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MARCH 2024


March Ballot Results May Portend Trouble in November

by Jacqueline Woo, Manager, CA Legislative Analysis | Global Policy Leadership Academy

The mixed results for Proposition 1, the Behavioral Health Services Program and Bond Measure, which would dramatically restructure how individuals who are unsheltered and living with mental illness can receive care through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and would fund more housing and shelter, could be a warning sign for the slew of ballot initiatives anticipated in November. Days after the March 5 election, results for the ballot are too close to call, with the “yes” vote gaining less than one percentage point over “no” despite the “Yes on Prop. 1” campaign amassing nearly $21M and the “No on 1” movement raising just $1,000.

Given California’s estimated budget shortfall of $35B, the Governor and Legislature have been counting on voters approving multiple initiatives on the November ballot that include tackling deferred maintenance in schools, climate bonds, and funding for housing.

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Supreme Court Term Features Two Housing and Homelessness Cases

by Christina Mun, Chief Strategy Officer | LeSar Holdings, Inc.

The 2023-2024 Supreme Court term will feature two key cases highlighting tensions in the public discourse regarding housing and homelessness, particularly in California. The first, Sheetz v. County of El Dorado, California, concerns development impact fees, which fund local services and could impact costs of development and the development process; the second, City of Grants Pass, Oregon, v. Johnson, could grant California cities more clarity around enacting ordinances to sweep homeless encampments and further criminalize homelessness. The Court is expected to issue decisions by the end of June.

On January 9, the Supreme Court heard the case of George Sheetz, who applied for a permit to place a manufactured house on his land in El Dorado County and was required to pay a $23,420 traffic mitigation fee to do so. Sheetz is challenging the fee’s constitutionality, arguing that the fee violates the Fifth Amendment’s takings clause, which is intended to uphold the principle that the government should not single out isolated individuals to bear excessive burdens, even in support of an important public good.

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State Legislative Update: New Senate Pro Tempore and Notable Bills

by Jacqueline Woo, Manager, CA Legislative Analysis | Global Policy Leadership Academy

February 16th marked the deadline for new bills to be introduced for this year’s legislative session; 2,124 new bills were introduced, many of which attempted to tackle controversial issues beyond housing, including artificial intelligence and reparations. Some of these bills are “spot bills”, with details that still need to be fleshed out. All spot bills must be amended by March 18th to proceed through the remainder of the legislative process.

Senate members waited to finalize their bill packages until after the new Pro Tempore, Mike McGuire (D-Santa Rosa), formerly announced his leadership team and committee changes, which include Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Oakland) as Housing Committee Chair and Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) as Budget Committee Chair.

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