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In February at My Life Clinic...

We saw 48

total clients

Performed 15 Pregnancy Tests

Performed 18


Held 7 classes/groups of the Spring semester, including...

  • Managing & Coping with Stress
  • Post-Partum Depression & Anxiety
  • Infant Massage
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Speech Development
  • Pregnancy Support Group

423 Boutique Items Sold

Our boutique is fully stocked by your donations! Drop off any baby items at the clinic in our normal business hours

Client Story

(this is one you don't want to skip!)

This month, we celebrated the first birthday of Ja'Khyon and the graduation of Alyssa out of our A2A program! This is such a sweet moment to see, as her story is one packed of hills and valleys. One that we are grateful to be a part of! Hear more of Alyssa's story below...

In 2021, Alyssa came to us pregnant, homeless and scared to tell her ex-boyfriend, the father of the baby. She felt overwhelmed by tumultuous relationships in her life, a struggle to find a place to live, with a lack of means to support herself, let alone, a baby. After weeks of talking through her situation (and lots of prayer on our end!) she eventually changed her mind, to not abort but instead to parent! We rejoiced in her decision, but knew she still had many barriers ahead of her to overcome. We all buckled in.

In our A2A program, we were able to assist in purchasing groceries and assisting with her car payments, while helping to fill out section 8 housing and maternity home applications. To our disappointment, we learned she was number #600 in line to find a home through section 8. Alyssa continued to push forward, in strength and grace. She came to every parenting class, and even joined a bible study with our office manager and parent mentor volunteer. They spent 12 weeks studying the Bible and sifting through her questions about Jesus. During that time, she faced even more struggle with her family relationships that felt too heavy to carry. Our hearts would break with her, and we would pray together for resolution.

As her delivery date got closer, we celebrated as a staff with a baby shower for Alyssa and her baby boy. It was such a sweet time to remind her that even during her struggle, this little life was a source of JOY! In February 2022, Ja'Khyon was born.

Since then, we have continued to walk in step with Alyssa and Ja'Khyon, supporting her through a traumatic delivery and recovery of multiple post-partum complications. She found reconciliation with the father of Ja'Khyon and he has been supportive of them in parenting and Alyssa's recovery. She still even comes to our parenting classes and brings her sweet baby boy in to the clinic for us to sneak some hugs!

Despite every struggle they have faced, we have been so impressed of the woman and mother Alyssa has become. She is radiant, kind, gentle and compassionate. Ja'Khyon is full of giggles, wiggles and the sweetest smiles. Stories like Alyssa's are ones we love to celebrate!

Enjoy these ADORABLE pictures of Ja'Khyon's first birthday party, they make our heart swell! From seeing him in the womb by ultrasound, to seeing these pictures today...we are encouraged by God's work in their lives.

The story you read above, is what we are doing here at My Life Clinic every day! If you want to support this ministry and be a part of God's work in these little lives, donate below!

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Saturday, April 15th

Join us for our first annual,

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Starting at 9am on April 15th, we will play through both social and competitive brackets.

Grab a partner and mark your calendar for this fun new event supporting My Life Clinic.

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Please email Cassidy at cassidy@mylifeclinic.org for interest in sponsoring the tournament

Donation Request - COMPLETE

Classroom Update!

Last month, we asked for a donor to consider adopting our classroom to refurnish it. Within a few weeks, we had a gracious donation to do so & the room was quickly painted and transformed!

Thank you to our generous supporter who chose to bless the clinic in such a tangible way.

Thank You!

A big thank you to Trinity Community Church and their Women's Ministry for choosing to highlight My Life Clinic as the organization to raise donations for, at their conference!

If your church or group is interested in having someone from My Life Clinic & Life Network come speak about our mission and ministry, please contact Cassidy at cassidy@mylifeclinic.org

Missouri's Biggest Baby Shower

on Spirit FM

On February 10th, Spirit FM hosted Missouri's Biggest Baby Shower, where they invited their listeners to locate their local pregnancy resource center and bless them with specific needs they requested. We were given an abundance of donations that went directly back out our door to our clients.

Thank you to each person that acted on Spirit FM's call, and gave generously to serve the women and families in our community. We were blown away by your generosity!

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