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March 2017
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Happy Spring!

Last month representatives from the Alaska Farm Bureau and FFA made a trip to Juneau where they advocated for agriculture during visits with Legislators and at the Governor's Alaska Grown reception.

Governor Bill Walker hosted another successful reception highlighting Alaska grown and made products; great attendance and wonderfully prepared local food! The Alaska Farm Bureau greatly appreciates the Governor opening his house to so many to highlight what our Alaska farmers are producing!
Legislators were very welcoming and we had a positive overall response to the priorities we presented:
University funding for agriculture programs:
  • University of Alaska was founded in 1917 as the Alaska Agriculture College and School of Mines
  • Agriculture programs at the university have gotten cut to the point where many programs are no longer available, and the ones remaining, if cut much more, will be ineffective
  • The legislature isn't in charge of deciding which programs are funded at the University, but legislators showing support for agriculture programs would be helpful
Moving Nutritional Alaskan Foods in Schools to Division of Agriculture            
  • This program was funded through the Capital Budget for 3 years starting in 2013
  • It is not in statute or regulation, but is a program within the Department of Commerce Community & Economic Development that assists schools in purchasing local products when there is funding available.
  • This program already works closely with the Farm to School and Alaska Grown programs in the Division of Agriculture and would be more appropriate to have it within the Division.
  • If it's moved to Division of Ag, grants and other opportunities can be pursued that could get this program sustainable instead of relying on funding through the Capitol Budget each year.
Moving the Sate Veterinarian's office and duties to Division of Agriculture:  
  • Alaska Farm Bureau members at the annual meeting in November voted to write a letter to Governor Walker requesting him to support this. Since there would need to be statutory changes, it was appropriate to also request support from Legislators.
  • State Veterinarians office use to be housed in the Division of Agriculture, other state's appropriately have the state veterinarian in their Department of Agriculture
  • The State Veterinarian in Alaska is within the Department of Environmental Conservation whose focus is conserving, improving and protecting Alaska's natural resources and environment.
  • DEC works on air quality, water quality, spill prevention and response and environment health; the State Veterinarian manages livestock and poultry - much more in line with the Division of Agriculture than Department of Environmental Conservation.
Support for Agriculture Education:
  • Supporting and encouraging youth to be involved in agriculture is a priority of the Alaska Farm Bureau
  • Following up on conversations with Legislators during the 2016 Legislative Session, farm bureau members and FFA officers spoke on how legislators could help support getting more ag education in schools
  • We are requesting the Commissioner of Education to add to the list of approved teaching positions: "Agriculture/Natural Resource Education".
  • We are also requesting to get the national ag education curriculum accepted by the Department of Education 
There was one priority voted on at the annual meeting that we'd like to get more comments from membership so we can have a clearer request for legislators: reducing transportation costs. 

Please send in comments to on transportation issues you've seen and any thoughts you have of any legislative actions that could help improve transportation issues.

Legislators were very welcoming, and a special thank you to Representative Tilton for inviting Alaska Farm Bureau members and the FFA Officers to a breakfast!
We look forward to continuing discussions with legislators and the Governor, and are excited to hear many are already talking about next year's reception!

With the recognition Alaska agriculture is receiving, it's important for all of us to work together and support each other to continue to expand agriculture.

Thank you to all those who provided items for the reception and gift bags:

Mid State Meats
Chena Hot Springs
Lancashire Farms
Rempel Family Farm
Mike's Quality Meats
Alaska Rhodiola
Alaska Berries
Anchorage Distillery
Edible Alaska
VanderWeele Farm
Bear Creek Winery
Funny Farm Feed Folks
907 Livestock
Bells Flats Poultry
Alaska Perfect Peony
Butcher Block 9
Kenai Premier BBQ
Bushes Bunches
Juice, Jelly & Jam
Far Above Rubies
Alaska Flour Company
Alaska Wild Harvest


Best wishes,

Amy Seitz, Executive Director

37075 Nicholas View Lane
Soldotna, AK 99669 


HB 19     BAN NEONICOTINOID PESTICIDES                                            REPRESENTATIVE DRUMMOND
** Proposed changes to this bill would require any seeds, foliage or soil that neonicotinoids are applied to remain within a greenhouse for their entire lifespan. It also specifies that this does not apply to a person licensed to apply pesticides.
                In the House Resources Committee.
HB 32     LABEL GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD                                    REPRESENTATIVE TARR
                In House Resources Committee, then House Finance Committee
** Changes made to this bill that removes the section on raw milk sales. Representative Tarr plans on introducing another bill to address sales of raw milk.
Another change to this bill would give receipt authority to the Division of Agriculture. This would allow the division to collect fees for the Alaska Grown marketing materials (twist ties, stickers, etc.).
                Moved out of House Resources Committee, now in House Finance Committee.
HB 63     TRANSFER DUTIES FROM DCCED                                               REPRESENTATIVE PRUITT
                In House State Affairs Committee            
** This would allow an increase of the maximum relocation benefits available to a person or a business displaced by federally assisted projects and programs.
                Moved from House Transportation, now in House Finance
SB6          INDUSTRIAL HEMP PRODUCTION                                             SENATOR HUGHES
**Several changes have been made to this bill from its original version. It establishes the Division of Agriculture as the regulatory authority for industrial hemp. It also lays out guidelines for registration and the pilot program. Documents on SB 6, and more in-depth explanation of changes can be found here .
HB172 was introduced by Representative Drummond in the House - a companion bill to SB 6.
SB 6 has moved out of Senate Resources and Judiciary Committees, now in Senate Finance
HB 172 has moved out of House Resources, now in House Judiciary.


There are still some surveys running that we're hoping to get more responses on. Please take the time to fill out the surveys.
Product Preference Program

In 2015 Representative Tarr requested an audit to be done on Alaska's Agriculture Product Preference Program.

The Division of Agriculture and Alaska Farm Bureau are partnering to give input from agricultural stakeholders regarding next steps.

One of the options being discussed is separating out items that Alaskan farmers can produce in large enough quantities.   This survey is to gather information on what products we have, what quantity and what time of year they are available.  

With this information the state can work towards ways to incorporate more local products in their purchases.

You can find the survey at the link below.
Farm Use Land Property Tax Exemption

The Fairbanks Economic Development Corporation has started looking at the Farm Land Tax Exemption law to see if it could be more beneficial to the ag industry.

Currently, to be eligible for this property tax exemption, a person needs to make 10% of their yearly gross income. There is also the rule that if farm land receiving this exemption is sold for non-farming purposes, the owner is responsible to pay the amount that was exempt, plus interest, on the preceding seven years.

The Alaska Farm Bureau is assisting the Fairbanks Economic Development Corp to find out how our farmers & ranchers think this should change.

Please take the time to fill out the short survey here.  
Produce Safety Program

The Division of Agriculture would like to hear any questions or concerns you might have about developing a Produce Safety Program in Alaska. 

Please take this short survey provided in the following link:


Remove Sheep & Goat from Clean List 

A proposal was submitted to the Board of Game for their March 2016 Statewide meeting; proposal 90. This proposal would have removed domestic sheep & goats from the "clean list", along with putting tight and expensive requirements on sheep & goat owners within 15 air miles of Dall sheep habitat.
At the March 2016 Statewide Board of Game meeting in Fairbanks, the board decided to postpone this proposal, urging both sides to try and come to an agreement, then bring it back up during the March 2018 meeting.

This Board of Game meeting has been moved up to November 2017.
There have been working group meetings off and on this past year with representatives of producers, agencies involved and WSF. One option that could dispel this issue is based off of a study recently conducted by the North American Pack Goat Association (NAPGA). Across western states use of packgoats is being prohibited in bighorn sheep habitat due to the same reason that brought up proposal 90 here in Alaska; potential of domestic sheep/goats carrying M. ovipneumoniae (Movi).
Alaska is already a low risk state for contact between domestic and wild sheep & goats; there are low numbers of domestic sheep and goats, we're a "fence in" state, and we don't currently have any grazing leases in dall sheep habitat. If a study is conducted in Alaska, and it shows low numbers of positive tests (as is expected), not only could it do away with prop 90, but also give the option of doing away with restricting access to public lands.
What would this study look like? Protocol for the study would be similar to the NAPgA study: information on that can be found here. There would be some adjustments to match Alaska's needs, such as testing sheep as well as goats. There are still some questions that need answers to: how many animals in each area of the state would need to be tested.  Dr. Gerlach is working with biometricians and others on setting the protocol for this study.
What we do know:
  • This would be a voluntary program - as with any study, the more animals tested, the more conclusive results would be.
  • It would be confidential - if test samples are taken through the University or a producer's vet, everything except the final numbers will be confidential.
  • Testing will not be paid for by the producer.

As more information becomes available, it will be distributed. Also, please send any questions, comments or suggestions to,

National Organic Standards Board Meeting

T he U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) posted meeting materials and an updated agenda for the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) Spring meeting, to be held in Denver, CO, April 19-21, 2017. Documents are posted on the Spring 2017 NOSB meeting webpage
AMS has announced in the Federal Register an extension of the deadline to comment on the proposed organic products checkoff program to April 19th. Information on the extension and where to submit comments can be found here


The Alaska Farm Bureau is accepting applications for the Agriculture Education Mini-Grant. This program is in its third year; open to individuals and organizations with the purpose of increasing agriculture awareness, knowledge and appreciation to youth statewide.
Due to the interest this grant has been receiving in the first two years, the Board of Directors decided to increase the budgeted amount to $20,000. The grant committee will review applications and notify awardees by June 1, 2017.  

Application deadline is May 15, 2017 and can be submitted by mail to 37075 Nicholas View Lane, Soldotna, AK 99669 or email


Alaska Farm Bureau will award up to two (2) $2,000 scholarships to students pursuing an agricultural or natural resource field through college, trade school or vocational training. 

The program is available to students already enrolled in a college, trade school or in vocational training, as well as graduating high school seniors.

Applications are due by April 20, 2017, can be submitted by mail to Alaska Farm Bureau, Inc. 37075 Nicholas View Lane, Soldotna, AK 99669 or email
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