of play each week. Our daughters are 8 and 11, so I recognize that the days of them piling onto our bed to play a game may be short-lived; I am not taking this ritual for granted. The game itself is a fun mental challenge, but I also believe that the time together, away from work, homework, sports and, of course, screens, provides all of us with a sense of connection that forms the foundation of our family. And, importantly, this connection is a tool for building resilience in our children as they grow. 

Connection is one the seven “C”s of resilience, as developed by pediatrician Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D., MS Ed, FAAP:


Developing close ties to family and community creates a solid sense of security that helps lead to strong values and prevents alternative destructive paths to love and attention. You can help your child connect with others by:

  • Building a sense of physical safety and emotional security within your home 
  • Allowing the expression of all emotions, so that kids will feel comfortable reaching out during difficult times 
  • Addressing conflict openly in the family to resolve problems
  • Creating a common area where the family can share time (not necessarily TV time)
  • Fostering healthy relationships that will reinforce positive messages

Last night as we played, there was a disagreement about the rules that created some feelings of tension and frustration. Given the low stakes of the outcome, it was a good opportunity to practice allowing our daughter to express her emotions while working to calmly resolve the conflict. The space of connection allowed for a healthy response to the minor disagreement, and hopefully helped build skills for emotional expression and conflict resolution in the future.

Learn more about the 7Cs of resilience here:



2/29-3/31: Alice in Wonderland, Children's Theatre, Minneapolis

3/2: Kids' Film Fair 2024, Walker Art, Minneapolis

3/10: Härdsmälta Pond Skim and Festival, Hyland Hills, Bloomington

3/16: St. Patrick's Day Parade @12PM, Downtown Saint Paul

3/16: St. Patrick's Day Parade @6PM, Columbia Heights

3/17: An Irish Day of Dance, Landmark Center, Saint Paul

3/22-4/14: The Name Jar, Stages Theatre, Hopkins

3/23: Holi Celebration, Midtown Global Market, Minneapolis

3/23: Hot Dash & Kid’s Tater Trot, Minneapolis

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