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Are you saying "I Do" this year?

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Commonly Asked Questions and What you Need to Know to Navigate Prenuptial Agreements in Arizona

Prenuptial Agreements have become increasingly common in today's world. This may be attributed to individuals choosing to get married later in life. More couples are interested in protecting their financial interests and safeguarding their future.

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Navigating Prenuptial Agreements in Arizona

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Prenuptial Agreements: Commonly Asked Questions and What You Need to Know

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CD Owens celebrates 101st birthday!!

Founding partners: CD Owens and Michelle J. Perkins

  CD Owens was born on March 27, 1923. He graduated law school in 1949 and practiced with Sinclair Oil in New York. He moved to Scottsdale in 1967. In 1996, CD and his granddaughter, Michelle J. Perkins, founded Owens & Perkins.

Anyone who knows CD is aware of how much he loved practicing law and working with clients to resolve their legal issues. He retired at the age of 94, but still comes into the office almost every day to socialize with the staff and spend time in his beloved office.

Biography of CD Owens, Jr.

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