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MARCH 2024

"MARCH" your tired feet in here for some happiness


Reflex points in the feet correlate to specific body parts and organs. These points are massaged with thumb pressure, activating the reflexes which can improve circulation, promote relaxation, and improve body functions. This foot massage activates points that correlate to specific body parts and organs improving circulation, promoting relaxation and improving body functions.

45 minutes / usually $80

THIS MONTH ONLY - $70 /$10 off

More than just for the SMELL of it

Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oils are naturally derived compounds that have profound effects on the body and mind. Bodhi’s Aromatherapy Massage deepens your customized massage experience with the addition of unique essential oil blends.

60 minutes / usually $100

90 minutes / usually $140

THIS MONTH ONLY - $90 & $130 /$10 off

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Welcome to our new team members

We have some amazing new therapists that have joined our staff of extremely talented professionals. Meet them now and learn more about them here. We all look forward to assisting you with your wellness and bodywork needs.


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