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To go with the new IDDSI Funnel, we have created the following new resources, which can be found collected here. (These four resources will also be found in their respective locations, such as under Testing Cards, the IDDSI Flow Test, or our YouTube channel.) 

Supporting the IDDSI mission: Every funnel sold goes to support the availability of funnels in regions around the world with less developed health care systems and access to financial resources.
Hall of Appreciation
IDDSI has travelled the world – thanks to our incredible volunteers!
We wish to once again acknowledge the amazing volunteers who continue to contribute their time and energy to IDDSI. We particularly want to acknowledge all those individuals who have taken a lead role in setting up the many IDDSI Reference Groups that have developed around the globe.  
Deborah Martinussen, Jean Helps, Peter Lam, Robert Moulson, Ellen Andrews, John Holahan, Ron Shalit, Kelly Munro
  • On-going devotion and support. Continual promotion of IDDSI best practice
Antonio Amitrano
  • President of SID (Italian Dysphagia Society), Promoting culture of IDSSI in conferences, training courses, university teaching 
Luis Riquelme
  •  Leadership and support in Latinoamerica
Ellen Andrews
  • Translation of IDDSI resources to French language. Multitude of projects for CIRG, attending CIRG meetings with enthusiasm
Virginie Ruglio, Marion Girod-Roux
  • Translation of IDDSI library into French and incredible leadership in IDDSI promotion in Europe
Mershen Pillay
  • Continual support of IDDSI cause
Alejandra Peláez Cruz, Lida Johana González Avella, María Eugenia Miranda Hernández, Roodly Katherine Parada Ospina, Sandra Liliana Sosa Sabogal, Stefanny Lorena Carrero Valbuena
  • Recognized work to disseminate use of IDDSI in hospitalized patients by Colombian IRG
Laura Brooks, Nina Guiliani
  • Laura - starting PEDIRG acting as co-chair and supporting IDDSI Implementation
  • Nina - member of Canada IRG, acting as secretary and leading a subcommittee of PEDIRG
Karen Sheffler
  • Keeping USIRG groups on track, inter-connected and updated with International IRG activities. Passion for IDDSI and the glue for USA success
Adi Nidam, Mor Meinhardt, Maayan Mellul, Ayala Cohen
  • Supporting implementation and raising awareness of IDDSI Framework in Israel, combined efforts, commitment and dedication
Latefa Rashed, Mouza Lootah, Dr. Moataz Alzeyat, Ohoud Ali Alhammadi, Asma Zaydan, Ohoud Ahemd, Khansaa Omar, Marwa Alhilali, Ched Ahmed, Israa Aljunaibai, Khadija Alameeri, Amritha Potty, Salsabeel Muhammas, Basma Kamel, Roua Abdelrahman, Shaikha Eissa Ahmed, Noura Kareem Abdalla, Raymart Quiocho Rimando, Dr. Amal Ramzy, : Shaikha Eisa Ahmed AlMughanni AlNaqbi, Mariam Dabbus, Alya Buyaraba, Roaa Yasser Malas, Aman Mohamed Khaleel AlHalawani, Asma Hassan Ahmed Aldiqqi, Chef Joy Joseph, Chef Mohammed Ali, Chef Malik Illoul,  
  • Implementing IDDSI, conducting awareness sessions for dysphagia standards in northern emirates, contributing to translating of IDDSI official documents
Dora Babić Cikoš, Dora Bučan Nenadić, Nikolina Buterin, Ana Celić, Anamarija Jurin, Ela Kolak, Petra Mihaljević, Marija Selak, Antea Žaja
  • Translation of IDDSI into Croatian
Pouran Bagherpour
  • First user of IDDSI in Azerbaijan
Renata Mancopes, Cynthia Godoy, Fatima Lago
  • Leadership of Brazilian IDDSI IRG
Renata Mancopes, Nara Lopes, Camila Prim, Cristiane Galbeno Rama, Nathalia Laganaro, Ricardo Guilherme Viebig, Roberto Dantas, Ivo Prolla, Vanessa Giglio, Fatima Lago
  • Translations for Brazilian IDDSI IRG
Cynthia Godoy, Jose Ribamar do Nascimento Junior, Monica Joyce Ferreira, Giana dos S. Rosa, Nara Lopes, Helayne Maieves, Jaqueline Alves de Pontes
  • Implementation of Brazilian IDDSI IRG
Renata Mancopes, Fabiane Garcia, Aline Ferla
  • Social Media and Communications Group for Brazilian IDDSI IRG
Rumi Wang, Jianshe Chen, Jie Huang, Qiaojun Zhang, Feng Lin, Xiu’en Chen, Yu Yin, Min Tang, Qianqian Yu, Sophia Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Xiaodan Li, Hong Chen, Hui Feng, Yiyang Shen, Lili Jiao, Nuo Li, Min Peng
  • Translation and implementation of IDDSI in China, social media platform, WeChat, dedication to promoting IDDSI framework,
Karen Chan, Elaine Kwong
  • Introducing doctoral candidate, Denise Mae Chua, assisting with building Philippines IRG."
Markus Bittmann
  • Implementing IDDSI, a working together with Silke Pirker Neuwirth, through his work as a dietary and culinary chef in one of Austria's pioneering hospitals, supporting DACH Group by co-leading the "implementation" group and recently joining the DACH board meeting
Barbara Vogrinčič
  • Initiator of IDDSI adoption and implementation in Slovenian Clinical environment, first author of IDDSI Framework translation into Slovenian
Claire Matthews
  • Team Leadership for environmental scan group to conduct an environmental scan to determining current IDDSI implementation needs
Lisa Sossen
  • Team leader ship for operational group and led the mashed potato project to provide guidelines and recommendations around mashed potatoes
Kevin Dunne
  • Participation in mashed potato project, trialed ways to cook mashed potatoes providing guidelines and recommendations around mashed potatoes
Varanya Techasukthavorn, Pattra Wattanapan, Benjamas Prathanee
  • Translations to Thai and officially launched in January 2021, on-going preparations for implementation of IDDSI
For more on the Nominees and their accomplishments, click here:
In April, we would like to continue to recognize our amazing and dedicated IDDSI volunteers. If you know of someone who you would like to have inducted into the IDDSI Hall of Appreciation, we have extended the deadline for you to forward their names. Complete this form here before April 15th!
World Dysphagia Summit and Dysphagia Research Society Meeting
IDDSI was well represented at WDS/DRS 2023. Thank you to DRS for providing IDDSI with the opportunity to engage with WDS/DRS 2023 attendees at the IDDSI exhibitor booth. The IDDSI booth received over 150 visitors from many countries. We are so thrilled to see the increasing use of IDDSI in global research!
WDS/DRS 2023 also provided international IDDSI Reference Group leaders to meet and mingle.
Winners from the IRG Leaders ice-breaker bingo sporting the ever coveted IDDSI aprons!
A special acknowledgement to Dr. Catriona Steele for presenting about the history of IDDSI at WDS 2023. It’s amazing how far IDDSI has come.
New Translations
We are pleased to announce that a Norwegian translation is up for review. Thank you to Martin Brierley for updating the translation to version 2.0!

If you would like to review the translation and provide feedback, please see below.
Global Updates
If there is IDDSI implementation activity happening in your part of the world and you do not see the information on the IDDSI website or mentioned in the e-bite, please contact us and let us know, We will be most happy to acknowledge your contribution and let the rest of the world know what you are doing.
Take a look below to see what different reference groups are doing to support IDDSI Implementation.
Welcome our new IDDSI IRG Groups! 
Thanks to our amazing volunteers and IDDSI staff, two new IDDSI IRG Groups have been officially established! The Philippines and Kuwait Reference Groups are now part of the IDDSI family and are looking for volunteers. For more information click on their links below and watch for all the updates in our upcoming April e-bite!
Australia: In 2022 the Australian IDDSI reference group (AUIRG) conducted a survey to collect data from Australian healthcare settings on the implementation of IDDSI.
The results are in!
169 responses were received with the majority of responses from Victoria (34%) followed by NSW (24%). Surveys were mostly completed by Speech pathologist’s (52%) and Dietitians (30%) who worked in a wide variety of settings including hospitals, aged care and community health. 99% of respondents were aware of IDDSI due to the IDDSI website and organisational bodies such as Speech Pathology Australia and Dietitians Australia. The key staff members driving implementation worked in the areas of speech pathology, dietetics, food service and management.

Of the seven IDDSI texture and thickness levels, Level 3 Liquidised and Level 1 Slightly Thick were the least implemented at 38% and 41% respectively. When specifically looking at workplaces who had implemented Level 7 Regular Easy to Chew diet, approximately 20% of settings provided bread with crusts or sandwiches with crusts, approximately 30% provided bread without crusts or sandwiches without crusts and 10% only provided bread when assessed by a speech pathologist. In addition, texture modified meals were most often prepared on site at facilities (73%).

The key drivers for implementation were influence from professional bodies and improvement to patient safety. Interestingly there were no standout barriers to implementation with time, money, support, collaboration, knowledge, education, lack of awareness and lack of familiarity all being identified as issues affecting the introduction of IDDSI.
Please look out for our upcoming webinar for further findings from the survey!

  • Our operational group has been working on a mashed potato project involving methods for preparing mashed potato and testing of several potato varieties. Their webinar will be presented soon this year. A toolbox handout will be available after the webinar providing some guidance to getting the ideal IDDSI mashed potatoes! The interest in troubleshooting and preparing the perfect IDDSI mashed potatoes has been expanded to the international IDDSI Culinary and Food Science Reference Group. This group will expand the mashed potato project to include a more in-depth resource using potatoes from around the world, to guide us and provide troubleshooting advice for home and larger kitchens.

  • The education and training group are directing their focus towards education for aged care facilities this year. They are in the process of collecting contact information and preparing a letter to aged care providers to promote IDDSI education for staff. If you work in aged care and would like to provide an email address for your workplace please send this to australia@iddsi.net.
Italy: In February 2023, the Ministry for Health for Italy, based in Rome, organized the first Congress on Nutrition in Italy. The event represented an opportunity for discussion between institutions, scientific societies, universities, associations, consumers and representatives of the agri-food chain to address the main issues in the nutritional field and to highlight the critical aspects of the system. An in-depth analysis of the policies that Italy intends to pursue, in the near future to guarantee the National Health Service an increasingly impactful role in the sector, capable of contributing to ensuring homogeneous interventions throughout the national territory. In a round table dealing with malnutrition, Dr Carlo Pedrolli, Italy IDDSI Reference Group leader was invited to speak on behalf of IDDSI Italy Reference group about relationship between dysphagia and malnutrition and the role IDDSI will play to tackle this important issue. It is the first time that IDDSI has become known by the Ministry for Health for being an important player in addressing malnutrition and dysphagia in Italy.
Long Term /Aged Care: The Long Term Care Reference Group is seeking participants as it launches next month! The meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 3rd at 12pm CST, for introductions and discussions regarding barriers specific to long term care in various countries and regions. If you would like to join us, please contact office@iddsi.org
Our goal is interdisciplinary, international collaboration for the purposes of coming together to support, educate, and act as a reference point for IDDSI-related needs specific to the long term care population. 
PEDIRG - Global Pediatric IDDSI Reference Group: This pediatric focused IDDSI Reference Group was established in 2021 by Co-Leaders Jan Duivestein and Laura Brooks. The goal of this reference group is to establish a global collaboration with pediatric clinicians to focus on IDDSI in the pediatric population. To date we have representation from around the world including countries in South America, North America, East and Western Europe, the UK, the Middle East, India, the South Pacific and Asia
In order to focus our attention on pertinent IDDSI issues in the pediatric population, the group came up with the following subcommittees:
  •  Thickening and textures
  • Food texture/preparation/recipes
  • Clinician education/ family education
  • Implementation
  • Communications
  • Research
We are excited to share news and updates as our subcommittees continue their work. If you are interested in joining PEDIRG, please reach out to www.pedirg@iddsi.org
Singapore: IDDSI Chair, Peter Lam, met with IDDSI Champions from Singapore National University hospital & Ministry of Health National IDDSI Implementation Team at Sengkang General Hospital. The Sengkang visit included a tour of the state of the art kitchen and tasting of redesigned IDDSI friendly Your copy should address 3 key questions: Who am I writing for? (Audience) Why should they care? (Benefit) What do I want them to do here? (Call-to-Action) foods of all textural levels. Congratulations to the IDDSI implementation champions in Singapore for all their achievements to date!

Some of the IDDSI implementation team members from Singapore National University Hospital.
Sengkang General Hospital & Ministry of Health National IDDSI Implementation Master Champions 
IDDSI tasting session with implementation team, food services team and chef
United States: The 2023 ASHA Convention is taking place November 16–18 in Boston, Massachusetts will be an in-person event with virtual components. Read the update here, and visit the US IRG's website here.
IDDSI Reference Group Volunteering
If you are interested in joining an IDDSI Reference Group, please email the contact for the group. We welcome everyone who wants to help with guiding & fostering IDDSI implementation. Being part of a reference group is a great opportunity to meet IDDSI friends in your local, regional area. And you never know, something amazing may happen when great brains come together!!

Don't see an IDDSI Reference Group for your practise or regional area? Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation in your regional or practice area? Fill out the form here.
Webinars & IDDSI Learning
If you have any suggestions for webinar topics, we’d love to hear them! Head over to our Contact Us form, choose subject “Webinars”, and let us know what you’d like to see in the upcoming months.  
Previous Webinars and Recordings
Missed any of our other webinars? All our webinars are recorded and can be found on here, but please note rewatching the webinars on YouTube will not provide you with a Certificate of Attendance.

If you register and then cannot attend a webinar, PLEASE make sure to cancel so we may open another spot up for someone else.  Thank you very much for your consideration. 

IDDSI in Action

Mark your calendars...Planning is underway for the following around the world:
  • Asia IDDSI Conference Sep 15, 2023 (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
  • UK IDDSI Festival – Sep 21, 2023 (Derby, UK)
  • Canada IDDSI Festival – October 26, 2023 (Toronto, CA)
UK IDDSI Festival: The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) is delighted to announce that we are hosting our third IDDSI Congress & Festival in Derby, UK on Thursday, September 21st, 2023. This event is an ideal opportunity to engage with you and share best practices being demonstrated around IDDSI in Health and Social Care settings. The event is open to all who deliver IDDSI framework, including clinical professionals, dieticians, speech and language therapists, caterers, chefs, patient groups and suppliers.
We will be joined by a host of speakers, and Chef demonstrations, that will enable delegates to put theory into practice, that will support their IDDSI delivery when catering for residents and patients with Dysphagia. To register just click below:
Take a look to see where different regions are in respect to supporting IDDSI Implementation.
Interested in starting an IDDSI reference group to help support IDDSI implementation? Fill out the form here.