E-Connections Newsletter
March 2023
Your router manages all the Internet connections in your home. An old, outdated router can slow down your WiFi, disrupt your connections, and leave your network vulnerable to security risks.

From the world's most powerful WiFi to network security and parental controls, Polar WiFi is as advanced as it gets. Experience fast, consistent service anywhere in your home and control it all. Free installation. Fully serviced. Fully supported. And now, fully yours.
Polar will discontinue TV service as of July 17, 2023. We experienced issues with the new TV platform that are not up to the quality of service standards that we pride ourselves on. We cannot continue to offer a product that does not meet our customer experience standards.

We urge you not to wait until July to find a new provider. Representative are available NOW to help, waiting until the last minute may cause a delay should you need assistance. All cable TV equipment not returned to our office by July 17, 2023, will be charged to your account.
There probably isn’t a day that goes by without you logging in to at least one account — maybe you check your email, post to your social media, pay bills, send money to your friends and family, or buy something online. Your accounts can store a lot of personal and financial information. That’s why you protect them with a password. Unfortunately, passwords are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. But there’s a simple way to make your accounts more secure: turn on two-factor authentication.