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Pre-Register for the
COVID-19 Vaccine

Virginians can now pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine through the Virginia Department of Health's pre-registration application. Once registered, you will be notified when you can schedule your appointment to receive a vaccine. Get information on how vaccines work, which
phase you're in, and other important
Overcoming the Challenge of Data Sharing Podcast
In this Business of Data podcast episode, Chief Data Officer Carlos Rivero talks with Catherine King about some of the challenges surrounding data sharing in the public sector. He discusses agency culture and understanding, the Framework for Addiction Analysis and Community Transformation (FAACT), and more.
GovX: Data-Driven Government

Hear from Commonwealth Chief Data Officer Carlos Rivero as well as several other data executives about what data-driven government looks like and how we might get there. Carlos talks about the need for listening and understanding the culture across an organization and identifying gaps first before starting on the larger governance journey.
Last Month's Spotlight: Calling All Data Lovers

Have you seen the new data on the Open Data Portal? Data sets regarding deeds of emancipation and manumissionmedian household income by race/ethnicity by Virginia locality, and poverty data were recently updated! Check out the new data sets as well as everything else the portal has to offer.

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