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March Beekeeping Tips

In and Around the Hive

This is the month of the colony's minimum adult population, after the winter loss, before spring build-up. The queen should be laying at or near full strength and brood is being reared if pollen/protein is available.

At this time bees might be able to bring some pollen into the hive once in a while foraging flights, but nutritional needs increase and the risk of starvation is high as the population is growing and there are limited external resources.

Your equipment should be paint, cleaned, fixed assembled or purchased by now.

Yard Maintenance

As you did in January and February, make sure your hive cover is secured properly, check for pests and watch for ice blocking the entrances. Once again, do not worry about a few dead bees around the hive.


The need for nutrition increases this month and the risk of starvation is high. Feed them if the hive is light or the stores are empty. You can feed them Pollen Patties

The location/proximity of the bees to their food source is key. If your cluster is far to one side if the food stores, you can carefully move it closer, keeping it together as you do so.

Plan to rear queens? Lavishly feed the cell finisher colony chosen in the fall (carbohydrates and protein) for early spring buildup.

We will be having another Beginner Beekeeping, class see below for details.

Check for bee meetings with local bee clubs. We have a list of them on our website at:
Thank you to all that participated in our 2-Year Anniversary fun. Congratulations to all our winners especially
Matt Jacobson who was excited to win this BEAUTIFUL hive made by Rance Bennett of This Old Hive.
Here is to our next year!
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Get your Feed
It is very important to feed your bees right now. We have what you need order online or stop by the store,

Upcoming Events
We are excited to now offer another Beginner Beekeeping Class, March 12th, 2022 from 8:00 AM - 12:00 Noon at the Grand Meridian. To learn more and register go to our website at:
Fox Valley Bee Keepers
This months meeting will be
Thursday March 17th , 2022 at
6:00 PM.
Faith Community Methodist Church.
N1966 Julius Dr
Hwy 15 and Julius Rd

Email with questions:
Brown County Beekeepers Association

This months meeting will be
February meeting will be Wednesday, March 16th 6:30 – 8:00 at Green Bay Botanical Gardens.
Education will be Spring Management
Presenters, Dave Elsen and Julie Mazzoleni
Virtual option link
Meeting ID: 869 8936 5065
Passcode: 860925
Any questions:

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