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The April News & Views will arrive next week with information about Mercury retrograding between April 1-25th and the total solar eclipse, which appears on April 8th.

Eclipse season is here and it already began with the Lunar Eclipse on March 25th but since eclipses are not a one day affair, scroll down to read about what this eclipse season may bring, and key dates for when this lunar eclipse will be influential. We send prayers to the families of those who lost their lives amidst the Francis Scott Key bridge collapse in Baltimore, and the fact that this event, along with other dramatic events of the last week, occurred as the eclipse occurred, may indicate that this will be a more tumultuous season than usual. I want to thank all of you who registered and attended for my March-April 2024 eclipse webinar. You can purchase this webinar at www.ronniedreyer.com/schedule. Scroll down to read more about the Lunar Eclipse and Eclipse season.

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This month's lunations occur with the New Moon on March 10, 2024. 9:00 AM. Tropical 20° Pisces 16'. Sidereal 26° Aquarius 10' pūrvabhadrapadā; and the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) on March 25, 2024, 7:00 AM. Tropical 5° Libra 7'. Sidereal. 11° Virgo 1’ hasta (Times are GMT). If you have any planets, points, or angles around those degrees (I would take a one-two degree orb) then whatever is represented by that planet, point or angle, will be prominent and important until the next lunation, meaning that if something in your chart is conjunct this month's New Moon on March 10, 2024, it will be prominent until the next New Moon, the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, and if something in your chart is conjunct this month's Full Moon lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024, it will be prominent until the next Full Moon on April 23, 2024. The New Moon represents beginnings and can help you to institute a change you have been thinking about while the Full Moon is an accomplishment or culmination and gives the push to continue on that path.

If your birthday is between March 9-11, 2024, then the New Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning a change is bound to happen, so work on that change. It could be a physical move, job change, relationship change, or simply working on yourself to integrate new patterns and habits into your life. Expect a great deal of transformative experiences that will make you want to change or take a step in a different direction. Take your time but do head in that direction, since otherwise it will happen to you whether you initiate it or not.

If your birthday is between March 24-26, 2024, then the Full Moon is in your solar return (varṣaphala) or close enough that it will be important for the year ahead until your next birthday, meaning that it may be year when things you have been working on will manifest, or feel like they are moving in the right direction, so continue with whatever is fulfilling you. (Scroll down for more Celestial Events.)

Again, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported my Kickstarter campaign Venus Rising. I am diligently working on revising my book Venus: The Evolution of the Goddess and her Planet, which is out of print, but like all books still available on used book sites. The new book will have a different slant and will contain lots of new material, some of which were eliminated from the first book due to publisher's constraints. Thank you all again.

Contents of this newsletter include: Introduction, March 25 Lunar Eclipse and the start of eclipse season, Horoscope consultations; Upcoming classes and lectures; Celestial Events; Psychology of Astro*Carto*Graphy book.

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March 25 Lunar Eclipse and the Start of Eclipse Season
Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. March 25, 2024. 3:00 AM EDT
Tropical. 5° Libra 7’. Sidereal. 11° Virgo 1’. hasta
Mars opposite Lunar Eclipse. May 7, 2024.
South Node (Ketu) conj. Lunar Eclipse. Nov 19, 2024.
North Node (Rāhu) conj. Solar Eclipse. January 21, 2024.
Solar Total Eclipse. April 8, 2024. 2:20 PM EDT
Tropical. 19° Aries 24’. Sidereal. 25° Pisces 18’.
Mars conjunct Solar Eclipse. May 25, 2024
Eclipse season is upon us once again, which means that there are two eclipses, two weeks apart. On March 25, we have a penumbral lunar eclipse, which is a full moon, and on April 8, we have a total solar eclipse, which is a new moon and whose path of totality starts in Mazatlan, Mexico and goes upwards through Newfoundland in Canada. In this article, we are addressing the general mood of eclipse season and then this particular lunar eclipse.
Message for Eclipse Season. I have said this before, but I will say it again. In general, eclipse season, is always intense, dramatic, and revealing, for better or worse. Secrets come out of the closet and it begins at least a week before the eclipses begin. Watch for revelations in the media but also in government and in your personal lives. Be honest if you are holding something back from a friend, family member, partner or colleague since you will probably find out anyway. Go with the intense energy that an eclipse brings or it will occur anyway and you will be unprepared. But remember to meditate, propitiate the Sun and Moon, and reflect on everything that is occurring in your life especially when it comes to the area that the eclipse is hitting in your chart. Reflect on the world around you, send positive energy and prayers to everyone, and enjoy inner peace. When you gain strength to stay calm amidst the storm ahead then you will be able to provide strength to yourself and others. Mostly it is a time to go inward, meditate, and reflect.
I think of eclipse season as the two weeks between the eclipses but with the energy accelerating as we approach the eclipse. Mostly I look at the time between the eclipse and when the Nodes conjoin the eclipse degree. In the week before the March 25th eclipse (in addition to the continuing wars in Israel-Gaza and Ukraine-Russia), there continues to be turmoil in Haiti, migrant acceleration at the Texas-Mexico border, a terrorist attack at a Moscow concert, and Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis. These all happened between March 20-22, not even three days before the lunar eclipse since the exact eclipse took place on March 25, 2024 3:00 AM EDT. Then on March 26, 2024 at 1:28 AM EDT in Baltimore, the Francis Scott Key bridge collapsed, resulting in six people dying. This is a major bridge and will have ramifications for months to come regarding transportation. Since Mercury retrogrades on Monday, April 1, 2024, exactly in the middle of the March 25 and April 8th eclipses, it seems that communication and transportation will be a large theme of this eclipse season. I would expect several more events taking place involving communication, transportation, trade, and social media. Business maneuvers regarding Tik Tok may come to the forefront as we move closer to the solar eclipse of April 8th. I did talk about this in my webinar on Friday March 22nd, but obviously did not predict this precisely. I have discovered that over the years, when a planet stations retrograde within a week of an eclipse, a strong occurrence takes place usually that affects more than the part of the world that goes unnoticed. Usually events take on a world-wide proportion.
This particular eclipse is a partial one, meaning that its totality cannot be seen like, for instance, the total solar eclipse on April 8th, whose path of totality extends from Mazatlan Mexico through Newfoundland Canada. You can go to various websites to see this map. But even though we cannot see the March 25, eclipse in totality, it still has an effect on the earth as I just mentioned and from an astrological point of view it occurs in a certain house in your chart, and will affect you most intently if the degree of the eclipse falls within a 1-2 degree orb of a planet, point, or angle in your chart. The Nodes are not that close to this lunar eclipse, as seen by the fact that the South Node (Ketu) crosses the eclipse degree on November 19. This gives us all an opportunity to resolve any of the difficulties or attention that may have arisen around the time of the eclipse. This will happen in general and also if the eclipse hits something in your chart. Scroll down to see how that may affect you. Because it is a south node (ketu) lunar eclipse it also indicates that there is something that you should discard in order to transform your life, and that will continue at least through the fall, when the Node hits the eclipse degree. That means you have time, and because it is partial rather than total, it does not hit you with a bang, but is worked out over time through November 19. When May 7 comes around you may get more of a push, since that is when Mars conjoins the lunar eclipse degree. This eclipse is a warning that you have to move on from certain things in your life. This can be wonderful as well as difficult. It could mean that you will finally do the spring cleaning in your house that you have been meaning to do forever. There may be an event, or simply an internal message to get you to move that forward. If the spring cleaning is literal, it is very difficult discarding sentimental possessions, or clothes that you thought you might fit into again, but have to accept that may not happen. Donating items is great to do during this time.
The idea of cleaning out, may not be literal but could be a relationship, a home, or just a certain mindset about how you approach life. Think about what you would like to alter in your life, but maybe have not had the time to make a game plan. Eclipses are the best motivation you need to get things done.
Scroll down for whichever system you use.
Read if you use tropical Western astrology. If you have a planet, point, or angle in your chart close to 5° Libra 7’ (I use a one-degree orb), which is the degree of the Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, the degree of Mars on May 7, 2024, and the degree of South Node (Ketu) on November 19, 2024, this is an area that will be intensified, awakened, and will be transformed over the next few months leading up to November 19. In May, especially around May 7th, you might get a push regarding what to do in order to make some changes that will result in transforming yourself and taking you to a higher level in relation to whatever is represented in your chart. Below are some keywords for the meaning of the planets and angles.
Sun. vitality, individuality, ego; Moon. emotions, habits, conditioning; Mercury. communication, intelligence; Venus. love, beauty, creativity; Mars. physical energy, aggression, courage; Jupiter. expansion, abundance; Saturn. limitation, disciplined, fear; Uranus. originality, independent, rebellious; Neptune. spiritual, immaterial, imagination; Pluto. intensity, power; North Node. power, place where you must strive; South Node. place where it is easy, habits; Ascendant. personality, destiny; IC. home, family, mother; Descendant. partnerships, contracts; Midheaven. career, father
The house where tropical Libra is located will be intensified between now and November 19. If you do not know which house tropical Libra occupies, look at your ascendant or Sun (if you do not know your ascendant), and just count from there. General descriptions for houses are as follows:  
1. personality, body, appearance; 2. finances, possessions, values. 3. communication, siblings, short journeys, learning; 4. family, mother, home; 5. children, recreation, entertainment; 6. health, service, pets; 7. marriage, contracts, partnership; 8. business transactions, sexuality, life and death matters; 9. higher education, travel abroad, publishing, law; 10. profession, status, father; 11. gains, friendships, hopes, dreams; 12. compassion, spirituality, limitations, solitude.
Read if you use Indian sidereal astrology. If you have a planet, point, or angle in your chart close to 11° Virgo 1’ (I use a one-degree orb), which is the degree of the Lunar Eclipse on March 25th, the degree of Mars on May 7, 2024, and the degree of South Node (Ketu) on November 19, 2024, this is an area that will be intensified, awakened, and will be transformed over the next few months leading up to November 19. In May, especially around May 7th, you might get a push regarding what to do in order to make some changes that will result in transforming yourself and taking you to a higher level in relation to whatever is represented in your chart. Below are some keywords for the meaning of the planets and angles.
Sun.  power, vigor; Moon. maternal, mind; Mars. strength, courage; Mercury. speech, learning; Jupiter.  knowledge, wealth; Venus. love, happiness; Saturn. sorrow, fear; Rāhu (North Node). intensity, compulsion; Ketu (South Node). extremes, spirituality; Lagna (Ascendant). destiny, vitality. If you use Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the angles you can look above at tropical Western astrology for their keywords.
The house where sidereal Virgo is located will be intensified between now and November 19. If you do not know which house sidereal Virgo occupies, look at your lagna (ascendant), or Moon, or even your Sun (if you do not know your ascendant or Moon), and just count from there.  General descriptions for bhavas (houses) are as follows:   
1. appearance, destiny, temperament, personality, constitution; 2. Money, family life, food, speech, early childhood; 3. Siblings, Fine arts, courage, desires; 4. Mother, happiness, real estate, vehicles; 5. Children, romance, investments, speculation; 6. Open enemies, work, competition, obstacles, illness; 7. Marriage, partners, contracts, passion; 8. Life and death cycle, research, accidents, other's money, inheritance; 9. Father, teacher (guru), religion, higher learning, opportunity; 10. Career, status, public recognition, reputation; 11. Profits, rewards, gains from work, awards, older siblings; 12. spiritual practice, secret enemies, foreign travel, debt, confinement.
Horoscope Consultations
I am available for consultations and tutoring sessions via phone or video chat (I will send a link for gotomeeting, which is like zoom). I am no longer doing in-person consultations in New York City for the immediate future. I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 and mp4 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or device. If you wish to gift a horoscope reading to someone, please make sure the person you are gifting would like to have one done before purchasing. If you would like to purchase a reading for yourself or someone else, please make payment at www.ronniedreyer.com/services. I do not have a scheduler at the moment, so I will reach out to you within 24-48 hours with available dates and times. I accept paypal, credit cards, venmo, or checking account on my website. There are installment payments available through paypal. If you prefer zelle, you can send payment to ronniegaledreyer@gmail.com. I am mostly booked between two and three weeks in advance. My next availability is Thursday April 18. Appointments do go fast, so if you would like to book please keep that in mind. Please email me if you need clarification.
. Phone or Video Initial Consultation. $320 (up to 90 minutes with opportunity for questions after).
. Urgent Initial Reading. Phone or Video Initial Consultation. Appointment will be made within 5 days. $550. (Up to 90 minutes with opportunity for email questions after.)
. Phone or Video Update for the year ahead. $225 (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This reading is for those who have already consulted with me.
. Additional people you want to look at in the context of your reading. $40 for each additional chart.
. Compatibility reading for an hour. $225. (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This is NOT an individual reading but a look at the relationship and timing for the relationship.
. Choosing an Auspicious Date for an event. $225 for research and consultation.
. Astro*Carto*Graphy or locality readings or "Where in the World?" $225. (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after)Finding the right location and best timing for work, love, finances, health, etc. You must provide places that you are interested in.
. Combination of initial reading and Astro*Carto*Graphy reading. $375. (120 minutes with opportunity for questions after).
. Answering one specific question or examining one topic or area. $185. (60 minutes with opportunity for questions after). This is NOT a horary chart but an examination of only one specific area or question. Only for people who have had an initial reading. 
. One hour Tutoring sessions in Indian Astrology or Astro*Carto*Graphy. $100 for one session. $275 for 3 sessions.
2024 Classes and Presentations

Intermediate and advanced Indian astrology classes resumed on Wednesday evenings on January 17 and January 24. Register at www.ronniedreyer.com/schedule with paypal, venmo, credit card. Or you can pay with zelle to ronniegaledreyer@gmail.com. Installment payments available online. If you cannot attend live classes, you will receive recordings the next day and email me privately if you have financial concerns. Email me if you are unsure if you are at the right level. You can still register even though they already have begun, since you will receive the recordings of previous classes.

Intermediate Jyotiṣa Classes 2024. Ten Wednesday evenings every other week (with some exceptions as seen below). January 17-May 29, 2024. 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time. (Syllabus and dates are open to change if necessary) $285. If you wish to purchase the recording of Fundamentals of Astrology you can do so at ronniedreyer.com/schedule and you will be up to date for Intermediate classes. Each class will provide examples of continuing interpretation and forecasting. • Class One. Wed. Jan 17. Review and continued interpretation and forecasting. Introduction to Upayes or Remedial measures. • Class Two. Wed. Jan. 31. Tithis and Naksatras in more detail. • Class Three. Thurs. Feb. 15. Continuation of Nakshatras. • Class Four. Wed. Feb. 28. Introduction to Navamsa. • Class Five. Wed. March 13. Continuation of Navamsa. More chart examples. • Class Six. Thurs. April 4. Planetary Combinations. • Class Seven. Wed. April 17. Atmakaraka. More yogas and more chart examples. • Class Eight. Wed. May 1. Advanced Yogas. • Class Nine. Wed. May 15. Practicum in interpretation and Forecasting. Part One. • Class Ten. Wed. May 29. Practicum in interpretation and Forecasting. Part Two. Includes: Supplemental reading and videos, discussion group in between classes. Classes include additional recordings that will prepare you for ACVA Level I Certification testing.
Advanced Jyotiṣa Master Classes 2024
Six Wednesday evenings once a month. January 24, February 21, April 3, April 24, May 22, June 12. 7:00-9:00 PM Eastern Time (Syllabus and dates are open to change if necessary). $235. Everyone receives recordings and power point presentations the following day. You can register at www.ronniedreyer.com/schedule with paypal, venmo, credit card. Or you can pay with zelle to ronniegaledreyer@gmail.com. Installment payments available online. 
Deep dive into interpretation, forecasting, and consulting skills. Must know basic and intermediate Jyotisa. We will start out looking at current planetary weather, and move on to a chart in the news, or a chart you want to discuss. If topics come up that you want to know more about, I will record in between classes so you can listen in your own time and then apply in the next class. Participants are welcome to present but are not obliged to do that. Class will be interactive, and a place where you can practice your skills and bring issues that you want to discuss in interpretation, forecasting, and other consulting issues. Supplemental reading and videos, discussion group in between classes. This will also give you more practice if you want to take the ACVA (American College of Vedic Astrology) certification.
Friday. March 22, 2024. 7:00-9:00 PM. EDT. March-April 2024 Eclipses. Fee: $50. To purchase: www.ronniedreyer.com/schedule.
Penumbral Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse on March 25. Total Solar (New Moon) Eclipse on April 8.
Eclipses have always been the best predictors of events that affect you and the world at large. Focusing on current eclipses, we will
see how they activate your natal chart and impact the world. Eclipses are potent for several months before and after they occur
depending on the degrees they cross. Let's learn how to survive and thrive during these and all eclipses. Some topics are as
follows: The astronomy of these two eclipses. Where and when they are visible. The total solar eclipse on April 8th will be visible
throughout parts of the U.S. Charts of the two eclipses. Difference between Solar and Lunar. Difference between South Node (Ketu)
Eclipse (March 25th) and North Node (Rahu) Eclipse (April 8th); When they will or have been activated (Planets and Nodes hitting
the eclipse degree) Especially looking at the path of totality of the April 8th Solar Eclipse. Seeing where it is 75 and 100 percent visible. Pinpointing events past, present and future based on this; The Astro*Carto*Graphy of each eclipse ie. where in the world they are angular; Importance of Mercury Retrograde Station on April 1st and Mars conjunct Saturn on April 10th; What the Eclipse means for the world and individually; Explanation in Tropical and Sidereal (Indian) Astrology; 18 year Saros cycle of these eclipses in 1916, 1934, 1952, 1970, 1988, 2006, 2024; 19 year Metonic cycle of these eclipses and lunations in 1910, 1929, 1948, 1967, 1986, 2005, 2024; More, and time for Q and A.
Monday. March 25, 2024. 6:30-8:30 PM CDT; 7:30-9:30 PM EDT. Secrets of Astro*Carto*Graphy Revealed. Zoom presentation for Milwaukee NCGR Chapter. Information and registration: contact ncgrwisconsin@proton.me.
Using the late Jim Lewis’ concept of seeing where in the world natal planets are angular (we will review the concept of angularity), Ronnie will draw on years of working with Astro*Carto*Graphy maps and with Jim himself to show how to pinpoint locations that do and do not resonate with you. This could include places you want to live, friends and partners who come from a particular place, and good locations to start a business. In addition to seeing how each planet affects you when it is prominent, we will also ruminate on what “place” and “location” mean in our lives, and how our ability to connect globally has changed their meaning. Many case studies will give information and, at times, surprising results. $20. www.ronniedreyer.com/schedule
Saturday-Sunday March 16-17. Saturday-Sunday March 23-24. International Vedic Astrology Conference (Virtual)
Theme Unlocking Mysteries: Sun, Moon, and Eclipses. My lecture on Eclipses will take place Sunday March 24. Other speakers include Dr. K.S. Charak, Marc Boney, Andrew Foss, and many others. Information and Registration jyotish.global/product/astrology-conference-march-2024-full-conference/
Friday. April 26, 2024. 7:00-9:00 PM EDT. Those Magnificent Fixed Stars. Zoom presentation for Northern New Jersey NCGR Chapter. Registration information forthcoming. 
Let’s explore the astronomy and astrology of the fixed stars, whose remarkable appearance in the night sky determine their natal and mundane interpretation. We will see numerous examples of stars conjoining a planet or angle, and how transits to those degrees have a life-changing effect. Stars we will discuss include: Aldebaran, Regulus, Antares, Fomalhaut (the four Persian royal stars), Spica, Scheat, Algol, Betelgeuse, Sirius, Zosma, Vega, and others. These techniques work with Eastern and Western charts and is for all levels of expertise. 
Thursday June 6-Sunday June 16, 2024. Jyotish Kumbha Mela. Annual Jyotisa conference that takes place at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam ashram in Saylorsburg PA. Registration information forthcoming.