March Fitness Challenge

Get involved in the Madness this March by taking part in this month-long challenge. You'll use a variety of muscle groups, work your body in different ways, and get your heart pumping. View calendar here.

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Small Group Training

There are many benefits to small group circuit-style training, including variety, motivation, support, and it's fun. Classes start soon. You can join us in person or virtually. Sign up today!

Back2Basics Fitness Workshops

Our CHF trainers Faye and Jon are here to help you get your strength training routine back on track in March! You can sign up using the Mindbody app right now. Or go to the CHF homepage and register through the class schedule.    

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Joining Offer

Working out and eating right are the first steps to health. CHF is offering a 30-minute Nutrition Consultation in March to help you kick-start your fitness journey.

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Yoga In Chairs

This gentle class will ground your body and mind. Chair yoga practice focuses on flexibility, mindfulness, and breath awareness. Limited space available. Enroll today through our class schedule!

My Fitness Journey - Dave Camp + Meryl Lande

Meet CHF members Dave and Meryl and learn how their personal trainers Chris and Jon helped change their outlook on weight training and enhanced their lives. 

Backing Off Back Pain With 3 Simple Exercises

Struggling with low back pain? According to studies, 84% of us will experience back pain. Does this mean we are doomed to years of pain medications, cortisone injections or even surgery to combat pain? Fortunately – no! Read more here

Let’s see Your Flex!

Loosen up your hip flexors. When we sit for too long, our hip flexors shorten and tighten, resulting in low-back pain, poor posture, joint discomfort, and body imbalances. What can be done? Take breaks to stretch and stand up. Make these at-home stretches a part of your daily routine.


National Nutrition Month

It's National Nutrition Month, so let's talk beans. Beans are a nutrient-rich and magical food, but how do we incorporate them into our diets?

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Unlimited Silver Membership - $50/mo.

(No Long-Term Commitment)

Unlimited Silver Membership is designed for those seeking the complete fitness package. Ask the front desk for details

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