Welcome to our March update!    

March is Sleep Awareness month and we all know the importance of getting a good night's rest. We have two programs this month to help you improve your sleep. Learn to Live is offering a program using cognitive behavioral therapy to help people improve their sleep.  Headspace has an entire sleep library for sleepcasts, wind down meditations, sleep music, and a tool kit for better bedtimes for your kids. Check out both below.

Also, we are very excited to launch our new Wellness Zoom Calendar! As you know, we offer many Zoom programs throughout the month - ranging from exercise to nutrition to mindfulness. And we add new classes all the time. Use the link below to access the calendar from your computer or phone. You will see the current month's programming and be able to scroll ahead to see programming for upcoming months. We hope you find this new calendar useful and we hope you attend some of our classes!

— Courtney Hernandez, Wellness Manager

Monthly Zoom Programs

Please click below to view the upcoming wellness Zoom programs. We are continually adding programs, so please check back periodically throughout the month to see what is new!

Open to ALL Employees

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The Well Aware Self-Directed Activity Challenges

Now there are TWO ways to earn gift cards while staying fit and well! Find our Wellbeing Smorgasbord and Webinar Buffet in each Monthly Newsletter like Your Brain on Exercise and Dementia 101. We offer a variety of exercise, diet and wellbeing activities in self-directed and webinar formats. Each program includes educational information, tips and strategies. Only MIIA/Blue Cross subscribers are eligible for $125 worth of gift cards.

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Program of the Month

Your Brain on Exercise

1-Week Self-Directed Challenge Starting March 13

Multiple research studies show that physically active people are less likely to experience a decline in brain function and have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Physical activity can improve your cognitive health, helping you think, learn, problem-solve, and enhance mood. It can improve memory and reduce anxiety or depression. Learn how to make exercise a habit. Your body and brain will thank you. Earn cool prizes as well.

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Webinar of the Month

Dementia 101

Learn dementia basics and tips for more effective communication strategies. The strategies are how to communicate effectively with someone who has dementia. The webinar includes information to help folks understand what dementia is and how it affects people, as well as small things people can do to make a difference for people living with dementia. Available March 1 through 31, 2023.

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What Is Wellness Coaching and Should I Try It?

Sandy Sarni, MS, RD, MIIA Disease Prevention and Nutrition Program Manager

Members of MIIA/Blue Cross health plans are eligible for 10 free telephonic sessions with a certified wellness coach. This is a $1,000 benefit available to you at no cost! Sessions are scheduled at your convenience. Coaching is about you and a coach talking through choices that might help you lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, and manage life's stressors!

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March Is Sleep Awareness Month

Learn to Live

Sleep challenges can have negative effects on any of us, at any or even many points in our lives. Fortunately, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) can help us avoid the harm of sleeplessness. Click below to learn more about how our partners at Learn to Live can help you use CBT-I to get a better night's sleep.

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Understanding the Journey of Perimenopause to Postmenopause


Please join us for a new webinar by our vendor partners, 2nd.MD.  Understanding the Journey of Perimenopause to Postmenopause. 2nd.MD Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Dr. Kagan, will answer your questions and help you understand the transition, common symptoms and treatments for this time in a woman's life. All employees are welcome to attend the webinar. Only MIIA/Blue Cross subscribers can use the second opinion services provided by 2nd.MD.

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Walking in Massachusetts

Trout Brook, Holden

Every month we will feature a different walk highlighting the beautiful nature paths throughout Massachusetts. We will make some trail recommendations and suggestions on proper foot attire. We hope you enjoy these walks by yourself or with family, friends, or furry friends. This month visit Trout Brook in Holden.

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Good Sleep Changes Everything


Sleep affects our ability to be present, focus, and feel happy and inspired throughout the day. Check out the Headspace Sleep library for Sleepcasts, Wind down meditations, Sleep Music, a tool kit for better bedtimes for your kids, or Sleep Radio: non-stop 8-hour mixes of their most popular sleep audio. Headspace is free for MIIA/Blue Cross members.

Enroll here.

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Spring Pea Pesto

Source: Feasting at Home

Pesto is a versatile topping for so many foods and it can be made with various ingredients beyond the standard basil. Check out this fun and healthy recipe.

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